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Reply #22: Rice is a shining example of the successes of the women's movement and civil rights movement. [View All]

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Captain_Nemo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jan-06-08 03:53 PM
Response to Reply #19
22. Rice is a shining example of the successes of the women's movement and civil rights movement.
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  -Looking for a discussion: Senator Clinton's defied odds in a sexist USA Captain_Nemo  Jan-06-08 03:16 PM   #0 
  - Sexist?  itsrobert   Jan-06-08 03:19 PM   #1 
  - did you read the 'shrill'  abburdlen   Jan-06-08 03:33 PM   #4 
  - Yes, this is why we need a female president. To break the male deadlock of US presidencies.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:34 PM   #6 
     - Get someone like Barbara Boxer, and she will get my vote!  calipendence   Jan-06-08 04:01 PM   #32 
        - Boxer's not running - if she were I would probably vote for her two.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 04:03 PM   #34 
           - Whether she's running or not is not the point...  calipendence   Jan-06-08 04:20 PM   #40 
  - A sexist USA we were prior to the women's liberation movement in the 60s. And, today  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:33 PM   #5 
  - Hah!  Sparkly   Jan-06-08 03:40 PM   #10 
     - The fact that you define something as sexist doesn't make it so. NT  TheWraith   Jan-06-08 03:41 PM   #11 
        - Ergo, there is no such thing as "sexist."  Sparkly   Jan-06-08 03:59 PM   #30 
  - I see things exactly as you have described.  Rock_Garden   Jan-06-08 03:27 PM   #2 
  - What's wrong with being sexy?  Nailzberg   Jan-06-08 03:30 PM   #3 
  - I totally agree with you. And I think that the amount of contempt  Evergreen Emerald   Jan-06-08 03:37 PM   #7 
  - We have further to go. I am stunned by the lack of support for her among women. I do  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:41 PM   #12 
  - Agree . I get a sardonic kick at a lot of Duers claiming to be progressive but trashing the female.  terisan   Jan-06-08 03:42 PM   #13 
  - Anita Hill - that was 1991 and not the 70s.  rosesaylavee   Jan-06-08 03:44 PM   #15 
  - you are correct. type-o  Evergreen Emerald   Jan-06-08 03:49 PM   #18 
     - Very fond of Professor Hill - and I remember that moment in time much  rosesaylavee   Jan-06-08 03:57 PM   #27 
        - Yes, But I also wonder, given the severity of our problems(climate, war,economy) people eschew  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 04:02 PM   #33 
           - I still am undecided but have to admit  rosesaylavee   Jan-06-08 04:27 PM   #42 
              - One can use the position as First Lady or ignore it. Clinton used it.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 05:12 PM   #45 
              - Now that is something of substance...  rosesaylavee   Jan-06-08 05:34 PM   #48 
                 - very much appreciated. Thank you.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 06:12 PM   #52 
              - McGovern endorsed her because of her experience:  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 05:22 PM   #47 
  - My "contempt" for her has everything to do with her war votes  enough already   Jan-06-08 03:55 PM   #24 
  - where is your contempt for Edwards, Biden, Dodd?  Evergreen Emerald   Jan-06-08 03:57 PM   #28 
  - Did they not learn from their previous mistake and vote in the same fashion on Iran?  calipendence   Jan-06-08 04:05 PM   #35 
     - I guess that is what happens when you listen to the spin and not the  Evergreen Emerald   Jan-06-08 04:06 PM   #37 
        - Yes, I was sifting out the SPIN of her trying to rationalize why she voted the way she did!  calipendence   Jan-06-08 04:24 PM   #41 
  - I don't play victim. and, contempt for Hillary goes beyond the vote. Its much deeper.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:58 PM   #29 
  - Your response is actually rooted in more emotion than fact.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:59 PM   #31 
  - Thank you, Dr. Phil  enough already   Jan-06-08 04:06 PM   #36 
     - Shrill, I would say.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 04:07 PM   #38 
  - "strike first" obama is a pacifist? nt  frankenforpres   Jan-07-08 09:01 AM   #68 
  - Damn Straight.  incapsulated   Jan-06-08 03:56 PM   #25 
  - Well, I'll say this  Harvey Korman   Jan-06-08 03:38 PM   #8 
  - Agreed.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:52 PM   #21 
  - She can basically be considered one of the top 3 most powerful women in the history of the US  ShaneGR   Jan-06-08 03:40 PM   #9 
  - How about Condolezza Rice? Looks like sometimes Republicans are the more progressive unfortunately.  terisan   Jan-06-08 03:51 PM   #19 
