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Reply #51: Hillary fought for it from the WH prodding her husband to support it: [View All]

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beachmom Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-07-07 12:24 AM
Response to Reply #5
51. Hillary fought for it from the WH prodding her husband to support it:

But one of the toughest political hurdles still lay ahead.

Republicans had to get Mr. Lott to bend and the Democrats had to prod the President into standing firm on the $24 billion figure and the cigarette tax.

Congressional aides said Mr. Hatch, Mr. Chafee and other Republican Senators, including Alfonse M. D'Amato of New York, had convinced Mr. Lott that the party would find itself in the kind of public relations thicket that had ensnarled House Republicans if they allowed Mr. Kennedy and other Democrats to hammer away at the issue.

Participants in the campaign for the health bill both on and off Capitol Hill said the First Lady had played a crucial behind-the-scenes role in lining up White House support.

But Mr. Clinton did not appear to move on the issue until a meeting at the White House on July 22 with an agitated Mr. Kennedy.

The next day in a ceremony on childhood immunizations, Mr. Clinton committed publicly to fight for the Senate plan with its higher spending for child health insurance.

Kerry wrote the original bill with Kennedy:

Not long before last fall's elections, Mr. Kennedy and John F. Kerry, the junior Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, introduced a bill that proposed paying for health insurance for uninsured children through a tobacco tax, a law that was already in place in their state.

