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Reply #27: Okay, granted I guess, but Kucinich, at least, has been against this war from the beginning. [View All]

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Totally Committed Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-29-07 01:54 PM
Response to Reply #21
27. Okay, granted I guess, but Kucinich, at least, has been against this war from the beginning.
And, he has never strayed from that, as far as I can see AND he has a vote. At least his call for a cutoff of funds is genuine.


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  -So far, Kucinich, Clark and Edwards have advocated cutting off funds for Iraq Totally Committed  Aug-29-07 12:18 PM   #0 
  - Doesn't it bother Obama, Clinton, supporters that they never will?  GreenTea   Aug-29-07 12:24 PM   #1 
  - i don't think so  redqueen   Aug-29-07 12:25 PM   #2 
  - Clinton and Obama voted 'no' on the last supplemental  ripple   Aug-29-07 12:25 PM   #3 
     - Let's see either one stand up and say no more fucking money for this war EVER!!!  GreenTea   Aug-29-07 12:27 PM   #4 
     - Again, they both voted 'no' on the supplemental  ripple   Aug-29-07 12:38 PM   #7 
        - Yeah, after they waited to find out their vote wouldn't matter.  bjobotts   Aug-30-07 01:28 AM   #46 
        - Its important to SAY something  sampsonblk   Aug-30-07 03:00 PM   #50 
     - Are they going to take a stand on this and lead or quietly vote at the last minute?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-29-07 01:22 PM   #14 
     - They didn't REALLY vote no.  bvar22   Aug-29-07 04:59 PM   #33 
     - right. just as soon as it was safe to vote no.  frylock   Aug-29-07 05:59 PM   #37 
  - In fairness, Clark and Edwards aren't in a position to cast a vote  ripple   Aug-29-07 12:35 PM   #5 
  - But, they put themselves out there with an opinion.  Totally Committed   Aug-29-07 12:37 PM   #6 
  - I respect that, but I think it's more gutsy when one has constituents to answer to n/t  ripple   Aug-29-07 12:41 PM   #8 
  - So "Mr. Judgment" needs to take the pulse (polls) of Illinois before deciding to finance the war?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-29-07 01:25 PM   #16 
  - TC, I don't thinks it takes guts to say what voters want to hear.  Just-plain-Kathy   Aug-29-07 01:33 PM   #21 
     - So you think Clobama are silent for fun? Or is it because coming out for this is politically risky?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-29-07 01:38 PM   #23 
     - Edwards knows all about jumping on the bandwagon ....  AtomicKitten   Aug-29-07 01:46 PM   #25 
     - self-delete (dupe)  AtomicKitten   Aug-29-07 01:49 PM   #26 
     - "Clobama"? Was that supposed to be part of a serious response?  Bucky   Aug-29-07 05:04 PM   #35 
     - Its not Politically risky.  bvar22   Aug-29-07 05:04 PM   #36 
        - I would love it if Congress allocated the $50 billion to ---  AtomicKitten   Aug-29-07 08:35 PM   #40 
     - Okay, granted I guess, but Kucinich, at least, has been against this war from the beginning.  Totally Committed   Aug-29-07 01:54 PM   #27 
  - What a bullshit cover & excuses for these corporate fucks!-What a Rove tactic point the finger  GreenTea   Aug-29-07 12:49 PM   #11 
  - Actually, Clark's been asked several times of Congress to  Clark2008   Aug-29-07 12:59 PM   #12 
  - Clark also said he "probably" would have voted for the IWR and then switched the next day nt  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-29-07 01:26 PM   #18 
     - and Edwards and Hillary ACTUALLY voted for the IWR  AtomicKitten   Aug-29-07 01:36 PM   #22 
  - Conversely, when Obama has had a vote he has voted with Clinton every time on Iraq  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-29-07 01:23 PM   #15 
  - Obama opposed the invasion of Iraq as far back as 2002.  AtomicKitten   Aug-29-07 01:31 PM   #20 
  - I dunno, ripple  WesDem   Aug-29-07 04:04 PM   #31 
  - I don't know why I should support a candidate who...  polichick   Aug-29-07 12:42 PM   #9 
  - Exactly.  Totally Committed   Aug-29-07 12:44 PM   #10 
  - funding is a REALLY dicey call  AtomicKitten   Aug-29-07 01:13 PM   #13 
  - I will NOT vote for ANYONE who voted for the IWR...  Just-plain-Kathy   Aug-29-07 01:26 PM   #17 
  - word  AtomicKitten   Aug-29-07 01:27 PM   #19 
  - So you are voting for Kucinich by default nt  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-29-07 01:38 PM   #24 
  - y & n  mikelgb   Aug-29-07 03:01 PM   #28 
  - Where Does Edwards Advocate Cutting Off Funding  ludwigb   Aug-29-07 03:32 PM   #29 
  - I saw this thread earlier:  Totally Committed   Aug-29-07 04:52 PM   #32 
     - You misread it; He does not advocate cutting off funds  maximusveritas   Aug-29-07 06:12 PM   #38 
     - That's Not Quite Cutting Off Funding  ludwigb   Aug-29-07 06:28 PM   #39 
  - Yes and no in the primary.  Rainbowreflect   Aug-29-07 03:37 PM   #30 
  - After the nomination I will support whoever the fuck the party tells me to support  Bucky   Aug-29-07 05:02 PM   #34 
  - I definitely can live with --  AtomicKitten   Aug-29-07 08:50 PM   #41 
  - Food for thought...  slipslidingaway   Aug-29-07 11:47 PM   #43 
     - I think the reluctance to pursue this further --  AtomicKitten   Aug-30-07 12:13 AM   #44 
        - Sorry you do not see how NOT holding people accountable  slipslidingaway   Aug-30-07 01:19 AM   #45 
           - How you construe my response --  AtomicKitten   Aug-30-07 08:10 AM   #48 
              - I see you edited the middle paragraph after I had opened my  slipslidingaway   Aug-30-07 02:49 PM   #49 
  - "Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable,  greyhound1966   Aug-30-07 01:35 AM   #47 
  - I am not going to tie my vote for president to one decision. There  MasonJar   Aug-29-07 08:57 PM   #42 

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