     - Rice is a shining example of the successes of the women's movement and civil rights movement.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:53 PM   #22 
  - Why do women have to support THIS woman to prove they are feminists?  Diane R   Jan-06-08 03:43 PM   #14 
  - The objection is to lack of discussion on issues and overabundance of personal attacks.nt  terisan   Jan-06-08 03:48 PM   #17 
  - Interesting. I am not saying that supporting her proves you are a feminist. I am saying  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:51 PM   #20 
  - My concerns are NOTHING personal. They are concerns about what she would do...  calipendence   Jan-06-08 04:11 PM   #39 
     - Look at Obama's contributors. Goldman Sachs gives him more money than they do Clinton. He will be be  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 04:55 PM   #44 
     - I'm not saying I'm FOR Obama either... I'm actually for Edwards for that reason too...  calipendence   Jan-06-08 07:35 PM   #54 
        - I can honestly say his closeness with religious righties and his religiousity make me uneasy as a  Captain_Nemo   Jan-07-08 12:43 AM   #61 
           - Pullease! Take off those rose colored glasses?  calipendence   Jan-07-08 08:37 AM   #65 
              - I took off the glasses and I found this:  Captain_Nemo   Jan-07-08 10:53 PM   #71 
     - Conerns me more: a candidate who has often blamed his staff for his mistakes and  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 05:14 PM   #46 
        - As I said, I'm not trying to defend Obama... Don't continue to deflect away Hillary's weaknesses!  calipendence   Jan-06-08 07:36 PM   #55 
           - I am repelled by his comfort with religious right and engaging in their male dominated language  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 10:24 PM   #56 
              - So, if you're repelled by that, then why aren't you repelled by this?  calipendence   Jan-07-08 08:35 AM   #64 
                 - Complete yellow journalism. Prove this one to me. actually, never mind. I'll verify it.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-07-08 10:55 PM   #72 
                    - Hey, PAY ATTENTION. I've said repeatedly I'm NOT an Obama supporter!  calipendence   Jan-07-08 11:07 PM   #74 
                       - Ok, fine. Then let's talk about original post. What do you think of that?  Captain_Nemo   Jan-07-08 11:17 PM   #75 
                          - I feel about her kind of like I feel about Condi Rice...  calipendence   Jan-08-08 12:04 AM   #76 
                             - I disagree  Captain_Nemo   Jan-08-08 02:42 AM   #77 
                                - Personally, I feel someone like Barbara Boxer is more qualified and desirable as a nominee...  calipendence   Jan-08-08 10:08 AM   #78 
  - Very well said n/t  enough already   Jan-06-08 03:56 PM   #26 
  - I am reminded that black men got the vote before women. Following DU has made me realize why.  terisan   Jan-06-08 03:47 PM   #16 
  - I think you nailed it. Bravo! n/t  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 03:54 PM   #23 
  - I agree. nm  Alamom   Jan-06-08 05:36 PM   #49 
  - Yep 60 years or so.  DemCam   Jan-06-08 05:49 PM   #51 
  - people forget how difficult it was for women to go to college, get a job, be treated with respect  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 10:25 PM   #57 
  - Because she's so high class  Mr_Monday   Jan-06-08 04:28 PM   #43 
  - Her biggest supporters are lower income voters and those in unions.  Beacool   Jan-07-08 01:06 AM   #63 
     - I'm talking about HRC, not her supporters. nt  Mr_Monday   Jan-07-08 05:19 PM   #69 
  - The All Boy's Club. It's very obvious.  Alamom   Jan-06-08 05:40 PM   #50 
  - It's time to break it up.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 06:13 PM   #53 
  - I would hate to think we are picking a candidate based on just gender.  Clanfear   Jan-06-08 10:29 PM   #58 
  - How is that the context when the post is about why the same level of analysis  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 10:49 PM   #59 
  - Maybe you should take a look at this.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-06-08 10:50 PM   #60 
  - Oh no, there's no sexism in this country.  Beacool   Jan-07-08 12:54 AM   #62 
  - I can't believe the sexism  seasonedblue   Jan-07-08 08:52 AM   #66 
  - Obama might beat her, but if he doesn't, the sexism will do her in. That much is obvious  mtnsnake   Jan-07-08 09:00 AM   #67 
  - It's sickening for every female in America - women and girls. This obama thing is cultish.  Captain_Nemo   Jan-07-08 10:56 PM   #73 
  - Because she wouldn't have a chance if she wasn't someone's wife  midlife_mo_Jo   Jan-07-08 05:24 PM   #70 

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