Crazy as it may be, everyone is right. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were very good on this. Kennedy was KING on it.
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  -Ted Kennedy on Hillary's role in the creation of SCHIP... SaveElmer  Oct-06-07 06:28 PM   #0 
  - That quote is how many decades old?  IndianaGreen   Oct-06-07 06:30 PM   #1 
  - Why Are You Comparing A Quote That Seems To Be Prophetic To A Quote That Has Become A Target Of  DemocratSinceBirth   Oct-06-07 06:34 PM   #2 
  - The deification of Hillary includes giving her credit for all successes, whether deserved or not,  IndianaGreen   Oct-06-07 06:41 PM   #6 
     - "deification " ?? Idiocy at the DU knows no bounds  durrrty libby   Oct-06-07 06:47 PM   #15 
        - In the case of Indiana and her "insights"...  SaveElmer   Oct-06-07 06:53 PM   #19 
  - So you think Ted Kennedy is lying?...nt  SaveElmer   Oct-06-07 06:37 PM   #3 
  - No, Elmer. She is saying the quote is old.  Katzenkavalier   Oct-06-07 06:39 PM   #4 
  - What difference does it make how old it is...  SaveElmer   Oct-06-07 06:42 PM   #8 
     - I decree that anything a candidate has done more than... a year old? Two? Be null and void!  wyldwolf   Oct-06-07 06:59 PM   #26 
     - How old Hillary's statement is does make a big difference...  Just-plain-Kathy   Oct-06-07 09:34 PM   #50 
  - No, but that's what Ted said a long time ago. Kerry wrote the bill, not Hillary!  IndianaGreen   Oct-06-07 06:39 PM   #5 
  - So you are saying Ted Kennedy is lying then...  SaveElmer   Oct-06-07 06:43 PM   #10 
  - I said what I said, not what you are trying to spin n/t  IndianaGreen   Oct-06-07 06:45 PM   #12 
     - Man you can't even keep your own bullshit straight...  SaveElmer   Oct-06-07 06:47 PM   #16 
        - SCHIPS was part of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997  frazzled   Oct-06-07 06:58 PM   #25 
  - So you were a big Kerry supporter in 2004 !!!  Zandor   Oct-06-07 08:30 PM   #40 
  - Why are Hillary's supporters so insecure that they need to pull a quote  Mass   Oct-06-07 08:34 PM   #41 
     - Read posts 4 and 5  Zandor   Oct-06-07 08:39 PM   #44 
        - Well, the quote is old and out of any context.  Mass   Oct-06-07 08:46 PM   # 
  - Hillary fought for it from the WH prodding her husband to support it:  beachmom   Oct-07-07 12:24 AM   #51 
  - No - he was crediting her with pushing her husband to keep it  karynnj   Oct-07-07 12:53 AM   #54 
  - Does it's age make it any less accurate?  wlucinda   Oct-06-07 06:41 PM   #7 
     - "What have you done for me lately?" applies in politics as it does in interpersonal relations  IndianaGreen   Oct-06-07 06:43 PM   #9 
        - Not for me when in comes to electing a President  wlucinda   Oct-06-07 06:47 PM   #14 
  - Does that mean that Bill Clinton was against it? Because it is what the quote seems to imply?  Mass   Oct-06-07 06:44 PM   #11 
  - I am sure that Bill was distracted by other, more mundane matters.  IndianaGreen   Oct-06-07 06:46 PM   #13 
  - I was half joking, but apparently, I was right. Hillary convinced Bill.  Mass   Oct-06-07 06:51 PM   #17 
  - I firmly believe that as terrific as Bill was, she will be even better.  durrrty libby   Oct-06-07 06:56 PM   #21 
  - "our empty, shallow lives", Of course, speaking only for yourself  durrrty libby   Oct-06-07 06:53 PM   #18 
  - Don't you ever get tired of this monotony?  juajen   Oct-06-07 08:46 PM   #45 
  - Bill was the one that assigned Hillary to work on universal health insurance  Maribelle   Oct-06-07 06:55 PM   #20 
     - This is actually false, but if you want to rewrite history. The quote actually refers to the WH  Mass   Oct-06-07 06:58 PM   #24 
        - SCHIP was founded by Senator Ted Kennedy and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Maribelle   Oct-06-07 07:09 PM   #28 
           - Kennedy  ProSense   Oct-06-07 07:16 PM   #31 
           - I've heard there were even other democrats working on childrens health insurance as well.  Maribelle   Oct-06-07 07:28 PM   #36 
              - Precursor means just that, precursor. n/t  ProSense   Oct-06-07 07:31 PM   #39 
              - NYT confirms in this excellent article that Kerry/Kennedy was the bill that started it.  beachmom   Oct-07-07 12:36 AM   #53 
              - Read the NYT article from when S-CHIP passed  karynnj   Oct-07-07 01:04 AM   #56 
           - That sounds ceremonial to me. The bill originated from the Senate.  beachmom   Oct-07-07 12:33 AM   #52 
           - Wikipedia is suspect in that anyone can edit it  karynnj   Oct-07-07 01:01 AM   #55 
  - Hillary Clinton was President???  Debi   Oct-06-07 06:57 PM   #22 
  - Good for Hillary,  seasonedblue   Oct-06-07 06:58 PM   #23 
  - I don't think anyone is saying the hillary never did anything good, she  movonne   Oct-06-07 07:08 PM   #27 
  - Sure they are...constantly...for gods sake her laugh became a source...  SaveElmer   Oct-06-07 07:10 PM   #29 
  - but we love you anyway....  IndianaGreen   Oct-06-07 07:12 PM   #30 
  - And please let us know how Bill's website helped you. I'm pulling for you  durrrty libby   Oct-06-07 07:28 PM   #35 
  - Death of a thousand paper cuts?  Debi   Oct-06-07 07:17 PM   #32 
  - They call her a whore, come on. Democrats - or so it would seem.  Skip Intro   Oct-06-07 07:28 PM   #37 
  - Kennedy the driving force behind the program, and the former first lady's pressure was crucial  Maribelle   Oct-06-07 07:21 PM   #33 
  - Kennedy and Kerry speak on the floor, October 1, 1996  ProSense   Oct-06-07 07:27 PM   #34 
  - I do not think that we disagree with Maribelle. Hillary convinced her husband to support Kennedy's  Mass   Oct-06-07 07:31 PM   #38 
  - Yeah, right. I can hear it now:  ProudDad   Oct-06-07 08:39 PM   #43 
     - Wow So you are writing really lame slash fiction about the Clintons  durrrty libby   Oct-06-07 08:49 PM   #47 
     - I'd alert,, but it is so much better to see an ugly exposed  durrrty libby   Oct-06-07 08:53 PM   #48 
  - Yeah, right  ProudDad   Oct-06-07 08:37 PM   #42 
  - Here's what the Guardian has to say about the quote  dmr   Oct-06-07 08:47 PM   #46 
     - ...  ProudDad   Oct-06-07 08:53 PM   #49 
        - They were looking - But Kennedy  karynnj   Oct-07-07 01:13 AM   #57 

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