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Reply #38: Yep, in a way, it's better he be forced to account for his entire failed presidency. [View All]

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MADem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-20-07 12:04 AM
Response to Reply #36
38. Yep, in a way, it's better he be forced to account for his entire failed presidency.
He can join his relative, Franklin Pierce, and others in the annals of Shitty Rotten Presidents. You gotta figure all those dead guys like Harding and others are jumping for joy, ready to jump up a place in line, since he's gonna be the new "bottom man" in the Presidential sweepstakes.

We don't want to use impeachment as a political tool. It's preferable that we exercise restraint, especially since we don't have to votes to be rid of him, just to harrass him.
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  -I think Nancy Pelosi is afraid to start impeachment and that is just unacceptable! Maraya1969  Mar-19-07 10:56 PM   #0 
  - The Democrats  BayCityProgressive   Mar-19-07 10:59 PM   #1 
  - Well that is not except able either. Richard Branson is offering 25 million  Maraya1969   Mar-19-07 11:02 PM   #3 
     - "Richard Branson is offering 25 million...  utopiansecretagent   Mar-20-07 09:28 AM   #76 
        - ROFL More Trees - Less Bush AaaaaH! Priceless. thanks.  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 09:51 AM   #83 
  - When it comes to walking the walk they're all a bunch of chickenshits.  mtnsnake   Mar-19-07 11:02 PM   #2 
  - I think I'm going to send this thread to Ms. Pelosi.  Maraya1969   Mar-19-07 11:03 PM   #5 
  - I think they are putting the cart before the horse  AtomicKitten   Mar-19-07 11:03 PM   #4 
  - Yea well didn't the Repukes start the impeachment and THEN President Clinton  Maraya1969   Mar-19-07 11:06 PM   #7 
     - It is the same investigative power vis a vis subpoena.  AtomicKitten   Mar-19-07 11:15 PM   #13 
  - Feinstein tells us why....  ORDagnabbit   Mar-19-07 11:05 PM   #6 
  - HOW many times have I heard that THIS IS THE ONE THAT WILL GIVE US THE AMMUNITION?  Maraya1969   Mar-19-07 11:13 PM   #11 
  - Well, I hope we're all calling her office, actually ALL of their offices,  calimary   Mar-20-07 11:56 PM   #108 
  - What a bunch of ME TOO YES MEN or WOMEN on this thread. Nancy Pelosi  MADem   Mar-19-07 11:06 PM   #8 
  - She doesn't? Was I dreaming when we took over the House?  mtnsnake   Mar-19-07 11:09 PM   #9 
  - Subtract those BLUE DOGS when you do your math. NT  MADem   Mar-19-07 11:33 PM   #18 
     - Blue dogs schmu dogs. We've got the votes. nt  mtnsnake   Mar-19-07 11:42 PM   #25 
        - Honest ta God, mtnsnake--we don't. And we don't have two thirds in the Senate.  MADem   Mar-19-07 11:50 PM   #31 
        - Here's the way I look at it  mtnsnake   Mar-20-07 12:16 AM   #42 
           - It's not worry. And the truth is, a lot of those Blue Dogs ARE DINOs.  MADem   Mar-20-07 02:04 AM   #53 
           - Impeachment is useless without a conviction.  Labors of Hercules   Mar-20-07 08:26 AM   #65 
              - Useless? Repubs impeached & got rewarded with 2 successive terms of a Repub pres  mtnsnake   Mar-20-07 09:19 AM   #74 
              - What a fantastic precedent to create!  Labors of Hercules   Mar-20-07 12:23 PM   #87 
                 - Game, set, match, there, Labors! NT  MADem   Mar-20-07 11:46 PM   #104 
                    - Go Team!  Labors of Hercules   Mar-21-07 10:29 AM   #113 
                       - Sure thing!  MADem   Mar-21-07 11:10 AM   #114 
              - "unless the case is so strong and uncontestable they have no alternative. "  yodermon   Mar-20-07 09:27 AM   #75 
        - Um, actually we don't. Not by a long-shot.  AZBlue   Mar-20-07 05:36 PM   #90 
  - SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE VOTES FOR IMPREACHMENT!!  Bobbieo   Mar-19-07 11:12 PM   #10 
  - WTF are you screaming about? She DOES have enough votes to impeach.  mtnsnake   Mar-19-07 11:15 PM   #12 
  - Actually, no--there are Blue Dogs who won't 'go along' without concessions.  MADem   Mar-19-07 11:34 PM   #19 
     - Any Democrats who wouldn't vote to impeach Bush should be impeached themselves. nt  mtnsnake   Mar-20-07 12:30 AM   #47 
        - Well, there are quite a few of them who aren't "with the program" at this point.  MADem   Mar-20-07 12:35 AM   #49 
           - Last week Obey couldn't even get the 218 for an antiwar resolution.  AshevilleGuy   Mar-20-07 12:44 AM   #50 
