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Reply #105: He did vote NO, but some people live in a parallel [View All]

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zulchzulu Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-27-07 04:51 PM
Response to Reply #63
105. He did vote NO, but some people live in a parallel their universe, he voted YES.


:think: :think: :think: :think: :think:
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  -Obama was thinking about voting for Roberts until told of political consequences of doing so draft_mario_cuomo  Aug-27-07 09:32 AM   #0 
  - He sought good advise, he got it, and he took it..  hlthe2b   Aug-27-07 09:43 AM   #1 
  - It was a scandalous thought  silverlib   Aug-27-07 09:46 AM   #4 
  - So politics overrules his judgement  iconocrastic   Aug-27-07 11:12 AM   #33 
  - He voted based on political reasons yet claims he has the best "judgment"  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 09:49 AM   #5 
  - LOL! A half year old editorial housed on a conservative website...  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 10:16 AM   #10 
  - You obviously are having trouble dealing with the "New politics."  Benhurst   Aug-27-07 10:25 AM   #13 
  - whoops wrong thread-delete nt  fed-up   Aug-27-07 10:44 AM   #26 
  - Obama has always been far too moderate-conserative for my taste!!  GreenTea   Aug-27-07 09:45 AM   #2 
  - Gee if Hillary did that Obama supporters would be boucing up  Bitwit1234   Aug-27-07 09:45 AM   #3 
  - Smart move by Obama.  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 09:53 AM   #6 
  - Judgment=voting based on political calculation? If he was told to vote for JR he would have!  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 09:55 AM   #7 
     - Judgment = he did the right thing.  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 10:06 AM   #8 
        - He only did so for political reasons. That is political calculation, not "judgment" nt  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:31 AM   #16 
           - The article did not say he did it ONLY for political reasons  never cry wolf   Aug-27-07 01:03 PM   #61 
  - The fox and the scorpion.  wyldwolf   Aug-27-07 10:12 AM   #9 
  - Of course, John Edwards *did* vote for Roberts in 2003  WesDem   Aug-27-07 10:16 AM   #11 
  - Oh, Man! Here are two Committee votes by Edwards in support of the Hon. Roberts.  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 10:20 AM   #12 
  - "he Senate confirmed Roberts to his seat on the D.C. Circuit by unanimous consent"  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:30 AM   #15 
     - Obama voted NO on Roberts in his only opportunity to do so. Edwards twice voted YES on Roberts.  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 10:37 AM   #20 
     - As did 99 other senators. What changed from 2003 and 2005 on Roberts?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:39 AM   #23 
        - Proving yet again Edwards doesn't have the courage to lead.  returnable   Aug-27-07 11:22 AM   #34 
           - The same reason Feingold did not vote against Roberts  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 11:24 AM   #35 
              - Oh, so if Feingold does it, it's OK?  returnable   Aug-27-07 11:33 AM   #38 
                 - You don't understand the difference between lower court appointments and SCOTUS appointments  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 11:41 AM   #40 
                    - I understand the diffference. And I also know spin when I see it.  returnable   Aug-27-07 11:48 AM   #42 
                       - You don't understand the story is Obama cast his vote due to political reasons, not "judgment"?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 11:59 AM   #46 
                          - So when "Edwards voted incorrectly in committee", was it for political reasons...  returnable   Aug-27-07 12:35 PM   #55 
                             - Who knows but we know it wasn't for political reasons because no one cared about JR in 2003  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 12:52 PM   #57 
     - After looking all the way down this page, not interested in participating.  robinlynne   Aug-27-07 04:05 PM   #98 
  - I won't hold my breath waiting for you to mention how nominations for lower courts work  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:28 AM   #14 
  - Obama is supposed to be the candidate of change yet  Lirwin2   Aug-27-07 10:32 AM   #17 
  - Funny isn't it? They even do so when they have to conflate two very different votes  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:37 AM   #21 
  - I don't have a candidate (I repeat) and you do  WesDem   Aug-27-07 10:39 AM   #22 
