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Reply #7: I really don't understand why he's so opposed to impeachment. [View All]

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Old and In the Way Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-18-07 01:40 PM
Response to Original message
7. I really don't understand why he's so opposed to impeachment.
He strikes me as a pretty straight shooter who has dared to be outspoken on a lot of issues in the past few years. His position against impeachment doesn't seem consistent with his reputation.
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  -Russ Feingold Supported Clinton Impeachment process, doesn't support it for Bush. wyldwolf  Jul-18-07 01:17 PM   #0 
  - Unfuckingbelievable.  aquart   Jul-18-07 01:20 PM   #1 
  - I'd actually cheer it if it were...  Cooley Hurd   Jul-18-07 01:22 PM   #3 
     - ROFL  racaulk   Jul-19-07 01:32 PM   #18 
  - That solves it - he's a republican deep-cover mole...  Cooley Hurd   Jul-18-07 01:21 PM   #2 
  - This makes me think that taking impeachment "off the table" is a top-down decision from above  rudy23   Jul-18-07 01:22 PM   #4 
  - The people you mentioned hold no sway over Feingold.  wyldwolf   Jul-18-07 01:42 PM   #8 
  - Well, I'll give Feingold a failing grade on this.  AndyA   Jul-18-07 01:26 PM   #5 
  - kick  wyldwolf   Jul-18-07 01:38 PM   #6 
  - I really don't understand why he's so opposed to impeachment.  Old and In the Way   Jul-18-07 01:40 PM   #7 
  - Bernie Sanders says the same things on Hartmann's show on Fridays...  calipendence   Jul-18-07 02:55 PM   #15 
  - I don't agree with everything Feingold does  ludwigb   Jul-18-07 01:43 PM   #9 
  - Feingold changed his "tune" during the Clinton impeachment  onenote   Jul-18-07 02:12 PM   #10 
  - Here is my email to Feingold on this matter...  Klukie   Jul-18-07 02:12 PM   #11 
  - Of course, Feingold's response would be that he is being true to himself  onenote   Jul-20-07 02:25 PM   #34 
  - Some of these top Feingold donors might be interested in this info  emlev   Jul-18-07 02:20 PM   #12 
  - NOOOoooo! I have to go out and just walk this off. Not Feingold. Argh.  Gregorian   Jul-18-07 02:29 PM   #13 
  - Feingold said he "will have no trouble voting on his impeachment,  jasmeel   Jul-18-07 02:40 PM   #14 
  - This is very depressing to me.  memory   Jul-19-07 12:52 PM   #16 
  - O.K. this is the first one for me.  rufus dog   Jul-19-07 12:56 PM   #17 
  - Feingold's vendetta against Bill Clinton, doesn't bode well with me  MODemocrat   Jul-19-07 05:54 PM   #19 
  - Not saying I agree with it, but his position is not completely without merit.  LordJFT   Jul-19-07 05:54 PM   #20 
  - Feingold has strong credibility. He knows what he's doing and why.  illinoisprogressive   Jul-19-07 05:58 PM   #21 
  - Indeed. One may disagree. But it's hard to doubt his motives.  LittleClarkie   Jul-19-07 11:38 PM   #27 
  - Feingold was for censure. No one went for it...  zulchzulu   Jul-19-07 06:55 PM   #22 
  - too little too late  wyldwolf   Jul-19-07 07:10 PM   #24 
     - I'm glad Feingold went after a guy who can't keep his zipper closed  zulchzulu   Jul-19-07 10:38 PM   #25 
        - So is Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, etc.  wyldwolf   Jul-20-07 05:47 AM   #28 
           - I walked the streets in the Bay area working for Clinton in '92  zulchzulu   Jul-20-07 11:13 AM   #30 
              - oh, in that case, I've worked for every Dem nominee since 1988  wyldwolf   Jul-20-07 11:48 AM   #32 
                 - That's it...  zulchzulu   Jul-20-07 11:29 PM   #35 
  - Fucking progressives!  Forkboy   Jul-19-07 07:08 PM   #23 
  - And in the end voted against impeachment  LittleClarkie   Jul-19-07 11:28 PM   #26 
  - I trust Feingold on this  Enrique   Jul-20-07 06:06 AM   #29 
  - I think I see the logic behind Finegold's decision on Shrub.  napi21   Jul-20-07 11:27 AM   #31 
  - I just can't get my head around's not like he's only in office for 18 more days...  truebrit71   Jul-20-07 12:02 PM   #33 
  - Kinda of hard to impeach the bastard  Heath Hatcher   Jul-20-07 11:40 PM   #36 
  - Aww, are you sad because the new Feingold bio makes Hillary look bad?  Alexander   Jul-20-07 11:41 PM   #37 
  - Thanks for that. GoBama! nt  calteacherguy   Jul-20-07 11:57 PM   #38 
  - If Impeachment is brought up in the Senate, Feingold will have no problem to vote for it  pstans   Jul-27-07 07:57 PM   #39 

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