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Reply #41: Senators are not accountable for what Governors do unless you believe as Russert does. [View All]

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Maribelle Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-31-07 09:07 AM
Response to Reply #10
41. Senators are not accountable for what Governors do unless you believe as Russert does.
No even one of the 100 Senators have to take a stand on any of the 50 governors.

Russert merely attempted to play gotcha, and should be ashamed of his nasty behavior last night.
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  -The Reviews are in... Hillary WON the Debate Tellurian  Oct-31-07 07:45 AM   #0 
  - They tried ganging up on our Girl! ... and didn't lay a glove on her!  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 07:46 AM   #1 
  - The ferocity with which they relentlessly attacked Hillary last night was truly hilarious  Maribelle   Oct-31-07 09:22 AM   #43 
  - Why should we call Williams and Russert moderators?  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 09:36 AM   #45 
  - In order to have moderators you have to have a debate. That was no debate.  Maribelle   Oct-31-07 10:19 AM   #59 
  - "The gloves are now off."  desi   Oct-31-07 10:26 AM   #62 
     - I was tremendously disappointed in Edwards last night, as well,l and fully supported him once.  Maribelle   Oct-31-07 10:34 AM   #66 
        - Agreed..  desi   Oct-31-07 10:48 AM   #71 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-31-07 09:56 AM   #52 
  - Kudos for the Creative Writing lesson.  desi   Oct-31-07 10:42 AM   #68 
  - Actually the cut and paste job is excellent.  ronnykmarshall   Oct-31-07 12:44 PM   #86 
  - All the responses you are enamored with were about nuances...  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 10:43 AM   #69 
  - This poster is SPAMMING DU with this cut and paste post. I've seen it 4 times so far  cuke   Oct-31-07 11:54 AM   #78 
  - Don't forget that Tweety picked up where the "moderators"  desi   Oct-31-07 10:05 AM   #56 
     - Tweety tries too hard to make his views seem important, without regard to reality.  Maribelle   Oct-31-07 10:21 AM   #60 
  - Yes  DangerDave921   Oct-31-07 07:47 AM   #2 
  - Yes, I heard he answer, did you?  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 07:58 AM   # 
  - a bi-partisan commission  ccpup   Oct-31-07 07:58 AM   #9 
     - Gotcha  DangerDave921   Oct-31-07 08:54 AM   #37 
        - all of that is true  ccpup   Oct-31-07 09:01 AM   #39 
           - illegal aliens  DangerDave921   Oct-31-07 11:49 AM   #76 
  - But Tell, the others are saying she lost...oops, they always say she lost. My bad.  Alamom   Oct-31-07 07:51 AM   #3 
  - Oh yes...I read what rival supporters had to say in fantasyland..  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 08:15 AM   #22 
     - I wanted to ask about that, but didn't know if it was just me.....  Alamom   Oct-31-07 11:48 AM   #75 
  - Sure she did and bush won both elections because of "value voters"  Botany   Oct-31-07 07:51 AM   #4 
  - Russert attacked her--he is Cheney's mouthpiece  Evergreen Emerald   Oct-31-07 07:52 AM   #5 
  - Nope Russert held her accountable. She has a history of not answering Questions  Ethelk2044   Oct-31-07 07:58 AM   #10 
     - When will the others be held accountable? Not one of them has had to withstand such attacks  Evergreen Emerald   Oct-31-07 08:11 AM   #21 
     - No, you f'ed up as usual..  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 08:20 AM   #25 
     - Senators are not accountable for what Governors do unless you believe as Russert does.  Maribelle   Oct-31-07 09:07 AM   #41 
  - Bet you can indeed get your nuts out of hock over Hulk Hogan  0007   Oct-31-07 07:52 AM   #6 
  - If ABC News, Fox News and the National Review say so...  Cooley Hurd   Oct-31-07 07:56 AM   #7 
  - to be honest  Faye   Oct-31-07 08:00 AM   #13 
  - I haven't seen anything in print saying Obama did any better than his usual lackluster performance.  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 08:28 AM   #32 
     - Can't say for sure, but...  Cooley Hurd   Oct-31-07 08:59 AM   #38 
  - Try to spin all you want. Media has already said She Fucked UP  Ethelk2044   Oct-31-07 07:58 AM   #8 
  - but the OP quotes the media  wyldwolf   Oct-31-07 07:59 AM   #12 
  - The people saw with their own eyes. She fucked up. She is not able to make a decision  Ethelk2044   Oct-31-07 08:11 AM   #20 
     - So who has your log in today?  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 08:22 AM   #28 
     - You wish. The world saw her take your f ' and shove it up your own d' a'.  Maribelle   Oct-31-07 09:11 AM   #42 
     - Wow...I agree with that analysis......(No pun intended.) nm  Alamom   Oct-31-07 11:51 AM   #77 
     - your irrelevant reply aside, the OP quotes the media  wyldwolf   Oct-31-07 12:09 PM   #82 
  - It's amazing she DIDN'T fuck up much, with the way everyone came at her from all angles  mtnsnake   Oct-31-07 10:27 AM   #64 
  - Good. The MSM and all of their Bush worshiping cannot be believed.  Maribelle   Oct-31-07 10:39 AM   #67 
