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Reply #21: Evidently, higher standards than Hillary: [View All]

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ProSense Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Feb-25-08 01:26 PM
Response to Reply #16
21. Evidently, higher standards than Hillary:
Hillary Clinton woos man who nearly ruined her husband

Earlier this month, Ms Clinton's staff leaked campaign fundraising data to the website just as her rival for the nomination, Barack Obama, was to deliver a policy speech on Iraq - and a crucial 20 minutes before the official release of the information. The story on Ms Clinton's fundraising prowess dominated the news cycle.

Mark Penn is in bed with Drudge.

Obama's campaign would not connect Hillary to the latest attack story without validation.

It has happened before and Axelrod denounced the attempts to link Hillary's campaign to an attack:

The article further reported that Obama strategist David Axelrod said he did not "believe ... for a second" the allegation that Clinton's camp was behind the story.

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  -BREAKING: MORE shocking photos!!!! MetricSystem  Feb-25-08 01:18 PM   #0 
  - Thanks, your a good person. We are in this together, and I believe  still_one   Feb-25-08 01:20 PM   #1 
  - Oh No - the dreaded "perspective".  DURHAM D   Feb-25-08 01:21 PM   #2 
  - Please send them to Drudge so we can stop the crazy shit in GD: P  xultar   Feb-25-08 01:22 PM   #3 
  - Actually, OP most likely got them off Drudge.  Occam Bandage   Feb-25-08 01:23 PM   #11 
  - Actually I found them on another site, but yeah it looks like that site likely got them from Sludge.  MetricSystem   Feb-25-08 01:32 PM   #32 
     - There is one extra one there, so yeah, that makes sense.  Occam Bandage   Feb-25-08 01:33 PM   #34 
  - There were in the Drudge article, as you would know if you had checked it. nt  anigbrowl   Feb-25-08 01:23 PM   #13 
     - I don't go on Drudge nor do I read shit from his site. I have standards.  xultar   Feb-25-08 01:25 PM   #16 
        - Evidently, higher standards than Hillary:  ProSense   Feb-25-08 01:26 PM   #21 
        - ROFPNMPLMAO Y'all crack me up.  xultar   Feb-25-08 01:31 PM   #29 
        - Standards of close-mindedness.  anigbrowl   Feb-25-08 05:08 PM   #59 
  - Dressing in local garb is what  madaboutharry   Feb-25-08 01:22 PM   #4 
  - Breaking: more shocking links to former terrorists:  ProSense   Feb-25-08 01:22 PM   #5 
  - Got proof?  DemBones DemBones   Feb-25-08 01:26 PM   #19 
     - Asking for proof doesn't make the proof provided at the link go away. n/t  ProSense   Feb-25-08 01:32 PM   #33 
  - Er, yeah. The problem isn't that he dressed up,  Occam Bandage   Feb-25-08 01:22 PM   #6 
  - LOL That one of Bush always cracks me up  leftstreet   Feb-25-08 01:22 PM   #7 
  - The only ones who it matters to are...  butterfly77   Feb-25-08 01:22 PM   #8 
  - we have to remember our main goal, to get a Dem in the WH  alyce douglas   Feb-25-08 01:22 PM   #9 
  - K&R  Blue State Native   Feb-25-08 01:22 PM   #10 
  - Bush as Saudi Sheikh  JCMach1   Feb-25-08 01:23 PM   #12 
  - nice pics...but it is not just the photos it is how they are being used in junction with words .....  ElsewheresDaughter   Feb-25-08 01:24 PM   #14 
  - So you believe this story? And that the Clinton campaign is right to push it?  Kristi1696   Feb-25-08 01:26 PM   #20 
  - Please refrain from putting your words in my post.  ElsewheresDaughter   Feb-25-08 01:28 PM   #26 
     - Then address the questions that I posed to you. n/t  Kristi1696   Feb-25-08 01:57 PM   #43 
