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Reply #67: Of course it's protection money - Clintons protect Bushes so Murdoch has every interest [View All]

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blm Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-15-07 08:18 AM
Response to Reply #60
67. Of course it's protection money - Clintons protect Bushes so Murdoch has every interest
in protecting the Oval Office from an open government Democrat who might open the books on BushInc.

Hillary Clinton is the PREFERRED Democrat for Murdoch IF there is to be a Dem administration. The Clintons have already proved they will ignore the crimes of office of BushInc. Bill would not pursue any of the outstanding matters of IranContra, BCCI, Iraqgate and CIA drugrunning that he inherited when he took office.

Clintons won't pursue ANY crimes of office of Bush2, either.

It is NONSENSE to believe otherwise.
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  -So...what do we make of the fundraising partnership of Murdoch/ Clinton in light of Lerkfish  Mar-14-07 03:31 PM   #0 
  - Hmm, wasn't Faux also the channel that REALLY pushed the madrassa story?  LSparkle   Mar-14-07 03:33 PM   #1 
  - I'm just asking the question.  Lerkfish   Mar-14-07 03:36 PM   #2 
  - It's weird- because for a while there- some DU Hillary peeps were FOR the Fox news debates too.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 03:39 PM   #5 
  - No Such Partnership Exists, Sir  The Magistrate   Mar-14-07 03:37 PM   #3 
  - well, relationship, then. Murdoch publicly sponsored a fundraiser for her  Lerkfish   Mar-14-07 03:41 PM   #7 
  - That fact would set her apart just a bit- Did Murdoch personaly sponsor fundraisers for other DEMS?  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 03:51 PM   #9 
     - there's lots, but here's one:  Lerkfish   Mar-14-07 03:56 PM   #12 
        - I'll note the orig. article came from the Financial Times as well. Thanks. n/t  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 03:59 PM   #14 
  - I doubt there is a "partnership" in any true sense either.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 03:44 PM   #8 
  - Oh, now,'re ruining it by being logical and telling it like it is!!!!  MADem   Mar-14-07 05:31 PM   #48 
  - it's all a big conspiracy, I tell ya!  wyldwolf   Mar-14-07 03:38 PM   #4 
  - It isn't a conspirisy, it is people who are greedy for power  still_one   Mar-14-07 03:54 PM   #11 
  - I wouldnt get caught arguing "conspiracy" semantics either- but the Carville thing is weird.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 03:58 PM   #13 
  - I didn't know Carville was close to Cheney, I thought it was just his wife  still_one   Mar-14-07 04:19 PM   #21 
     - I know all of my Girlfriend's friends and employers. He is close to Cheney in proximity.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 04:25 PM   #24 
        - agreed, and that is not a good thing /nt  still_one   Mar-14-07 04:28 PM   #27 
  - but did Kerry and Dean take Murdock money?  wyldwolf   Mar-14-07 08:57 PM   #63 
  - Big difference in CYA money that Rupert donated and hosting fundraisers for Hillary.  blm   Mar-14-07 04:01 PM   #16 
     - Besides "conspiracy" suggests this was a shadowy, behind the scenes thing- it wasnt.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 04:06 PM   #18 
     - Nonesense, Ma'am  The Magistrate   Mar-14-07 06:45 PM   #60 
     - Of course it's protection money - Clintons protect Bushes so Murdoch has every interest  blm   Mar-15-07 08:18 AM   #67 
        - That Is Quite The Procrustean Bed, Ma'am, You Sleep In  The Magistrate   Mar-15-07 12:36 PM   #68 
           - And we KNOW that coincidence theorists abound because the establishment  blm   Mar-15-07 12:57 PM   #69 
              - 'Co-Incidence Theorist', Ma'am  The Magistrate   Mar-15-07 01:26 PM   #70 
                 - Save it for some one who believes that Clinton protected Bush1 for the good of our country.  blm   Mar-15-07 01:36 PM   #71 
                    - Surely, Ma'am, You Do Not Imagine You Alone Will Read This Exchange?  The Magistrate   Mar-15-07 01:38 PM   #72 
                       - And most surely know that had THEY a choice in 1993 they would've chosen truth  blm   Mar-15-07 06:00 PM   #73 
     - no really believes he supports Clinton. But did Kerry and Dean take his money? Yes.  wyldwolf   Mar-14-07 08:58 PM   #64 
        - the same amount YOU or I could have given - 2000 bucks -  blm   Mar-15-07 08:12 AM   #66 
           - unfortunately for you, you're wrong  wyldwolf   Mar-16-07 07:29 AM   #74 
  - To me it does matter who you associate with. It bothers me her closeness to Carville  still_one   Mar-14-07 03:40 PM   #6 
  - I think Faux loves power, and they're currying favor with a likely candidate  MADem   Mar-14-07 03:53 PM   #10 
  - so, once the "partnership" was announced, it dissolved, like mission impossible?  Lerkfish   Mar-14-07 04:01 PM   #15 