  - Funny how that just doesn't "fit"  LWolf   Oct-31-07 07:59 AM   #11 
  - The fact that you're having to stoop down to the level of the National Review to find support  MadHound   Oct-31-07 08:04 AM   #14 
  - Nope, Obama and Edwards were pathetic..  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 08:25 AM   #29 
     - The reviews said: "SHE CAME IN THE FRONTRUNNER AND LEFT AS THE FRONTRUNNER!"  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 08:31 AM   #33 
     - Did you watch the same debate as everyone else? Your analysis, as usual, is pathetic.  Dawgs   Oct-31-07 08:36 AM   #35 
  - She was in a word: Horrible.  bushisdirt   Oct-31-07 08:05 AM   #15 
  - On her most horrible day, which we've never seen, she can perform 100x better than you!  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 08:26 AM   #30 
  - That's funny.  flvegan   Oct-31-07 08:05 AM   #16 
  - She is so tied in w/ special interest groups /Dennis is the Truth!  april   Oct-31-07 08:07 AM   #17 
  - Unfortunately, we'll never know if Dennis is preparing for or returning from  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 09:43 AM   #47 
  - The Swifting of all Dems is in FULL SWING...From Hilliary, Rangle, Nancy, Reid, etc  opihimoimoi   Oct-31-07 08:07 AM   #18 
  - You Bet! Russert played his part well..  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 09:45 AM   #48 
  - wait just a minute--that is simply not true. Obama said the same thing she did  Evergreen Emerald   Oct-31-07 08:19 AM   #24 
  - None of those reviews say she won  BeyondGeography   Oct-31-07 08:17 AM   #23 
  - Yeah, she won that driver's license question hands down.  geek tragedy   Oct-31-07 08:20 AM   #26 
  - The drivers license question is not within the context of a future president's realm...  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 09:49 AM   #49 
  - I Will Never Support A Bush War Enabler - Period!  lostnotforgotten   Oct-31-07 08:21 AM   #27 
  - Where were you last night after the debate? Couldn't find your computer?  FlaxieB   Oct-31-07 08:27 AM   #31 
  - They had to wait for the damage control talking points from Mark Penn.  bvar22   Oct-31-07 12:00 PM   #80 
  - What a friggin' joke  zulchzulu   Oct-31-07 08:34 AM   #34 
  - I agree, Obama was a friggen joke..  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 09:57 AM   #53 
     - Clinton got spanked...  zulchzulu   Oct-31-07 10:22 AM   #61 
  - About the "debate"  malta blue   Oct-31-07 08:40 AM   #36 
  - I believe what they tell me!! Reviewers know whats best!!  Boxerfan   Oct-31-07 09:02 AM   #40 
  - Who in the hell can watch the facial contortions continuously of an opportunist  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 10:03 AM   #55 
  - Democrats and the MSM are letting the 2008 election  harun   Oct-31-07 09:27 AM   #44 
  - We still Don't know her position...  Froward69   Oct-31-07 09:36 AM   #46 
  - I only wish life was full of either yes or no answers, but that's not the case.  Maribelle   Oct-31-07 09:51 AM   #50 
  - Yes, you do..  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 09:54 AM   #51 
     - What it basically boils down to it is that illegal immigration  desi   Oct-31-07 10:18 AM   #58 
     - And they will blast her on it...  Froward69   Oct-31-07 10:29 AM   #65 
     - She said yes and no...  Froward69   Oct-31-07 10:27 AM   #63 
        - Wow!  Nedsdag   Oct-31-07 04:25 PM   #89 
  - Considering how she was attacked by the others...  AX10   Oct-31-07 10:00 AM   #54 
  - that's how I saw it too. n/t  CyberPieHole   Oct-31-07 12:13 PM   #84 
  - Please don't dash the Corporate media's hopes for a long-drawn-out "horserace".  oasis   Oct-31-07 10:11 AM   #57 
  - Hillary was extremely unlikeable, she made me want to plug my ears  Bread and Circus   Oct-31-07 10:44 AM   #70 
  - Democratic Debate in Philadelphia - Who was least honest  PollM   Oct-31-07 10:49 AM   #72 
  - Carl Cameron? Rich Lowry? Stretching there, aren't ya? Ha! Nuff said! nt  babylonsister   Oct-31-07 10:54 AM   #73 
  - LOL  Forkboy   Oct-31-07 11:40 AM   #74 
  - LOL  wyldwolf   Oct-31-07 11:55 AM   #79 
  - uh, you need to update Josh Marshall TPM  itsrobert   Oct-31-07 12:05 PM   #81 
  - It's not very "progressive" of you to think serious policy talk is a bad thing  cuke   Oct-31-07 06:53 PM   #91 
  - I don't know if she 'won' per se...  CyberPieHole   Oct-31-07 12:11 PM   #83 
  - I was wondering if the other candidates were even going to survive. It was scary.  Perry Logan   Oct-31-07 12:42 PM   #85 
  - Great News AFSCME Endorses Hillary:  Tellurian   Oct-31-07 01:20 PM   #87 
  - The MSM whores again assert their right to choose our candidate for us n/t  eridani   Oct-31-07 04:07 PM   #88 
  - Given that the entire night was "Bash Hillary Night, she did very well.  JoePhilly   Oct-31-07 07:13 PM   #92 
  - Anyone who thinks Hillary won was watching a different debate.  LeviathanCrumbling   Oct-31-07 07:21 PM   #93 
  - National Review?  DefenseLawyer   Oct-31-07 07:26 PM   #94 

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