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Reply #40: honestly, no; and why are you angry at hillary? nt [View All]

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VotesForWomen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jan-17-08 03:55 PM
Response to Original message
40. honestly, no; and why are you angry at hillary? nt
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  -Clinton Supporters -- Honestly, Are You Angry At Obama Because You Thought The Nomination Was Her's? Magic Rat  Jan-17-08 12:53 PM   #0 
  - No, because it still is.  Proud2BAmurkin   Jan-17-08 12:55 PM   #1 
  - I hope you realize that anyone who doesn't support Hillary is going to vote "Yes"...  TwilightZone   Jan-17-08 12:57 PM   #2 
  - nah  Magic Rat   Jan-17-08 12:59 PM   #5 
     - True. True.  TwilightZone   Jan-17-08 01:01 PM   #12 
  - Give Me Back That Tiara, Damn It!  DrFunkenstein   Jan-17-08 12:58 PM   #3 
  - Notice how no one actually says 'hillary's inevitable;' they claim 'other people' are saying it...  VotesForWomen   Jan-17-08 04:00 PM   #42 
  - No, it is still hers. I don't like Obama because he is basically a Republican  jlake   Jan-17-08 12:58 PM   #4 
  - in what way is he not to the left of her  Magic Rat   Jan-17-08 12:59 PM   #7 
  - Social issues -glbt, womens rights, economic issues, foreign policy, judicial appointments,  jlake   Jan-17-08 01:01 PM   #11 
  - really?  Magic Rat   Jan-17-08 01:08 PM   #21 
  - foreign policy? HUH?!!!  earthlover   Jan-17-08 01:11 PM   #23 
     - The neo-cons are flocking to Obama. He DID NOT OPPOSE Kyle-Lieberman  jlake   Jan-17-08 01:13 PM   #25 
        - Thank you.  emilyg   Jan-17-08 01:24 PM   #29 
        - Yes he opposed Kyl Lieberman....  earthlover   Jan-17-08 02:51 PM   #37 
           - Wow. So you believe Obama's 3 different lies on Kyle-L ... yet, why did  jlake   Jan-17-08 02:53 PM   #38 
  - she doesn't campaign with "cured" gays. nt  Proud2BAmurkin   Jan-17-08 01:01 PM   # 
  - She is opposed to gay marriage  earthlover   Jan-17-08 01:12 PM   #24 
     - But not opposed to civil unions  Jai4WKC08   Jan-17-08 04:33 PM   #44 
  - nuclear for one  mitchtv   Jan-17-08 01:47 PM   #36 
  - More Orwellian crap from the Hillary Herd.....  earthlover   Jan-17-08 01:07 PM   #18 
  - Really? How did you come to that conclusion....have you looked at their voting records, or are you  jlake   Jan-17-08 01:08 PM   #20 
     - so...  Magic Rat   Jan-17-08 01:09 PM   #22 
        - Hillary opposes lifting the cap on social security taxes....  earthlover   Jan-17-08 01:19 PM   #27 
  - Yeah, Obama fooled people into thinking he is left of Hillary..  mckeown1128   Jan-17-08 01:32 PM   #30 
     - No, he is not to the right of GWB. Just the same and to the right of Hillary -depending on the issue  jlake   Jan-17-08 01:33 PM   #31 
        - Please give me an example of what he has voted  mckeown1128   Jan-17-08 01:39 PM   #32 
        - Please give me an example of what he has voted  mckeown1128   Jan-17-08 01:39 PM   #33 
           - WTF are you talking did you come up with 51%?  jlake   Jan-17-08 01:43 PM   #35 
              - Well let's see...  mckeown1128   Jan-17-08 03:00 PM   #39 
  - This poll will prove nothing.  Missy M   Jan-17-08 12:59 PM   #6 
  - so if Obama wasn't in the race  Magic Rat   Jan-17-08 01:00 PM   #9 
     - Absolutely.  Missy M   Jan-17-08 01:20 PM   #28 
  - No, but this type of post upsets me n/t  Tom Rinaldo   Jan-17-08 01:00 PM   #8 
  - This is just flamebait  seasonedblue   Jan-17-08 01:40 PM   #34 
  - Not a supporter, so I didn't vote - but damn angry at Obama for Raygun  robbedvoter   Jan-17-08 01:01 PM   #10 
  - Well..............  DJ13   Jan-17-08 01:01 PM   #13 
  - No, I am angry at some in the Establishment who seem to  OHdem10   Jan-17-08 01:04 PM   #14 
  - Quite an insulting question  LostinVA   Jan-17-08 01:05 PM   #15 
  - It started with MCclurkin and culminated with Reagan.  William769   Jan-17-08 01:05 PM   #16 
  - No.  Jim4Wes   Jan-17-08 01:06 PM   #17 
  - Not the person he appeared to be at the 2004 convention...  SaveElmer   Jan-17-08 01:07 PM   #19 
  - yet's see, all the Obama voters say 'yes', all the clinton supporters say NO  adapa   Jan-17-08 01:17 PM   #26 
  - honestly, no; and why are you angry at hillary? nt  VotesForWomen   Jan-17-08 03:55 PM   #40 
  - I'm not angry at her  Magic Rat   Jan-17-08 06:03 PM   #46 
  - Wow. Not one recommendation  wiley   Jan-17-08 03:56 PM   #41 
  - I was pissed at obama early on in 07 when he played the  BenDavid   Jan-17-08 04:10 PM   #43 
  - no  musicblind   Jan-17-08 05:13 PM   #45 
  - Of course not. That's ridiculous.  ElizabethDC   Jan-17-08 06:26 PM   #47 

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