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Reply #32: It's the baboons in the legislature [View All]

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SoxFan Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Feb-18-08 10:32 AM
Response to Reply #8
32. It's the baboons in the legislature
that are the problem

Sleazy Sal DiMasi and his merry band of hacks still have a hair across their ass because Patrick thumped Tom Reiley, and have been shooting spitballs at him ever since.

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  -If you think Omama is "plagiarizing" then you know NOTHING about politics Armstead  Feb-18-08 09:35 AM   #0 
  - Thanks- we needed the 156th thread on this topic  Alhena   Feb-18-08 09:36 AM   #1 
  - You're welcome -- Maybe I should do a handshake one next  Armstead   Feb-18-08 09:38 AM   #5 
  - Well said!  Araxen   Feb-18-08 09:36 AM   #2 
  - It's ok... every week the Hillbots come up with another inane Rovian attack....  scheming daemons   Feb-18-08 09:37 AM   #3 
  - True enough. I guess that's okay since he's her HUSBAND, not just  NC_Nurse   Feb-18-08 09:37 AM   #4 
  - Yeah, then give some examples...or do you know nothing about  joeybee12   Feb-18-08 09:38 AM   #6 
  - Okay....  Armstead   Feb-18-08 09:40 AM   #9 
     - Um, no...  joeybee12   Feb-18-08 09:54 AM   #16 
        - Oh Jeeze are we going to get into parsing?  Armstead   Feb-18-08 10:08 AM   #23 
  - How can the HRC supporters not see these tactics as divisive..  Sulawesi   Feb-18-08 09:39 AM   #7 
  - Patrick is a lousy governor. Why would anyone want to imitate him?  durrrty libby   Feb-18-08 09:40 AM   #8 
  - No, he isn't.  bicentennial_baby   Feb-18-08 09:44 AM   #11 
  - Your standards are crap.He is a miserable failure  durrrty libby   Feb-18-08 09:59 AM   #17 
     - He's hamstrung by a deeply entrenched legislature and Speaker  bicentennial_baby   Feb-18-08 10:03 AM   #19 
     - Hamstrung = loser= miserable failure. Different excuse. Same result.  durrrty libby   Feb-18-08 10:09 AM   #24 
     - Typical Hillbot response  BlueDogDemocratNH   Feb-18-08 10:33 AM   #33 
  - It's the baboons in the legislature  BlueDogDemocratNH   Feb-18-08 10:32 AM   #32 
     - BO Sniffers need to stop inhaling the Hopium. It's killing your  durrrty libby   Feb-18-08 10:47 AM   #36 
        - Clever retort  BlueDogDemocratNH   Feb-18-08 11:06 AM   #38 
  - how many people who post here do you think actually know ANYTHING about politics?  matcom   Feb-18-08 09:43 AM   #10 
  - That many?  Armstead   Feb-18-08 09:46 AM   #13 
  - That's being very generous  BlueDogDemocratNH   Feb-18-08 11:06 AM   #39 
  - But we're supposed to hobble ourselves!! That's how Democrats do it!!  ClassWarrior   Feb-18-08 09:45 AM   #12 
  - Oh yeah. Figure out how to win one....Then throw out that strategy  Armstead   Feb-18-08 09:47 AM   #14 
  - Also, doesn't plagiarism require someone COMPLAINING that he's been plagiarized?  rocknation   Feb-18-08 09:51 AM   #15 
  - No. Never heard that one before.  QC   Feb-18-08 10:25 AM   #27 
     - Legally, plagiarism requires a complainant. Essay copying is called...  ClassWarrior   Feb-18-08 10:29 AM   #29 
  - for all we know, obama ASKED AND RECEIVED PERMISSION  unblock   Feb-18-08 10:03 AM   #18 
  - You mean like this? :  bicentennial_baby   Feb-18-08 10:04 AM   #20 
  - McCain's Plagarism  DU9598   Feb-18-08 10:07 AM   #21 
  - amen  goodhue   Feb-18-08 10:07 AM   #22 
  - Of course you are making silly excuses.  Tennessee Gal   Feb-18-08 10:11 AM   #25 
  - You can do better than that  Armstead   Feb-18-08 10:22 AM   #26 
  - Sorry Gal  DU9598   Feb-18-08 01:52 PM   #40 
  - Obama must invent his own langauge before talking n/t  Bad Thoughts   Feb-18-08 10:25 AM   #28 
  - Something else they know nothing about...  WVRevy   Feb-18-08 10:31 AM   #30 
  - Thanks. It thought we buried that shameless "false outrage" with Joe Biden's senseless roasting.  ShortnFiery   Feb-18-08 10:31 AM   #31 
  - Is John Sasso working for Hillary?  BlueDogDemocratNH   Feb-18-08 10:35 AM   #34 
  - Funny, I don't recall Hillary using "Change" until AFTER Obama  matcom   Feb-18-08 10:41 AM   #35 
  - Don't forget the Gavin Newsome snub in you list of faux outrages  kdpeters   Feb-18-08 11:01 AM   #37 

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