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Reply #114: Let's just say I have better things to do... [View All]

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IrateCitizen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-18-04 03:11 PM
Response to Reply #112
114. Let's just say I have better things to do...
... than engage in a pointless pissing match with you.

I stated above that I didn't think that this could be attributed to Kerry's views 100%. However, since Rich did NOT address Kerry in the subject line, and I am not a mind reader (unlike you, I assume), I did not believe that it necessarily was all about KERRY and instead was about a POV advanced by the DLC. If it WAS supposed to be a veiled attack on Kerry, I think I stated earlier in this thread that I didn't agree with such a viewpoint.

Additionally, there are LOTS of things that get posted in GD2K4 that don't directly deal with the election. I see a thread that looks to me like it might be interesting, I click on it, and possibly post my thoughts.

I mean, Jesus H. Christ, sangha -- if I'm offending you so much for daring to discuss such subjects as militarism and its broader effects on society and international relations, I'm sure as hell not going to apologize for it. And if my audacity to defy the guidelines you want to set for me gets your knickers all twisted in a knot, I know it won't affect my ability to sleep at night.

IOW, bugger off.
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  -Hey guys! Look what I found! It makes the DLC look very militaristic!! RichM  Mar-18-04 09:53 AM   #0 
  - As a Democrat I highly object to those sections  redqueen   Mar-18-04 09:58 AM   #1 
  - Is this from the DLC PPI document  revcarol   Mar-18-04 10:04 AM   #2 
  - I gotta cut Kerry some slack  redqueen   Mar-18-04 10:06 AM   #5 
  - No, you're for sure not the only one upset and irate, Carol  Mairead   Mar-18-04 10:08 AM   #7 
  - Wow! I've been waiting for this thread...  PassingFair   Mar-18-04 04:29 PM   #131 
  - Kerry By Inference?  cryingshame   Mar-18-04 10:10 AM   #9 
     - More commie lies  sangh0   Mar-18-04 11:33 AM   #49 
        - Thank you for providing the required red-baiting. I knew we could count  RichM   Mar-18-04 11:38 AM   #52 
           - Thank you for ignoring the issue  sangh0   Mar-18-04 12:01 PM   #64 
              - And once again  sangh0   Mar-18-04 02:28 PM   #105 
  - If I didn't know this was from the DLC, I would swear it was PNAC.  RichM   Mar-18-04 10:05 AM   #3 
     - Rachel Corrie  redqueen   Mar-18-04 10:08 AM   #6 
     - who?  tinanator   Mar-18-04 11:28 AM   #45 
        - I sympathize with your frustration and outrage  redqueen   Mar-18-04 11:35 AM   #50 
           - Im afraid the big G is all too forgiving  tinanator   Mar-18-04 12:02 PM   #65 
              - Don't know the name  redqueen   Mar-18-04 12:10 PM   #74 
     - Rachel Corrie  WilliamPitt   Mar-18-04 10:08 AM   #8 
     - It IS indeed PNAC!  AntiCoup2k   Mar-18-04 12:25 PM   #78 
        - PNAC Facts and Some Contrasts to the DLC  bigtree   Mar-18-04 04:05 PM   #128 
  - Entire Posting Is Guilt By Association  cryingshame   Mar-18-04 10:06 AM   #4 
  - Some problems with your points #1 & 2 -  RichM   Mar-18-04 10:19 AM   #14 
  - Never Ending Doesn't Equate With Decades  cryingshame   Mar-18-04 10:22 AM   #18 
  - But there's a big problem with stopping proliferation...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 10:48 AM   #29 
  - Does Seem Hypocritical For Us To Have Them  cryingshame   Mar-18-04 11:18 AM   #40 
     - This whole discussions seems a bit hypocritical to me  sangh0   Mar-18-04 11:37 AM   #51 
        - sangh0, please see my disassociation from Kerry in this thread  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 11:41 AM   #56 
           - I didn't say you were associated  sangh0   Mar-18-04 11:45 AM   #58 
              - Well, seeing as how you leveled the finger of "hypocrisy"...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 11:54 AM   #60 
                 - Yes, it is hypocritical  sangh0   Mar-18-04 12:03 PM   #66 
                    - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 12:04 PM   #69 
                       - It's like saying, in the middle of a war  sangh0   Mar-18-04 12:24 PM   #77 
                          - I thought we agreed to stop sniping at each other.  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 12:32 PM   #81 
                             - Here's what you said  sangh0   Mar-18-04 01:17 PM   #90 
                                - Like I said above...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 01:18 PM   #92 
  - Bombing targets is not an INVASION  Mairead   Mar-18-04 12:07 PM   #73 
  - In fairness  redqueen   Mar-18-04 10:23 AM   #19 
  - I thought the FBI was our first-ever domestic intelligence organization?  KoKo01   Mar-18-04 11:01 AM   #33 