     - What percentage of lower court nominations are opposed? What % are confirmed?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:43 AM   #25 
        - I'm a "de facto Obama supporter"?  WesDem   Aug-27-07 10:53 AM   #30 
           - Have you ever criticized his dozens of votes for right-wing justices?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 11:00 AM   #31 
              - Indeed I have criticized Obama on his judiciary votes  WesDem   Aug-27-07 11:05 AM   #32 
  - Don't do that! You'll make the OP's head explode....  zulchzulu   Aug-27-07 10:32 AM   #18 
  - You evidently don't know how lower court appointments work  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:34 AM   #19 
     - Explain this...  zulchzulu   Aug-27-07 10:41 AM   #24 
        - What was the final vote on him? Ask Obama, who has voted for dozens of right-wingers  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:45 AM   #27 
           - Dude, you are exposed and OUT OF AMMO  zulchzulu   Aug-27-07 10:49 AM   #28 
              - Only among those ignorant on the subject  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 10:52 AM   #29 
                 - Explain your support for Edwards despite his vote for Roberts  zulchzulu   Aug-27-07 11:25 AM   #36 
                    - The same reason you support Obama despite his votes for all of these right-wingers for lower courts  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 11:30 AM   #37 
                       - Point is, Edwards had two opportunities to vote against Roberts IN COMMITTEE and failed to do so  returnable   Aug-27-07 11:45 AM   #41 
                       - Durbin, Kennedy, and Schumer all voted for him on the Senate floor  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 11:55 AM   #45 
                       - Do you have a link for that list?  zulchzulu   Aug-27-07 11:54 AM   #43 
                          - They are all Bush appointees. Do you think Bush appointed liberals?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 12:00 PM   #47 
                             - Edwards voted for these right wing judges.......when he showed up to the committee to vote.....  FrenchieCat   Aug-27-07 01:03 PM   #62 
                                - Of course he did. Remember, he was a self-described "Centrist" and chummed  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 01:06 PM   #65 
                                - Ideology has little do with with the 200+ year record on confirming lower court judges  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:14 PM   #69 
                                - As he should have. How many of those were confirmed unamiously?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:13 PM   #68 
                                   - Your response on Edwards that he confirmed them....."as he should have".........smells......  FrenchieCat   Aug-27-07 01:21 PM   #79 
                                      - 99.999% of lower court judges are confirmed unanimously  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:23 PM   #82 
                                         - I don't really need to "provide" you with anything, considering that this is an "attack" OP,  FrenchieCat   Aug-27-07 01:50 PM   #87 
                                         - You apparently have no clue how lower court appointments work  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:58 PM   #90 
                                         - You apparently have no clue as to how an "attack" op works.......  FrenchieCat   Aug-27-07 02:09 PM   #95 
                                            - I don't need to teach judicial appointments 101  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 02:11 PM   #96 
                                            - Why do you think BO voted for the egregious Priscilla Owen?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 05:06 PM   #106 
                                         - Here's the link he had in mind  zulchzulu   Aug-27-07 04:49 PM   #103 
                                         - The vote wasn't unanimous in committee...  returnable   Aug-27-07 01:56 PM   #89 
                                         - It was unanimous when it counted on the senate floor. Why?  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 02:01 PM   #91 
                                            - The question to ask is why did SOME, but not John, vote against him in committee?  returnable   Aug-27-07 02:13 PM   #97 
                                               - Only Kennedy and Durbin voted against him the second time  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 04:33 PM   #100 
                                         - So your beef about Obama's lower court votes and how they are usually...  zulchzulu   Aug-27-07 04:47 PM   #102 
  - bwahahahahha  Scriptor Ignotus   Aug-27-07 01:31 PM   #85 
