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Reply #14: Honestly, I'm not an Obama fan, and I didn't even notice [View All]

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ElizabethDC Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-26-07 09:29 PM
Response to Original message
14. Honestly, I'm not an Obama fan, and I didn't even notice
I thought his overall performance was mediocre, but I didn't notice anything strange about the way he was talking.
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  -Well, ain't Barack soundin' real down-home jeme  Apr-26-07 09:05 PM   #0 
  - Thank you! I thought that was my imagination.  Quakerfriend   Apr-26-07 09:08 PM   #1 
  - I just didn't expect that of him  jeme   Apr-26-07 09:13 PM   #5 
  - he almost forgot the name of the college  wyldwolf   Apr-26-07 09:09 PM   #2 
  - That was a purposeful pause because he was talking  Connie_Corleone   Apr-26-07 09:12 PM   #4 
  - Some people naturally adopt a southern accent when speaking to southerners.  Connie_Corleone   Apr-26-07 09:10 PM   #3 
  - I have a much worse trait  frogcycle   Apr-26-07 09:19 PM   #7 
  - (i personally like flipping into variations of english accents) n/t  orleans   Apr-27-07 01:39 AM   #37 
  - Fer cryin' out loud, that's all you have to gripe about? Did you like what  babylonsister   Apr-26-07 09:14 PM   #6 
  - actually, more of an observation than a gripe  jeme   Apr-26-07 09:19 PM   #8 
  - I know babylonsister, it's petty, but, I thought it too, and that's what  a kennedy   Apr-26-07 09:21 PM   #10 
     - No, but if the OP is talking about the debate, it'd be nice to know if this  babylonsister   Apr-26-07 09:31 PM   #17 
     - I liiked all of them  jeme   Apr-26-07 09:53 PM   #26 
        - 'Cept you didn't like Obama's accent, or whatever you went with. Why  babylonsister   Apr-26-07 09:56 PM   #27 
           - It amused me.  jeme   Apr-26-07 10:00 PM   #29 
     - Big difference between what Oprah does and what Obama did  Truth Hurts A Lot   Apr-26-07 10:37 PM   #32 
  - Mild, at least compared to the frontrunner's penchant  BeyondGeography   Apr-26-07 09:20 PM   #9 
  - I find myself starting to mimic accents after awhile. don't know why, but I do.  illinoisprogressive   Apr-26-07 09:21 PM   #11 
  - Obama did very well...  SaveElmer   Apr-26-07 09:23 PM   #12 
  - Dodd really impressed me  BeyondGeography   Apr-26-07 09:30 PM   #15 
     - Yeah I agree on Richardson...  SaveElmer   Apr-26-07 09:31 PM   #16 
        - Agreed, especially when you compare it with the other side  BeyondGeography   Apr-26-07 09:44 PM   #23 
  - Pundits have nothing on this here thread!  FrenchieCat   Apr-26-07 09:29 PM   #13 
  - I think it's time for Wesley Clark to enter the race...  jenmito   Apr-26-07 09:34 PM   #20 
     - Not a peep! :( n/t  FrenchieCat   Apr-26-07 09:36 PM   #21 
     - No, but I'd sure like to!  loudsue   Apr-26-07 11:59 PM   #35 
  - Honestly, I'm not an Obama fan, and I didn't even notice  ElizabethDC   Apr-26-07 09:29 PM   #14 
  - The OP refers to an after-debate appearance  BeyondGeography   Apr-26-07 09:32 PM   #18 
  - oh, I see, I didn't realize that  ElizabethDC   Apr-26-07 09:51 PM   #25 
  - I noticed it  justinrr1   Apr-26-07 09:33 PM   #19 
  - I think he did extremely well, and so did your candidate  Katzenkavalier   Apr-26-07 09:38 PM   #22 
  - it wasn't during the debate  jeme   Apr-26-07 09:50 PM   #24 
     - a "different voice" I meant to say  jeme   Apr-26-07 10:00 PM   #28 
  - That's discussing issues here on DU that makes me so proud...  zulchzulu   Apr-26-07 10:02 PM   #30 
  - so how did you get so far into this triviality ...?  jeme   Apr-26-07 10:17 PM   #31 
     - Just like you want to make your views known......  FrenchieCat   Apr-26-07 10:48 PM   #33 
  - I didn't notice anything odd about his accent and I didn't hear him  hedgehog   Apr-26-07 11:18 PM   #34 
  - Here's Obama's response  obamian   Apr-27-07 12:39 AM   #36 
  - yea, I didn't like that  TheDonkey   Apr-27-07 02:44 AM   #38 

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