              - If yer gonna go for it, ya gotta hit yer mark. And absolutely, we don't have it now. But we may,  MADem   Mar-20-07 01:57 AM   #52 
  - SO WHAT!?  sampsonblk   Mar-20-07 02:17 AM   #54 
     - No, she does not have a "responsibility" to FAIL and weaken the delegation  MADem   Mar-20-07 03:18 AM   #57 
     - Oh boy...  sampsonblk   Mar-20-07 10:46 PM   #99 
        - Now THAT was....inappropriate. Real weak of you. Unbelievably immature.  MADem   Mar-20-07 11:43 PM   #103 
           - You just jumped the shark  sampsonblk   Mar-21-07 07:00 AM   #110 
              - You do need logic and debate classes. There's no personal insult involved,  MADem   Mar-21-07 09:42 AM   #111 
     - I'll tell you what  A wise Man   Mar-20-07 07:27 AM   #60 
     - I'm for that-nt  sampsonblk   Mar-20-07 10:46 PM   #100 
     - It's ALL about succeeding  NoPasaran   Mar-20-07 08:26 AM   #64 
     - I, for one, want him CONVICTED of EVERY LAST CRIME.  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 09:01 AM   #70 
     - I will give you a point for that one.  sampsonblk   Mar-20-07 10:48 PM   #101 
     - Why attempt when they can DO it once the evidence is gathered by investigations?  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 08:56 AM   #69 
  - NEITHER DID THE REPUBLICANS BUT THAT DIDN'T STOP THEM!!!!!!!!!  Maraya1969   Mar-19-07 11:17 PM   #14 
  - That's right: Clinton was acquitted (or was not convicted)  AshevilleGuy   Mar-19-07 11:40 PM   #24 
  - So because Bill was impeached but not convicted we shouldn't impeach Bush  mtnsnake   Mar-19-07 11:44 PM   #26 
  - My point is,  AshevilleGuy   Mar-19-07 11:52 PM   #34 
     - So what your saying is we have a significant # of Dems who would vote down impeachment  mtnsnake   Mar-20-07 12:27 AM   #45 
        - Dems do not vote in lockstep like republics.  AshevilleGuy   Mar-20-07 12:32 AM   #48 
        - We have a significant number who would vote it down .... NOW.  MADem   Mar-21-07 11:23 AM   #115 
  - To be precise, he was IMPEACHED, AND AQUITTED. But he WAS impeached.  MADem   Mar-19-07 11:51 PM   #33 
  - That is what I said, or meant to say.  AshevilleGuy   Mar-19-07 11:56 PM   #36 
     - Yep, in a way, it's better he be forced to account for his entire failed presidency.  MADem   Mar-20-07 12:04 AM   #38 
        - If we HAD the votes in the House and in the Senate, I would say do it.  AshevilleGuy   Mar-20-07 12:11 AM   #39 
        - Me too--the trial would be a fucking DOOZY!!!! But we've no hope of two thirds.  MADem   Mar-20-07 12:16 AM   #41 
        - Heard about DIY Citizen Impeachment?  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 09:17 AM   #73 
        - Hi Mad! DIY Impeachment Anyone?  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 09:15 AM   #72 
           - I say, if people are mailing these DIY Articles to the fat, greasy, and thus-far  MADem   Mar-20-07 10:18 PM   #97 
  - Because Clinton  ProudDad   Mar-21-07 08:19 PM   #121 
  - Uh, the Republicans DID have the votes. That's the difference.  MADem   Mar-19-07 11:46 PM   #29 
  - DO the right thing, but do it INTELLIGENTLY.  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 09:11 AM   #71 
  - votes to impeach  AtomicKitten   Mar-19-07 11:21 PM   #16 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Mar-20-07 12:04 AM   #37 
  - You should study up  ProudDad   Mar-20-07 01:34 AM   #51 
     - If you think I am static on this matter you are mistaken in the extreme  MADem   Mar-20-07 02:51 AM   #55 
     - I suggest we keep the pressure on Pelosi  ProudDad   Mar-20-07 03:41 PM   #88 
        - I give up. Go ahead and think what you think, and go ahead and beat the shit out of an antiwar  MADem   Mar-20-07 04:37 PM   #89 
           - If you want to compare anti-war  ProudDad   Mar-21-07 08:10 PM   #118 
              - Well, I don't get it. In post 122, you say you can deal with a compromise approach  MADem   Mar-21-07 09:22 PM   #123 
                 - You either aren't old enough  ProudDad   Mar-22-07 03:23 AM   #124 
                    - I am old enough. I'm RETIRED, fachrissake.  MADem   Mar-22-07 11:35 AM   #125 
     - re: "Wait til more... crimes are uncovered" EXACTLY  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 09:29 AM   #77 
  - Can we please vote this up because even if some disagree it still.  Maraya1969   Mar-19-07 11:19 PM   #15 
  - If I could vote again I would. Only on DU do you ever hear resistance to impeaching  mtnsnake   Mar-19-07 11:28 PM   #17 
