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Reply #22: the truth about gay marriage [View All]

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musicblind Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-08-08 02:53 AM
Response to Original message
22. the truth about gay marriage
Here's the deal, and I am gay so I think I can speak on it clearly. Gay Marriage would mean that no church is required to marry another gay person. Right now, no church is REQUIRED to marry any straight person. However, many churches would like to provide legal weddings for gay people and cannot. I have a pastor from the united church on sunset street who has complained about this. He WANTS to marry gay people in a LEGALLY BINDING wedding but cannot do so. He has offered to marry me in a non legally binding ceremony however.

The Baptist church at Wake Forrest has performed gay weddings. In fact there are all gay christian churches even in North Carolina.

Legalizing gay marriage would NOT force any church to perform anything. That would be regulating religion. However, gay marriage would ALLOW churches that WOULD LIKE TO PERFORM THESE CEREMONIES and would like them to be legally binding to do so. Allowing gay marriage does not restrict what someone can do with their religion, it allows churches the religious freedom to perform these ceremonies if they wish to do so.
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  -What is the Dems problem with Gays sjdnb  Jan-08-08 02:18 AM   #0 
  - Are you sure ur talking about DU?  hnmnf   Jan-08-08 02:19 AM   #1 
  - Trying not to disenfranchise the Gay Vote nt  Mr_Monday   Jan-08-08 02:20 AM   #2 
  - I have no problem with full equality whatsoever  Kucinich4America   Jan-08-08 02:20 AM   #3 
  - What on earth are you talking about? Dems don't have a problem with gays.  gateley   Jan-08-08 02:20 AM   #4 
  - Read a few threads about how civil unions are ok  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 02:23 AM   #6 
  - Before I answer....  CarbonDate   Jan-08-08 02:22 AM   #5 
  - Excatly.  Mr_Monday   Jan-08-08 02:26 AM   #8 
  - And, that is precisely why the Dems have gotten stomped by the GOP  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 02:27 AM   #9 
     - Ask yourself  Mr_Monday   Jan-08-08 02:38 AM   #14 
     - Yes, the wishy washy don't want to rock the boat  cboy4   Jan-08-08 03:49 AM   #37 
  - Unfortunately, support for equal marriage is still viewed as political suicide  thecatburgler   Jan-08-08 02:25 AM   #7 
  - As I explained to you in the other thread (I think it was you)  origin1286   Jan-08-08 02:27 AM   #10 
  - No church HAS to marry gays -- but, they also need not be  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 02:32 AM   #11 
  - Political minefield  origin1286   Jan-08-08 02:35 AM   #12 
  - That's Bullshit  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 02:39 AM   #15 
     - Not necessarily  origin1286   Jan-08-08 02:42 AM   #17 
        - Yeah, that might be fine and dandy except  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 02:44 AM   #18 
           - Let me illustrate  origin1286   Jan-08-08 02:49 AM   #20 
              - And, so the completely lose their tax exempt status  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 02:52 AM   #21 
                 - But  origin1286   Jan-08-08 02:54 AM   #23 
                    - BS religion of any sort was never intended to be  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 02:57 AM   #24 
                       - But it is  origin1286   Jan-08-08 02:59 AM   #25 
                          - So you are saying because some UnConstitutional things  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 03:01 AM   #26 
                             - If it is not prohibited by the constiution...  origin1286   Jan-08-08 03:03 AM   #27 
                                - PROMOTING or PROHIBITING any Religion IS  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 03:17 AM   #30 
                                   - Exactly  origin1286   Jan-08-08 03:21 AM   #32 
                                      - None should be given tax exempt status  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 03:22 AM   #33 
                                         - I agree with you  origin1286   Jan-08-08 03:28 AM   #35 
  - Hang on just a second...  ingac70   Jan-08-08 03:18 AM   #31 
     - Fine, they want to descriminate -- let them give up their  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 03:26 AM   #34 
        - That is never going to happen...  ingac70   Jan-08-08 03:33 AM   #36 
  - but that's just silly  harmonicon   Jan-08-08 02:44 AM   #19 
  - No offense, but you've recited one of the false talking  cboy4   Jan-08-08 03:57 AM   #38 
  - In Real News: Guess where the head of HRC was/is, instead of NH?  Anouka   Jan-08-08 02:36 AM   #13 
  - I do know what you're talking about...  nothingtoofear   Jan-08-08 02:40 AM   #16 
  - the truth about gay marriage  musicblind   Jan-08-08 02:53 AM   #22 
  - From the parent of a gay son and his pastor  sjdnb   Jan-08-08 03:08 AM   #28 
  - They're spineless a$$holes who don't give a damn about us  BuffyTheFundieSlayer   Jan-08-08 03:15 AM   #29 
  - I just wish religion didn't get dragged into the debate.  Mythsaje   Jan-08-08 03:59 AM   #39 

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