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Donna Zen Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-18-07 10:16 PM
Response to Original message
20. Plato's silver star
One of the things about Wes Clark that I found very difficult to resolve before I chose to support him, was why did he did he stay in the Army? His grades weren't a casual gift from West Point, he earned them. So why not take that Oxford masters in economics and go out make a fortune. And he was offered big money positions while he was working as a WHouse fellow.

The riddle was solved, at least for me, when I was reading a Clark biography. One of his classmates from the Point told the story of a philosophy class when high-powered cadets argued the value of Plato's stars. Most of the men held the position that it was the gold star, the star of the ruler, that was of the highest merit. But Clark said, "no." He maintained that it is the silver star, the star of service, that holds the greatest honor. He was probably 20 at the time, and it would seem that his belief that we all have a duty to give back is just part of who he is.

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  -Clark: "It's part of paying back what I think I owe the country." calteacherguy  Sep-18-07 06:26 PM   #0 
  - A guy who has his head on straight....  SaveElmer   Sep-18-07 06:30 PM   #1 
  - Yep. nt  calteacherguy   Sep-18-07 06:31 PM   #2 
  - He is a great American, with excellent taste in leaders  durrrty libby   Sep-18-07 06:40 PM   #3 
  - By my definition, Hillary doesn't just HAVE experience. Hillary IS experience.  Jackpine Radical   Sep-18-07 06:41 PM   #4 
  - I saw him tonight and what he said on Hillary concerned me a great deal.  illinoisprogressive   Sep-18-07 06:48 PM   #5 
  - You need to define "stay in Iraq and maybe even Iran."  calteacherguy   Sep-18-07 06:53 PM   #6 
  - I hope that's not true.  Benhurst   Sep-18-07 06:56 PM   #7 
  - I don't know even what the poster means by the comment.  calteacherguy   Sep-18-07 06:58 PM   #8 
     - Illprog is prone to making shit up. Pay no attention  durrrty libby   Sep-18-07 07:22 PM   #10 
        - No, Illprog didn't make it up.....he just didn't go beyond a specific soundbyte.....  FrenchieCat   Sep-18-07 07:42 PM   #11 
        - I'll need to watch the interview later to get the context. nt  calteacherguy   Sep-18-07 07:49 PM   #15 
  - You are not Tucker, and you need to listen to all that Clark is saying......  FrenchieCat   Sep-18-07 07:15 PM   #9 
  - It's amazing he thinks he owes the country anything.  Sparkly   Sep-18-07 07:43 PM   #12 
  - So it's payback time ...  Everybody   Sep-18-07 07:44 PM   #13 
  - Huh?  Sparkly   Sep-18-07 07:45 PM   #14 
  - Wes was good for the Clintons,  seasonedblue   Sep-18-07 08:00 PM   #16 
  - Let's check a few facts:  Donna Zen   Sep-18-07 09:57 PM   #18 
  - What are his "preconditions"?  jcrew2001   Sep-18-07 08:21 PM   #17 
  - It had to do with organization and money.......  FrenchieCat   Sep-18-07 10:29 PM   #22 
     - Damn...I bet if he announced he was running...a lot of money would have  Auntie Bush   Sep-18-07 10:59 PM   #24 
  - Remember McArthur's Exit line, General Clark.  Steve_in_California   Sep-18-07 10:02 PM   #19 
  - Do you remember this line?  FrenchieCat   Sep-18-07 10:26 PM   #21 
  - I hate you!  Auntie Bush   Sep-18-07 11:02 PM   #25 
  - Plato's silver star  Donna Zen   Sep-18-07 10:16 PM   #20 
  - Thanks for that post Donna Z  Auntie Bush   Sep-18-07 11:09 PM   #27 
  - You want to hear my advice?  Donna Zen   Sep-18-07 11:23 PM   #28 
     - Why? I'd like to hear your advice , although you're probably right  Auntie Bush   Sep-18-07 11:31 PM   #29 
     - That's how I feel too Donna,  seasonedblue   Sep-18-07 11:33 PM   #31 
  - Great Story. Thanks for sharing that, Donna. nt  calteacherguy   Sep-18-07 11:34 PM   #32 
  - Please tell me why General Clark owes this country anything.  Auntie Bush   Sep-18-07 10:52 PM   #23 
  - Putting the Clintons back in the White House is NOT what this country needs!  IndianaGreen   Sep-18-07 11:04 PM   #26 
  - Look, Clark wants to have the greatest possible influence on policy going forward.  calteacherguy   Sep-18-07 11:32 PM   #30 
  - While I still hold out slim hope Gore might run  Tom Rinaldo   Sep-19-07 06:47 AM   #33 
     - My guess is that Gore will endorse Edwards  Apollo11   Sep-19-07 07:40 AM   #36 
     - Clark is trying to help the Democrats "keep their eyes on the prize"  IanC   Sep-20-07 04:09 AM   #37 
  - Yep, her good judgment helped to get us into this war. REAL GOOD JUDGMENT  Ethelk2044   Sep-19-07 06:55 AM   #34 
  - "boy does she have experience"  Apollo11   Sep-19-07 07:32 AM   #35 

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