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Reply #31: Nobody even knew Geraldine Ferraro was still alive until she opened her vile mouth [View All]

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NJSecularist Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-12-08 05:54 PM
Response to Original message
31. Nobody even knew Geraldine Ferraro was still alive until she opened her vile mouth
Stop trying to act like the victim, Geraldine.
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  -Ferraro on MSNBC saying Obama Camp playing the race card.. NDambi  Mar-12-08 05:39 PM   #0 
  - Seriously, what is wrong with her? SHE'S THE ONE WHO BROUGHT IT UP!!  anonymous171   Mar-12-08 05:40 PM   #1 
  - Gee, this is familiar...  Abacus   Mar-12-08 05:55 PM   #32 
  - Just when you thought you've heard it all. Keep shoveling Gerry.  InAbLuEsTaTe   Mar-12-08 06:01 PM   #38 
  - Keep digging....  tekisui   Mar-12-08 05:40 PM   #2 
  - She is just making it worse for Hillary.  tabatha   Mar-12-08 05:40 PM   #3 
  - Hillary must not think so. Ferraro wouldn't keep spreading her BS without Hill's marching orders.  InAbLuEsTaTe   Mar-12-08 06:02 PM   #39 
     - This Is A Classic Rovian Tactic - Do Something - Then Call Your .....  global1   Mar-12-08 06:06 PM   #44 
  - No words.  wienerdoggie   Mar-12-08 05:40 PM   #4 
  - I have three words  dwickham   Mar-12-08 05:41 PM   #7 
     - OK, I'll echo yours. Fuck off, Geraldine. You're a fucking psycho.  wienerdoggie   Mar-12-08 05:45 PM   #22 
     - I kinda like the way ole Gerry's digging Hillary's grave. Let her keep it up.  InAbLuEsTaTe   Mar-12-08 06:03 PM   #40 
        - I hope it's doing Hillary more damage, but I fear it damages Obama too.  wienerdoggie   Mar-12-08 06:18 PM   #52 
     - Woot!!  Hepburn   Mar-12-08 06:12 PM   #50 
  - And they do....The Obama camp's instances of playing the race card are well documented for anyone  journalist3072   Mar-12-08 05:40 PM   #5 
  - um, no. it's not, and you have zero credibility  cali   Mar-12-08 05:42 PM   #9 
  - Actually - YES - OBAMA DID PLAY THE RACE CARD - but I agree he doesn't now - he doesn't need to  papau   Mar-12-08 05:45 PM   #23 
     - Shillbots: "By being black, Obama has played the race card."  Alexander   Mar-12-08 08:04 PM   #58 
        - get real - it is the game of "I am victim" that is the Obama race card play  papau   Mar-12-08 11:18 PM   #59 
  - Please provide/quote where the Obama camp  tabatha   Mar-12-08 05:42 PM   #11 
  - Notice they never do provide the links?  Liberal Veteran   Mar-12-08 05:45 PM   # 
  - Obama doesn't need to now - the SC nonsense got the job done.  papau   Mar-12-08 05:47 PM   #26 
  - by your fellow fake journalists, I assume?  JackORoses   Mar-12-08 05:42 PM   #12 
  - responding to inappropriate statements about race..  virtualobserver   Mar-12-08 05:44 PM   #14 
  - Have you received the book I sent you? You really need to read it.  sniffa   Mar-12-08 06:08 PM   #45 
  - are you still here trollie?  dionysus   Mar-12-08 07:01 PM   #57 
  - Keepin' Klassy for Klinton! HRC's picked some real winners for her campaign.  Independent-Voter   Mar-12-08 05:40 PM   #6 
  - She's another one of the DLC insiders obviously  melody   Mar-12-08 05:41 PM   #8 
  - i can only hope geraldine doesn't go quietly into her night...  islandmkl   Mar-12-08 05:42 PM   #10 
  - Can;t she just say "I misspoke. I'm sorry I wasn't clearer" instead of making it worse?  Armstead   Mar-12-08 05:43 PM   #13 
  - She doesn't see there is a need for an apology...she did nothing wrong  NDambi   Mar-12-08 05:45 PM   #20 
  - she is like Hillary...  virtualobserver   Mar-12-08 05:46 PM   #25 
     - Explains their  NDambi   Mar-12-08 05:53 PM   #30 
     - reminds me of a certain President we have. n/t  mythyc   Mar-12-08 06:05 PM   #42 
  - No, that would require INTEGRITY, something in short supply among Hillary's campaign staff.  InAbLuEsTaTe   Mar-12-08 06:04 PM   #41 
  - But she didn't misspeak. She meant every word she said.  Tatiana   Mar-12-08 06:57 PM   #56 
  - The Clintons are going to hate themselves in the morning  pscot   Mar-12-08 05:44 PM   #15 
  - wait a i see it...way back, about a year ago...  islandmkl   Mar-12-08 05:44 PM   #16 
  - The thing that Ferraro's unwittingly done...  Bornaginhooligan   Mar-12-08 05:44 PM   #17 
  - ...  BumRushDaShow   Mar-12-08 05:44 PM   #18 
  - Fuck you, Geraldine. Slither off the stage already, you old  geek tragedy   Mar-12-08 05:45 PM   #19 
  - Ferraro/David Duke 08!  skipos   Mar-12-08 05:45 PM   #21 
  - What I don't understand...  noel711   Mar-12-08 05:45 PM   #24 
  - They say racist things, he defends himself, they call his defense "playing the race card"--  wienerdoggie   Mar-12-08 05:47 PM   #27 
  - Rove's Rules - #7 - Project your failings upon your opponent. n/t  burythehatchet   Mar-12-08 05:51 PM   #29 
  - actually Obama can't play the race card successfully, it's bad strategy for him  CreekDog   Mar-12-08 06:00 PM   #35 
  - Yup. Being black = playing the race card.  dchill   Mar-12-08 05:49 PM   #28 
  - she doesn't see them as ill chosen..therein lies the problem  NDambi   Mar-12-08 05:55 PM   #33 
  - Nobody even knew Geraldine Ferraro was still alive until she opened her vile mouth  NJSecularist   Mar-12-08 05:54 PM   #31 
  - lmao!  NDambi   Mar-12-08 06:10 PM   #47 
  - Mu husband said that too--"She's still alive?" No one missed her, apparently.  wienerdoggie   Mar-12-08 06:19 PM   #53 
  - I can't take it anymore!  Kaylee   Mar-12-08 05:58 PM   #34 
  - that woman is pure vile. I hate her!!!!!!!!  angie_love   Mar-12-08 06:00 PM   #36 
  - Bet Hillary wishes Ger had a nice big glass of "Shut the hell Up!". In a hole? STOP DIGGING!  jmg257   Mar-12-08 06:00 PM   #37 
  - She's a filthy liar.  No Surrender   Mar-12-08 06:06 PM   #43 
  - I think some kind of mania has infected the minds of Hillary supporters.  bowens43   Mar-12-08 06:08 PM   #46 
  - OMG......Pat Buchanan is such a total waste of protoplasm!  Hepburn   Mar-12-08 06:11 PM   #48 
  - since he's a racist  dwickham   Mar-12-08 06:46 PM   #54 
  - Buchanan wants Hillary...  NDambi   Mar-12-08 06:53 PM   #55 
  - I'm scared. I think HRC's latest strategy might work  Truth Hurts A Lot   Mar-12-08 06:12 PM   #49 
  - Ferraro has turned into a flipping idiot. She should STFU and hope this goes away  Az_lefty   Mar-12-08 06:17 PM   #51 

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