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Reply #21: Smears are smears and must be fought against nt [View All]

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draft_mario_cuomo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-30-07 04:30 PM
Response to Reply #20
21. Smears are smears and must be fought against nt
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  -NH: Clinton 37% (+6), Obama 17% (-14), Edwards 14% (e), Richardson 7% (e). HRC breaks tie with BO draft_mario_cuomo  Aug-30-07 01:27 PM   #0 
  - Too bad. At least he tried.  Kagemusha   Aug-30-07 01:32 PM   #1 
  - It is too early to write BO off. Look at JE. He looked dead 2-3 months ago  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-30-07 01:45 PM   #2 
     - What the hell are you smoking? I've never advocated for Obama.  Kagemusha   Aug-30-07 01:51 PM   #3 
        - I assumed you did given your dismay and Obama's big drop in NH  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-30-07 01:57 PM   #4 
  - I am not surprised at the Obama drops, but the huge downward  durrrty libby   Aug-30-07 02:40 PM   #5 
  - Same here. It seems he has really fallen since the Youtube debate and the attacks on HRC  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-30-07 03:34 PM   #6 
  - Do you have a link to this poll?  WesDem   Aug-30-07 03:46 PM   #7 
  - if you were truly interested in it you would easily google it nt  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-30-07 03:49 PM   #8 
  - It's an ARG poll - here's the link  Debi   Aug-30-07 03:52 PM   #10 
     - Thank you, Debi  WesDem   Aug-30-07 03:54 PM   #11 
     - It's only appropriate to provide the link to a poll or article when writing about it  Debi   Aug-30-07 04:08 PM   #15 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-30-07 03:56 PM   #12 
        - You're calling *me* a scumbag?  WesDem   Aug-30-07 03:59 PM   #13 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-30-07 04:09 PM   #16 
        - A simple act of kindness is not difficult to perform  Debi   Aug-30-07 04:07 PM   #14 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-30-07 04:10 PM   #17 
              - Why don't you just put the person on Ignore and try to enjoy being here at DU?  Debi   Aug-30-07 04:24 PM   #18 
                 - I am not John Kerry. When I get swiftboated I respond  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-30-07 04:25 PM   #19 
                    - Oh, Jesus - are you really trying to compare someone being disagreeable on a  Debi   Aug-30-07 04:28 PM   #20 
                       - Smears are smears and must be fought against nt  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-30-07 04:30 PM   #21 
                          - No they don't - you are just looking for a fight  Debi   Aug-30-07 04:36 PM   #22 
                             - The other poster continuned the smear several times in another thread  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-30-07 05:06 PM   #23 
  - This suggests Edwards would win Iowa and finish a very strong second in New Hampshire, too:  Tejanocrat   Aug-30-07 03:51 PM   #9 
  - If Edwards wins Iowa all beats are off he will get a bounce going into NH  bigdarryl   Aug-30-07 05:08 PM   #24 
  - This only proves that things change.  robcon   Aug-30-07 06:01 PM   #25 

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