  - Not exactly. Only if you missed the real story in the OP and don't understand the Senate/courts  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:33 PM   #86 
  - Isn't that an apples/oranges sort of thing  LittleClarkie   Aug-27-07 01:55 PM   #88 
     - They seem to think there will never be a Democratic president  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 02:06 PM   #93 
  - Only DMC would slam Obama for NOT voting for Roberts ---  AtomicKitten   Aug-27-07 11:36 AM   #39 
  - I don't know AK,  seasonedblue   Aug-27-07 12:01 PM   #48 
  - Read the thread for the answer  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 12:04 PM   #49 
  - So you're saying that Edwards voted his conscience  seasonedblue   Aug-27-07 12:13 PM   #51 
  - He voted for a lower ct. appointment for the same reasons senators have been doing so for 200+ years  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 12:23 PM   #54 
  - So why then did Edwards vote YES on Roberts TWICE?  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 01:08 PM   #66 
     - Senate tradition. The same reason 90+ senators did and 0 voted against him  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:16 PM   #72 
        - So you stand by your criticism of Obama for voting NO on Roberts while Edwards voted YES TWICE.  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 01:19 PM   #75 
  - I think my personal favorite was when he --  AtomicKitten   Aug-27-07 12:07 PM   #50 
     - It's breathtaking ROFLMAO  seasonedblue   Aug-27-07 12:15 PM   #52 
     - Or his persistent baseless smears against Obama for being DLC...only that he isn't...  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 01:10 PM   #67 
        - he's a sloppy provocateur --  AtomicKitten   Aug-27-07 01:15 PM   #70 
        - Giving money to 72% of the Senate DLC is not a "smear". The DLC is part of the party nt  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:17 PM   #73 
  - Edwards YES twice on Roberts.  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 01:01 PM   #60 
  - shit. How could he even consider voting for Roberts. We all knew what that  robinlynne   Aug-27-07 11:55 AM   #44 
  - Obama voted AGAINST Roberts.  AtomicKitten   Aug-27-07 12:15 PM   #53 
  - yes I do. And I understand that his inclination was to vote for him, but a poltical  robinlynne   Aug-27-07 12:47 PM   #56 
     - fwiw  AtomicKitten   Aug-27-07 12:59 PM   #58 
        - He licks his finger to see which way the wind is blowing. NT  William769   Aug-27-07 01:01 PM   #59 
           - Obama does his homework.  AtomicKitten   Aug-27-07 01:05 PM   #64 
           - He's a bot - needs people to tell him what to do. Think he'll hire Bob Shrum?  wyldwolf   Aug-27-07 01:16 PM   #71 
              - Lame. (nt)  AtomicKitten   Aug-27-07 01:18 PM   #74 
              - LOL!  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 01:20 PM   #77 
              - Projection? When have the Clintons ever enlisted Bob Shrum?  wyldwolf   Aug-27-07 01:24 PM   #83 
                 - Wasn't Shrum Bill's speechwriter for years?  WesDem   Aug-27-07 04:39 PM   #101 
              - WW, can you tell us whether 99.99999% of Clinton appointees to lower courts sailed through...  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:21 PM   #78 
                 - I recall Al Franken repeatedly making the point the GOP held up Clinton appoitees.  wyldwolf   Aug-27-07 01:23 PM   #81 
                    - That is part of the story. Once a judge gets a vote he/she easily gets confirmed  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:26 PM   #84 
  - Bullshit. Obama exercised good judgment...and voted NO.  jefferson_dem   Aug-27-07 01:05 PM   #63 
     - He exercised political calculation--exactly what he is marketed as being above  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 01:19 PM   #76 
     - the opposite of good judgment is Hill's & Edwards' YES votes on the IWR  AtomicKitten   Aug-27-07 01:22 PM   #80 
     - They ALL exercise political calculation, to some degree. They are POLITICIANS! In the end,  wienerdoggie   Aug-27-07 02:05 PM   #92 
        - Exactly--but he is falsley marketed as being above this nt  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 02:08 PM   #94 
           - I have 2 simple questions for you  Bodhi BloodWave   Aug-27-07 04:16 PM   #99 
     - He did vote NO, but some people live in a parallel  zulchzulu   Aug-27-07 04:51 PM   #105 
  - I don't get your reasoning.  Lord Helmet   Aug-27-07 04:50 PM   #104 
     - Lay off the bong and then I'll explain it to you  draft_mario_cuomo   Aug-27-07 05:08 PM   #107 
        - In your twisted opinion Sean!  rufus dog   Aug-27-07 05:11 PM   #108 

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