     - I hear ya. This thread reminds me of our elected representatives.  Maraya1969   Mar-19-07 11:35 PM   #20 
     - Well, what DO you get, if you impeach? You get a BIG DICK, that's what you get.  MADem   Mar-19-07 11:39 PM   #23 
        - The Republicans impeached Bill & they got rewarded w/2 terms of the presidency  mtnsnake   Mar-19-07 11:46 PM   #28 
        - they stole two elections thanks to the SCROTUS  Perragrande   Mar-20-07 11:49 PM   #105 
        - They both should be impeached. Cheney first.  Maraya1969   Mar-20-07 12:11 AM   #40 
  - Dennis Kucinich: Is It Time For Impeachment? (video)  thekuch   Mar-19-07 11:36 PM   #21 
  - Kucinich: 'Impeachment may well be the only remedy which remains to stop a war of aggression against  Maraya1969   Mar-20-07 12:19 AM   #43 
  - The ONLY WAY our troops have ever come home is by Congress CUTTING FUNDS  thekuch   Mar-19-07 11:38 PM   #22 
  - Well then they are just going to say there to whenever because the Repukes  Maraya1969   Mar-19-07 11:47 PM   #30 
     - The Sad Truth  thekuch   Mar-20-07 11:00 PM   #102 
  - Nancy Pelosi knows what she is doing...or not doing doing...  SaveElmer   Mar-19-07 11:45 PM   #27 
  - WTF are you talking about 'fruitless"?  mtnsnake   Mar-19-07 11:51 PM   #32 
  - Where are you going to get the votes?  SaveElmer   Mar-19-07 11:55 PM   #35 
  - In essence, what you're saying is that we don't really have the majority in the House  mtnsnake   Mar-20-07 12:21 AM   #44 
  - On an issue like this...  SaveElmer   Mar-20-07 08:53 AM   #67 
  - Ok, I'll call your bluff  ProudDad   Mar-21-07 08:12 PM   #119 
  - We have a majority of people wanting a SUCCESSFUL IMPEACHMENT  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 09:47 AM   #81 
  - It's hopeless. They cannot count, they don't understand how Congress works, and they  MADem   Mar-20-07 03:01 AM   #56 
     - exactly  onenote   Mar-20-07 05:58 AM   #58 
     - Well put...  SaveElmer   Mar-20-07 08:54 AM   #68 
     - Exhausting indeed. And frightening.  AZBlue   Mar-20-07 05:39 PM   #91 
     - I never claimed to be a rocket scientist  mtnsnake   Mar-20-07 07:06 PM   #93 
        - Don't sell yourself short...  SaveElmer   Mar-20-07 11:51 PM   #106 
           - much obliged  mtnsnake   Mar-21-07 09:47 AM   #112 
     - Nixon didn't resign until he knew he would be CONVICTED.  AshevilleGuy   Mar-21-07 12:12 AM   #109 
  - That is exactly what I am talking about. Just the act of starting an impeachment  Maraya1969   Mar-20-07 12:28 AM   #46 
  - Precisely, good post....n/t  Virginia Dare   Mar-20-07 09:31 AM   #79 
  - Anyone who won't protect the people from  mmonk   Mar-20-07 07:22 AM   #59 
  - If what the impeachment "naysayers" are saying is true, concerning the blue dog Dems,  mtnsnake   Mar-20-07 08:00 AM   #61 
  - Guaranteed  mmonk   Mar-20-07 08:05 AM   #62 
  - both sides need each other  onenote   Mar-20-07 09:32 AM   #80 
  - I thought they had to take an oath  ProudDad   Mar-21-07 08:17 PM   #120 
  - Again, you don't understand how the system works. Newt's era was the age of fewer PACs.  MADem   Mar-21-07 11:32 AM   #116 
  - OH NOES!!!! IMPEACH MENT NOWWWW!!!!!  grytpype   Mar-20-07 08:14 AM   #63 
  - 51% in the Senate can't make impeachment a reality. 51% of the US can. DIY Impeachment.  Tigress DEM   Mar-20-07 08:50 AM   #66 
  - A successful impeachment could NOT be political..  Virginia Dare   Mar-20-07 09:30 AM   #78 
  - The person who is second in line for the presidency SHOULD NOT start the  NYCGirl   Mar-20-07 09:49 AM   #82 
  - I SO hear you-though many of us were screaming this back in November.  TheGoldenRule   Mar-20-07 11:46 AM   #84 
  - The committees are proceeding with investigations  bigtree   Mar-20-07 12:01 PM   #85 
  - Impeachment is definitely an option.  Kerry2008   Mar-20-07 12:04 PM   #86 
  - kick  heatstreak   Mar-20-07 06:33 PM   #92 
  - all corrupt  peaceandfreedom   Mar-20-07 07:55 PM   #94 
  - We don't have the means to impeach yet  knight_of_the_star   Mar-20-07 08:00 PM   #95 
  - Ideally, I wish it could come from an overwhelming groundswell  kdpeters   Mar-20-07 08:28 PM   #96 
  - K&R n/t  Jcrowley   Mar-20-07 10:30 PM   #98 
  - Since we don't have the votes  Perragrande   Mar-20-07 11:52 PM   #107 
     - And that is the sensible way to proceed. If we keep up the investigations, we may well get those  MADem   Mar-21-07 11:37 AM   #117 
        - That's all I ask!  ProudDad   Mar-21-07 08:22 PM   #122 

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