  - we need an awareness campaign  NJCher   Mar-18-04 10:12 AM   #10 
  - There Was ONE Democratic Candidate  cryingshame   Mar-18-04 10:16 AM   #11 
  - No, there still IS one...DK.  revcarol   Mar-18-04 10:21 AM   #17 
     - I was about to say!  redqueen   Mar-18-04 10:25 AM   #20 
  - The site I found - Re: military budget  bloom   Mar-18-04 11:15 AM   #37 
  - I don't like the DLC  bloom   Mar-18-04 10:18 AM   #12 
  - Massages for Peace  redqueen   Mar-18-04 11:17 AM   #38 
  - As a Democrat I highly approve of this  Gman   Mar-18-04 10:19 AM   #13 
  - Wow- terror fighting= military preparedness now?  revcarol   Mar-18-04 10:29 AM   #23 
  - Your approval is inviting further decline, to be honest  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 10:35 AM   #25 
  - This isn't Kerry campaign material. It should be in Foreign Affairs forum.  blm   Mar-18-04 10:21 AM   #15 
  - I agree  redqueen   Mar-18-04 10:28 AM   #22 
  - I agree that it isn't, nor did he explicitly endorse it...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 10:51 AM   #30 
  - Does Kerry openly embrace the PPI agenda or not?  AntiCoup2k   Mar-18-04 12:24 PM   #76 
     - Kerry comes down on the progressive side. Marshall is just ONE advisor  blm   Mar-18-04 12:28 PM   #80 
        - I don't care if Marshall writes 1%, 10% or 100% of Kerry's policies  AntiCoup2k   Mar-18-04 01:57 PM   #102 
           - HAHAHAH...Yet you REWARDED Dean for his advisors who were FURTHER right  blm   Mar-18-04 02:28 PM   #106 
              - Show me one name of a Dean adviser on the PNAC list  AntiCoup2k   Mar-18-04 04:06 PM   #129 
                 - It's not all just PNAC,  blm   Mar-18-04 04:30 PM   #132 
  - Words fail me  bicentennial_baby   Mar-18-04 10:21 AM   #16 
  - Yes, that's my reaction, too. In fact the very first sentence from the  RichM   Mar-18-04 10:36 AM   #26 
     - Excellent quotes  bicentennial_baby   Mar-18-04 01:17 PM   #89 
  - Rich, let's put this into perspective...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 10:28 AM   #21 
  - I like your 'crime racket' analogy. // I also read "Sorrows of Empire"  RichM   Mar-18-04 11:11 AM   #35 
     - But since you're familiar with Johnson, you also must realize...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 11:19 AM   #41 
     - My money is on the 'bang,' not the 'whimper.'  RichM   Mar-18-04 11:31 AM   #48 
     - Yeah, sadly mine is as well...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 11:39 AM   #53 
        - Johnson himself, the night I saw him speak, ended his talk with some  RichM   Mar-18-04 11:58 AM   #61 
        - You know, Rich -- I just can't help but laugh reading this...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 12:01 PM   #63 
           - Johnson seems to prefer BC. Someone in the audience preferred the  RichM   Mar-18-04 12:34 PM   #83 
              - Hey Rich, that's exactly what I was talking about!  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 01:17 PM   #91 
        - Just want to thank you  redqueen   Mar-18-04 12:27 PM   #79 
     - "we must wonder whether the decline will happen with a bang or whimper"  Mairead   Mar-18-04 12:37 PM   #84 
     - Great posts you two  redqueen   Mar-18-04 11:20 AM   #42 
        - OK, since you've brought it up...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 11:27 AM   #44 
           - The opposite of easy, actually  redqueen   Mar-18-04 11:41 AM   #55 
              - Experimental support for the cooperative model envisioned by DK  Mairead   Mar-18-04 01:21 PM   #93 
                 - Well wasn't that the origin of the Socialist Party???  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 01:25 PM   #94 
                    - Socialism itself, certainly. I don't know about the party as such.  Mairead   Mar-18-04 01:35 PM   #96 
                       - It was a very interesting article  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 01:47 PM   #100 
                          - This reminds me of the thread about a Welfare State  redqueen   Mar-18-04 04:05 PM   #127 
                             - I thought that was great too! I wish I'd bookmarked it.  Mairead   Mar-18-04 04:45 PM   #133 
  - Yet, we're vilified  Kanary   Mar-18-04 10:34 AM   #24 
  - Damn purist  CWebster   Mar-18-04 10:40 AM   #27 
  - You shoulda put those little sarcasm marks around your comments!!  revcarol   Mar-18-04 10:46 AM   #28 
     - Plenty WILL change... just not foreign policy to a large degree  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 10:54 AM   #31 
     - How do we change militaristic foreign policy?  redqueen   Mar-18-04 11:31 AM   #47 
     - Yeah, I guess I was looking for a "quicker" way...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 12:05 PM   #71 
