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Reply #6: Why is it always the case that Bill Clinton's baggage belongs to his wife? [View All]

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MichiganVote Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-08-08 10:17 PM
Response to Original message
6. Why is it always the case that Bill Clinton's baggage belongs to his wife?
Will you even listen to yourself?

And no, I will not qualify my response by declaring this candidate or that one. That is not the issue. Does anyone blame the spouses of Edwards or Obama or even J. McCain for their husband's "baggage".

And let's recall who exactly created the baggage...sure Bil Clinton dallied. So what? He lied about an illicit affair that was frankly cheap and meaningless. So what?

What do any of these things have to do with the present? Nothing.

We are voting for politicians. None of them are pristine and none of them ever will be. But Senator Clinton is not the baggage carrier for her husband unless we make her so.
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  -I have a confession to make - I like Hillary Clinton NJSecularist  Feb-08-08 10:09 PM   #0 
  - I like her too. I just don't want her to be president.  Katzenkavalier   Feb-08-08 10:10 PM   #1 
  - That's the way I feel...  movonne   Feb-08-08 10:21 PM   #8 
  - Puzzle me this  sandnsea   Feb-08-08 10:13 PM   #2 
  - That's the nature of politics at this point  NJSecularist   Feb-08-08 10:15 PM   #4 
     - I just disagree with that  sandnsea   Feb-08-08 10:21 PM   #9 
  - You like her enough  maddiejoan   Feb-08-08 10:14 PM   #3 
  - I bashed Hillary?  NJSecularist   Feb-08-08 10:17 PM   #5 
  - You don't know that  maddiejoan   Feb-08-08 10:21 PM   #10 
  - "but Hillary has more"  HughMoran   Feb-08-08 10:26 PM   #15 
  - It's not a lie  NJSecularist   Feb-08-08 10:30 PM   #18 
     - Vince Foster??????  HughMoran   Feb-08-08 10:32 PM   #20 
        - You gotta be kidding me.  NJSecularist   Feb-08-08 10:35 PM   #23 
           - Vince Foster??  HughMoran   Feb-08-08 10:38 PM   #25 
  - Well so far, baggage or not she won two senate seats and is holding up to Obama.  MichiganVote   Feb-08-08 10:35 PM   #24 
     - This is pointless.  NJSecularist   Feb-08-08 10:40 PM   #26 
  - I noticed that as well  HughMoran   Feb-08-08 10:24 PM   #13 
  - Why is it always the case that Bill Clinton's baggage belongs to his wife?  MichiganVote   Feb-08-08 10:17 PM   #6 
  - Remind me of the baggage that Michelle and Elizabeth have  NJSecularist   Feb-08-08 10:22 PM   #11 
  - Except the "Clinton baggage" is assigned to Hillary Clinton, not her husband.  MichiganVote   Feb-08-08 10:26 PM   #14 
     - Whether you like it or not  NJSecularist   Feb-08-08 10:28 PM   #16 
     - Only in the narrowest of minds. If and more if's. Its a free country for  MichiganVote   Feb-08-08 10:33 PM   #21 
     - not the affair  johnnydrama   Feb-08-08 11:29 PM   #31 
  - It's her baggage too  sandnsea   Feb-08-08 10:22 PM   #12 
     - Like I said...did she break any laws???  MichiganVote   Feb-08-08 10:30 PM   #17 
        - Has Bush been convicted?  sandnsea   Feb-08-08 11:44 PM   #32 
  - I too an Obama supporter who can live with Hillary as my president  pennylane100   Feb-08-08 10:18 PM   #7 
  - I just feel like my voice will be heard in an Obama administration  Jed Dilligan   Feb-08-08 10:31 PM   #19 
  - hilary turned her back and went  zidzi   Feb-08-08 10:54 PM   #30 
     - it actually would have helped her damn political ambitions.  Egnever   Feb-08-08 11:51 PM   #33 
        - And, yet..she expects to fool everyone  zidzi   Feb-09-08 03:24 PM   #37 
  - What does it mean "Her being a Clinton"?  DemGa   Feb-08-08 10:35 PM   #22 
  - I like her too, and I'm an Edwards to Obama convert  DS1   Feb-08-08 10:44 PM   #27 
  - Well, that's real nice...I  zidzi   Feb-08-08 10:52 PM   #28 
  - damn cicadas are everywhere  ElsewheresDaughter   Feb-08-08 10:53 PM   #29 
  - What do I like about Hillary?  candice   Feb-08-08 11:53 PM   #34 
  - well, not all  mkultra   Feb-09-08 01:09 AM   #35 
  - I'll be voting for Hillary if she is the nominee because I'm not a petulant child....  Political Heretic   Feb-09-08 01:13 AM   #36 

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