  - Yes - when you read the REAL article we learn he was there on a humanitarian  gateley   Feb-25-08 01:28 PM   #25 
  - Junior just looks bad in everything. The rest look great and what you expect when an America pol  Alamom   Feb-25-08 01:24 PM   #15 
  - Bush looks like The Sorceror's Apprentice....  BrklynLiberal   Feb-25-08 01:25 PM   #17 
  - Only Worse  Crisco   Feb-25-08 01:27 PM   #23 
  - Exactly why that piece of crap on druge would not have from Hillary.  Little Star   Feb-25-08 01:25 PM   #18 
  - Ding! Ding! Ding! Why the hell aren't people  DemBones DemBones   Feb-25-08 01:30 PM   #27 
  - Maybe because they don't have any brains.  Auntie Bush   Feb-25-08 01:40 PM   #38 
  - "She(HRC) is not stupid enough to try such a tactic." She isn't but some of her staffers might be.  yellowcanine   Feb-25-08 01:32 PM   #31 
     - Obama staffers could be behind it,  DemBones DemBones   Feb-25-08 01:45 PM   #39 
        - I wouldn't doubt that Obama staffers aren't behind this, as witnessed on this forum, unity ain't  goldcanyonaz   Feb-25-08 02:00 PM   #44 
        - I was wondering when the projection defense would show up. Of course that explains  yellowcanine   Feb-25-08 02:06 PM   #45 
  - MY EYES! MY EYES!  BooScout   Feb-25-08 01:26 PM   #22 
  - These photos are irrelevant. Noone could ever mistake Hillary or W for a Muslim.  JackORoses   Feb-25-08 01:27 PM   #24 
  - Prove that Hillary is "behind" the Obama photos or  DemBones DemBones   Feb-25-08 01:40 PM   #37 
     - at this point, Hillary couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag.  JackORoses   Feb-25-08 02:41 PM   #46 
     - Prove that she's not. Her campaign would not deny it to TPM  whutgives   Feb-25-08 05:06 PM   #58 
  - Well done!  mzmolly   Feb-25-08 01:30 PM   #28 
  - K&R!  SIMPLYB1980   Feb-25-08 01:31 PM   #30 
  - here's another....  ElsewheresDaughter   Feb-25-08 01:36 PM   #35 
  - That has to be the worst Chicken Dance I've ever seen  auburngrad82   Feb-26-08 01:58 PM   #64 
  - Where's the picture of Hillary in Golfing Shorts circa early 1990's???  RobertSeattle   Feb-25-08 01:37 PM   #36 
  - This one?  suston96   Feb-25-08 02:44 PM   #47 
     - That's a different type of "hole in one"...  RobertSeattle   Feb-26-08 01:24 PM   #63 
  - I like this one that makes Nostradamus more "prophetic"!  calipendence   Feb-25-08 01:51 PM   #40 
  - Or it could be Dick too...  calipendence   Feb-25-08 04:34 PM   #54 
  - 1,2 & 3  dancingAlone   Feb-25-08 01:51 PM   #41 
  - Thank you.  elixir   Feb-25-08 01:54 PM   #42 
  - LOL  RememberWellstone   Feb-25-08 02:46 PM   #48 
  - What's that weird skin condition Dubya has?  damntexdem   Feb-25-08 02:47 PM   #49 
  - Photos  Beregond2   Feb-25-08 02:55 PM   #50 
  - OH MY GOD!!  eissa   Feb-25-08 03:10 PM   #51 
  - Here's more....  calipendence   Feb-25-08 05:08 PM   #60 
  - So is this why "impeachment is off the table"?...  calipendence   Feb-25-08 04:29 PM   #52 
  - I think Ms Clinton looked GREAT in that red dress. Nothing to do with politics.  Redstone   Feb-25-08 04:33 PM   #53 
  - duplicate delete  calipendence   Feb-25-08 05:03 PM   #55 
  - How about a black dress?  calipendence   Feb-25-08 05:05 PM   #57 
  - Laura upset the right when she wore the scarf - I wonder where that one is?  whutgives   Feb-25-08 05:05 PM   #56 
  - I guess Hillary's "Palestinian" here...  calipendence   Feb-25-08 05:14 PM   #61 
  - Oh no!! Grown men wearing dresses  powergirl   Feb-25-08 05:17 PM   #62 
  - * looks adorable.  dmsRoar   Feb-26-08 01:59 PM   #65 

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