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Reply #55: ah, yes. Some of that famous "progressive" personal attacking. [View All]

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wyldwolf Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-16-07 01:09 PM
Response to Reply #46
55. ah, yes. Some of that famous "progressive" personal attacking.
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  -I have a suggestion for an anti-Hillary DU group wyldwolf  Aug-16-07 11:19 AM   #0 
  - If someone wants to trash Democrats, let them go to Free Republic or Hannity Forums.  Katzenkavalier   Aug-16-07 11:20 AM   #1 
  - well, they do it here, anyway. Might as well give them their own forum in the back  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:23 AM   #7 
  - People over here need to get their priorities straight.  Katzenkavalier   Aug-16-07 11:24 AM   #12 
  - Exactly. I like all the candidates in some way. Though I'm waiting for Clark...nt  MookieWilson   Aug-16-07 11:23 AM   #8 
  - Hillary is a Dem?!?! News to me.  CTD   Aug-16-07 12:44 PM   #45 
     - Shhh....don't tell her corporate donors  jgraz   Aug-16-07 03:00 PM   #61 
  - yes let's put that discussion in another part of the dungeon where no one will see it  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 11:21 AM   #2 
  - no, no! I said you could still post that discussion anywhere... but you'd have to deal with dissent  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:24 AM   #10 
     - But we need to deal with dissent  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 11:30 AM   #21 
     - no, the Hillary bashers don't want to deal with dissent.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:37 AM   #23 
        - could you give me an example?  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 11:45 AM   #27 
        - there was an example in the OP - but the post was deleted.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:54 AM   #30 
           - If you only have ONE example then it seems you don't have a problem  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 12:00 PM   #35 
              - you only asked for one example. But regardless, it was the one I finally decided to address.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 12:06 PM   #39 
                 - How am I supposed to understand what you are talking about  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 12:16 PM   #43 
                    - sorry, the accusations of "paid Hillarybots" and "hillary thugs" don't stay around for long.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 01:06 PM   #51 
                       - well then you don't have anything to worry about, right?  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 01:09 PM   #56 
                          - who said I was worried...?  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 01:19 PM   #58 
        - are you all including those of us with principled objections bashers  roguevalley   Aug-16-07 01:41 PM   #59 
     - I suspect we're all happy with the present situation, or we would have brought the  The Backlash Cometh   Aug-16-07 01:08 PM   #53 
  - As in group therapy? to help people deal...etc.?  Nimrod2005   Aug-16-07 11:21 AM   #3 
  - You've got to be kidding  ellacott   Aug-16-07 11:22 AM   #4 
  - I kid you not.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:25 AM   #13 
     - As I said, your bias is showing n/t  ellacott   Aug-16-07 11:27 AM   #17 
  - They will lock it before you get 10  lazer47   Aug-16-07 11:22 AM   #5 
  - What would happen to said group if Bill starts cheating again? nt.  IndianaJones   Aug-16-07 11:23 AM   #6 
  - I'll go you one better  JeffR   Aug-16-07 11:24 AM   #9 
  - Yes, lets cut off the debate and just crown her Queen Hillary right now!  Peregrine Took   Aug-16-07 11:24 AM   #11 
  - care to show where I suggested "cutting off the debate?"  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:25 AM   #14 
  - Why would I worry about HRC thugs?  Bornaginhooligan   Aug-16-07 11:26 AM   #15 
  - I'd like to start an anti-Dodd group.  SteppingRazor   Aug-16-07 11:26 AM   # 
  - Does that make you an Anti-Doddite?...nt  SaveElmer   Aug-16-07 11:28 AM   #19 
  - Absolutely! Why, just think how awful it would be...  SteppingRazor   Aug-16-07 11:37 AM   #24 
  - Course any support here for him would be a Doddity...nt  SaveElmer   Aug-16-07 11:29 AM   #20 
  - how about a im not voting for the democratic party nominee group?? nt  msongs   Aug-16-07 11:26 AM   #16 
  - c'mon! It's a sweet deal! Not only could you bash her ANYWHERE on DU... but for those sensitive...  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:28 AM   #18 
  - It seems to me YOU'RE the one that is too sensitive  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 11:31 AM   #22 
     - nah, I'm just trying to help the haters out.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:38 AM   #25 
        - Physician heal thyself  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 11:45 AM   #26 
        - instead of paying attention, you're going for the cute lines.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 11:55 AM   #31 
           - paying attention?  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 11:59 AM   #33 
              - yeah... paying attention. As in reading the the thread instead of reacting to one post in it.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 12:07 PM   #40 
                 - I am reacting to YOU'RE OP  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 12:14 PM   #42 
                    - no, actually, you're reacting to my post 18. But "context" in a thread does matter.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 01:07 PM   #52 
        - It doesn't come across  H2O Man   Aug-16-07 01:04 PM   #50 
  - What a waste of time.  asjr   Aug-16-07 11:51 AM   #28 
  - I applaud your compassion...kind of an online halfway house..  SaveElmer   Aug-16-07 11:54 AM   #29 
  - ## PLEASE DONATE TO DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND! ##  DU GrovelBot   Aug-16-07 11:55 AM   #32 
  - The pro-Hillary posters are so few, it wouid hardly seem worth the trouble. n/t  billyoc   Aug-16-07 12:00 PM   #34 
  - :)  seemslikeadream   Aug-16-07 12:01 PM   #36 
  - pathetic flamebait hackery...  dionysus   Aug-16-07 12:03 PM   #37 
  - Sorry not interested  knight_of_the_star   Aug-16-07 12:04 PM   #38 
  - This is fucking right wing bullshit. You might as well be on Faux News.  meowomon   Aug-16-07 12:09 PM   #41 
  - oooh... leftwing reactionary bullshit...  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 01:11 PM   #57 
  - I have a suggestion for Hillary--start acting like a Democrat  rudy23   Aug-16-07 12:37 PM   #44 
  - How's about we start a group for pathetic, attention-seeking trolls?  jgraz   Aug-16-07 12:46 PM   #46 
  - ah, yes. Some of that famous "progressive" personal attacking.  wyldwolf   Aug-16-07 01:09 PM   #55 
     - Take it personally if you want (and I'm sure you do) but your OP is pure flame-bait.  jgraz   Aug-16-07 03:00 PM   #60 
  - Wouldn't that be the same as the thread you're in?  Dawgs   Aug-16-07 12:47 PM   #47 
  - Great idea  jgraz   Aug-16-07 12:49 PM   #48 
  - There are more than that and you know it.  William769   Aug-16-07 01:09 PM   #54 
  - Hmm...  Hardhead   Aug-16-07 12:50 PM   #49 
  - I'm locking this thread  proud patriot   Aug-16-07 03:11 PM   #62 

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