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John Gauger Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-01-06 09:46 PM
Response to Reply #29
36. I'm sorry.
I really didn't know anything about Kerry. I am astounded to find out that I did not know about two such important services that he had provided this country. I was acting like an idiot. I suppose I took my dissatisfaction with Kerry's previous stance on the war and let my ignorance paint an ugly picture. Before I looked at Kerry with scorn, but now I am somewhat impressed by his accomplshments. I must apologize for bothering you like that. I should not say anything unless I'm sure I know what I'm talking about. But, every time I make an idiot of myself I learn something, so thank you.
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  -Clark or Kerry? Clarkie1  Dec-01-06 07:55 PM   #0 
  - as much as I like Kerry -- he's damaged goods  Donnachaidh   Dec-01-06 07:57 PM   #1 
  - I agree with the Kerry part. I disagree with the Webb part. I'd like to  davidwparker   Dec-01-06 08:15 PM   #7 
  - Can I trade you?  Donnachaidh   Dec-01-06 08:24 PM   #10 
  - Hell, I'll raise you: Shelby and Sessions for Webb!  nealmhughes   Dec-01-06 09:47 PM   #37 
     - aarrghhh -- please no!  Donnachaidh   Dec-02-06 12:39 AM   #49 
  - You have put your fingers on the part of this whole deal that  EST   Dec-01-06 08:55 PM   #21 
  - I like to think of Senator Kerry as wiser and smarter and able to  wisteria   Dec-01-06 11:14 PM   #45 
  - See my response in your other thread  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 07:57 PM   #2 
  - That  Bucky   Dec-01-06 11:43 PM   #47 
  - Clark.  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 08:02 PM   #3 
  - Um, Kerry doesn't accept corporate PAC money  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 08:07 PM   #5 
  - Kerry also wrote Clean Money, Clean Elections public financing of campaign bill  blm   Dec-01-06 08:11 PM   #6 
  - I was given a choice between two candidates.  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 08:38 PM   #13 
     - Kerry DID have a plan for a solution for Iraq  beachmom   Dec-01-06 08:49 PM   #16 
     - Clearly not  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 08:51 PM   #19 
     - I did study it a little.  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 09:07 PM   #25 
     - No, it's not "common knowledge." None of your post is  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 08:50 PM   #18 
        - No, I don't know what BCCI is  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 09:03 PM   #24 
           - The reason you've ever heard of Iran Contra is because of Kerry's investigations.  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 09:19 PM   #29 
           - I'm sorry.  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 09:46 PM   #36 
              - Well I'm really impressed by your ability to admit you were wrong  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 09:50 PM   #39 
                 - Thank you again.  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 10:00 PM   #42 
           - I just looked up BCCI  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 09:29 PM   #33 
              - Or perhaps be open to the fact that he's not what you thought  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 09:36 PM   #35 
                 - Thank you.  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 09:55 PM   #41 
  - Bullshit  sandnsea   Dec-01-06 08:26 PM   #12 
  - Wait, as I recall  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 08:49 PM   #17 
  - Like his public financing of elections bill? Or his refusal to take corporate money?  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 08:52 PM   #20 
  - To be fair....  MH1   Dec-01-06 09:01 PM   #23 
  - Clark's connection to the Clintons is that he served as NATO Commander  FrenchieCat   Dec-01-06 09:13 PM   #28 
  - That statement is bullshit, too.  Clark2008   Dec-01-06 09:08 PM   #26 
     - I do believe that  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 09:21 PM   #30 
  - I know, like that pampered elitist FDR -- what the heck did THAT guy  beachmom   Dec-01-06 08:44 PM   #15 
     - Sorry to break it to you,  John Gauger   Dec-01-06 08:56 PM   #22 
        - Read about BCCI and tell me how wishy washy Kerry is. n/t  WildEyedLiberal   Dec-01-06 09:22 PM   #31 
  - Kerry.  Kerry2008   Dec-01-06 08:03 PM   #4 
  - He would have been a great president. I agree with that. However,  davidwparker   Dec-01-06 08:21 PM   #8 
  - Either. We have the most wonderful potential candidates! I am  MasonJar   Dec-01-06 08:23 PM   #9 
  - Definitely Clark.  rep the dems   Dec-01-06 08:26 PM   #11 
  - Kerry -- you can read my long answer on the Kerry/Edwards thread  beachmom   Dec-01-06 08:42 PM   #14 
  - Clark  nickshepDEM   Dec-01-06 09:10 PM   #27 
  - I think John Kerry would have made a marvelous president.  EST   Dec-01-06 09:25 PM   #32 
  - I supported Kerry until the Draft Clark movement gained viability.  dogman   Dec-01-06 09:36 PM   #34 
  - You mean you was for 'em before you waz against em?  larissa   Dec-01-06 09:53 PM   #40 
  - I just saw Clark on C-span this week.... and  femmocrat   Dec-01-06 09:50 PM   #38 
  - Could be. He did say he had a lot of fun running in 04', though.  Clarkie1   Dec-01-06 10:00 PM   #43 
  - Sounds like a good ticket  dailykoff   Dec-01-06 10:05 PM   #44 
  - For me, it will be Senator Kerry, no one measure up to him on multiply  wisteria   Dec-01-06 11:25 PM   #46 
  - Kerry, definitely  StoryTeller   Dec-02-06 12:08 AM   #48 

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