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Reply #17: The plan was crafted by NV and the DNC and approved 10 months ago. [View All]

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AtomicKitten Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-18-08 10:46 PM
Response to Reply #16
17. The plan was crafted by NV and the DNC and approved 10 months ago.
What I think doesn't enter into it. It was settled between NV and the DNC.

As I said, three of the authors of the bill, all Clinton advocates, wrote the bill 10 months ago ... and suddenly two days after Obama got the Culinary union endorsement they have a problem with plan they wrote? That reeks so bad it can be smelled from Neptune.

I will assume you either don't want to know in spite of the AlterNET (a reputable group) analysis in my sig line, or you don't understand the logistics of this political power-play on the part of the Clintons.

But allow me to conclude by saying this is Nevada's and the DNC's business, that they hammered this plan out months ago with not a peep, that this has nothing to do with the Obama campaign, oh, other than the fact that the Clintons are pissed that the union endorsement went to him, not Hillary. And I guess he must be punished in some way. Right?

We get it.
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  -Over the last week, has your opinion of Obama changed? Onlooker  Jan-18-08 10:00 PM   #0 
  - The last should be "YES, I like him more now"  MH1   Jan-18-08 10:02 PM   #1 
  - Thanks, revised. n/t  Onlooker   Jan-18-08 10:06 PM   #5 
  - "No, I like him more"  Bleachers7   Jan-18-08 10:02 PM   #2 
  - There are people whose names we don't know who were the fortunate  Old Crusoe   Jan-18-08 10:02 PM   #3 
  - I really, really like you, Old Crusoe.  babylonsister   Jan-18-08 10:08 PM   #6 
     - Madam. We need to get that point clear and true about "yourself" --  Old Crusoe   Jan-18-08 10:12 PM   #8 
     - Thank you so much for your vote of confidence, OC.  babylonsister   Jan-19-08 01:50 AM   #19 
     - I agree....Old Crusoe is definitely the voice of reason  cboy4   Jan-18-08 10:21 PM   #13 
  - Stayed about the same  bigwillq   Jan-18-08 10:04 PM   #4 
  - I was leary of Obama prior to this last week. With the Reagan thing,  mnhtnbb   Jan-18-08 10:10 PM   #7 
  - At this point he and Clinton are in the "just get us a win" category.  Heaven and Earth   Jan-18-08 10:12 PM   #9 
  - Starting with the debate (delegater in chef), going through dirty tricks Michigan,  robbedvoter   Jan-18-08 10:14 PM   #10 
  - obama lauds reagan; obama is a fraud.  Double T   Jan-18-08 10:15 PM   #11 
  - Obama has skills and is proving he can win in the general election.  AtomicKitten   Jan-18-08 10:16 PM   #12 
     - Yep. 'Skills' bushco would be proud of.  Double T   Jan-18-08 10:23 PM   #14 
        - The Clintons are emulating the same dirty tricks spawned by Karl Rove.  AtomicKitten   Jan-18-08 10:29 PM   #15 
           - I suppose YOU think that setting up special caucus centers within........  Double T   Jan-18-08 10:36 PM   #16 
              - The plan was crafted by NV and the DNC and approved 10 months ago.  AtomicKitten   Jan-18-08 10:46 PM   #17 
              - Obviously Double T is rewriting history here nt  cloudythescribbler   Jan-18-08 11:03 PM   #18 

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