     - No, I didn't say that at all. Where did you get that?  MADem   Mar-14-07 04:20 PM   #22 
        - well, actually that's what I meant.  Lerkfish   Mar-14-07 04:59 PM   #33 
           - And I would agree that this is probably true, too!  MADem   Mar-14-07 05:07 PM   #39 
  - Murdoch regularly lunches with Bill and Hillary. Facts are stubborn.  David Zephyr   Mar-14-07 04:03 PM   #17 
     - Do you have a credible link that describes these lunches? I want all the facts on the table here.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 04:10 PM   #19 
     - Here's a background piece  BeyondGeography   Mar-14-07 04:19 PM   #20 
     - Very telling- I have to say it does resemble a "partnership"- even if a tennuous one..  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 04:23 PM   #23 
        - There's a bit of a there there, but not much of one  BeyondGeography   Mar-14-07 04:26 PM   #25 
        - Fair enough. n/t  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 04:27 PM   #26 
        - Ted Kennedy is GOOD FRIENDS with Orrin Hatch. John Kerry is GOOD FRIENDS with Trent Lott.  MADem   Mar-14-07 04:29 PM   #28 
           - Kennedy does not sponsor fundraising parties for Hatch. Nor Kerry for Lott.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 04:37 PM   #29 
              - Well, to be fair, you'd have to ask how many NEW YORK DEMS.  MADem   Mar-14-07 05:02 PM   #36 
                 - donations are one thing: publicly SPONSORING fundraisers? do you have a list of other politicians  Lerkfish   Mar-14-07 05:06 PM   #38 
                 - It was a little breakfast, not a Gambling Nite with a Disco Band event.  MADem   Mar-14-07 05:21 PM   #44 
                 - So the answer is "no." No other DEM candidates were given fundraising parties by FOX news.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 05:08 PM   #41 
                    - Oh, come on. How many New York Senators are running for President?  MADem   Mar-14-07 05:27 PM   #47 
                       - I can see why Murdoch would do it. I just cant see why Hillary would.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 05:39 PM   #52 
                          - Answer: The Mushy Middle.  MADem   Mar-14-07 06:00 PM   #56 
                             - I wont buy everything you are selling just yet- but you explained it well.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 07:14 PM   #62 
     - Here's one link. You can look up more. There's a lot of "there" there, Dr Fate  David Zephyr   Mar-14-07 05:01 PM   #35 
        - I gotta just put this out, to respond to your angst.  MADem   Mar-15-07 12:04 AM   #65 
     - I don't agree with your analysis.  AtomicKitten   Mar-14-07 04:42 PM   #30 
     - Her pre-vote speech was not the only thing she said about the invasion.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 04:50 PM   #31 
     - as many others have pointed out  AtomicKitten   Mar-14-07 04:56 PM   #32 
        - I dont want to hijack this thread with a re-hashed argument.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 05:00 PM   #34 
           - You said it better than I could have.  David Zephyr   Mar-14-07 05:05 PM   #37 
           - Of course your barber & bartender all knew what the vote was about also- Hill did too..  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 05:15 PM   #43 
           - you don't get it  AtomicKitten   Mar-14-07 05:07 PM   #40 
              - No-that is your problem with me- I DO get it. The sins of other DEMS dont save Hillary.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 05:13 PM   #42 
                 - I don't think any of the Dems were FOR the war.  AtomicKitten   Mar-14-07 05:22 PM   #45 
                    - I do. If they were "against this invasion" before we went over, they could have said so on TV. n/t  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 05:33 PM   #49 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-07 05:23 PM   #46 
     - It is unfortunate that you consider it an insult  AtomicKitten   Mar-14-07 05:33 PM   #50 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-14-07 06:21 PM   #59 
     - I remain undecided and I agree with your major points.  MADem   Mar-14-07 05:43 PM   #54 
     - the money spent this election cycle  AtomicKitten   Mar-14-07 05:51 PM   #55 
        - Aww, it ain't fascism, it's fascism LITE! NT  MADem   Mar-14-07 06:01 PM   #57 
           - apparently easier to digest  AtomicKitten   Mar-14-07 06:08 PM   #58 
     - You Make Some Excellent Points, Ma'am  The Magistrate   Mar-14-07 06:52 PM   #61 
     - Regularly lunches? I kind of doubt that. Hell, the two Clintons are barely on the same  MADem   Mar-14-07 05:35 PM   #51 
        - In fairness, I doubted the extent of that too.  Dr Fate   Mar-14-07 05:41 PM   #53 

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