        - Short of Jesus himself descending  redqueen   Mar-18-04 12:18 PM   #75 
     - "What can we do to change it? I'm open to workable suggestions"  Mairead   Mar-18-04 01:41 PM   #98 
        - Mairead, I didn't think my reference was legitimizing it  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 01:51 PM   #101 
           - Sorry! I didn't intend to take you to task particularly, IC  Mairead   Mar-18-04 02:22 PM   #104 
     - Don't look to me  CWebster   Mar-18-04 10:56 AM   #32 
        - CWeb -  RichM   Mar-18-04 11:17 AM   #39 
  - The voters don't want a candidate who will cut the military  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-18-04 11:03 AM   #34 
  - HAhahaha  RichM   Mar-18-04 11:13 AM   #36 
  - Typical. In the OP RichM complains about people not addressing the issues  sangh0   Mar-18-04 11:39 AM   #54 
     - Typical. Rather than respond to any of the broader points raised  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 11:47 AM   #59 
        - In case you failed to notice  sangh0   Mar-18-04 02:36 PM   #109 
           - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 03:03 PM   #111 
           - Typical  sangh0   Mar-18-04 03:04 PM   #112 
              - Let's just say I have better things to do...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 03:11 PM   #114 
                 - 'I didn't think that this could be attributed to Kerry's views 100%"  sangh0   Mar-18-04 03:14 PM   #115 
                    - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-18-04 03:18 PM   #117 
           - As far as this being a post to slam Kerry,  revcarol   Mar-18-04 03:23 PM   #118 
  - Utterly predictable.  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 11:22 AM   #43 
  - Utterly predictable  sangh0   Mar-18-04 11:42 AM   #57 
  - If you would bother to post the entire response...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 11:59 AM   #62 
  - "Or is this all you have to offer on the matter?"  sangh0   Mar-18-04 12:05 PM   #70 
     - OK, done.  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 12:07 PM   #72 
  - blah blah blah  tinanator   Mar-18-04 12:04 PM   #68 
  - I agree with the DLC's proposition  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-18-04 03:29 PM   #119 
     - Freddie, have you ever heard of Chalmers Johnson?  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 03:44 PM   #124 
  - can I interest you in a $500 toilet seat?  tinanator   Mar-18-04 11:29 AM   #46 
  - There is also people who abuse welfare benefits  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-18-04 03:30 PM   #120 
     - ask Bill  tinanator   Mar-18-04 03:32 PM   #121 
        - OMG, that is just too rich!  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 03:37 PM   #123 
  - In all seriousness, Freddie -- I'd appreciate a response  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 12:03 PM   #67 
     - I agree with the DLC's position on this  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-18-04 03:37 PM   #122 
        - Please see my post #124 above. (nt)  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 03:46 PM   #125 
  - Question for Rich M since you like to concommitantly argue Kerry's  nothingshocksmeanymore   Mar-18-04 12:33 PM   #82 
  - Here's how I reconcile it. Kerry has been in the Senate a long time, & has  RichM   Mar-18-04 01:09 PM   #86 
     - " would be necessary to review his whole record"  sangh0   Mar-18-04 01:41 PM   #99 
        - Why don't you help us, with your profound knowledge of this topic?  RichM   Mar-18-04 02:19 PM   #103 
           - RichM avoids the issue-He judged Kerry's record w/o knowing what it is  sangh0   Mar-18-04 02:32 PM   #107 
              - Sangha sees through me once again! What can I say?  RichM   Mar-18-04 02:57 PM   #110 
                 - And again, RIchM ignores the issue  sangh0   Mar-18-04 03:05 PM   #113 
  - Is there information on how the DLC defines "freedom and democracy"? (n/t)  w4rma   Mar-18-04 12:37 PM   #85 
  - I'd say it's pretty close to the American version...  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 01:15 PM   #87 
     - That's *your* definition. It appears that "freedom and democracy" mean  w4rma   Mar-18-04 01:33 PM   #95 
        - Then get busy on Google and find it yourself, Rick  IrateCitizen   Mar-18-04 01:36 PM   #97 
  - I guess it all depends on your definition  paulk   Mar-18-04 01:16 PM   #88 
  - I have argued the DLC's merits here before  Capn Sunshine   Mar-18-04 02:34 PM   #108 
  - The DLC approach is to prevent war through multilateral cooperation  bigtree   Mar-18-04 03:16 PM   #116 
  - What a bastardization of Kerry's position. Kerry was the voice on the LEFT  blm   Mar-18-04 03:57 PM   #126 
  - so??? What's the problem?  wyldwolf   Mar-18-04 04:21 PM   #130 

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