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Orangepeel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-03-06 08:13 PM
Response to Reply #15
20. :-)
Seafan is also a Davis supporter. I think you are thinking of Iamjoy, who is supporting Smith.

Neither Davis nor Smith is perfect, but both are good men and both would be good governors, so you really can't go wrong. (but you should still vote for Davis! :D )
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  -With Gov. Jeb Bush out, Florida voters must decide state's direction seafan  Sep-03-06 06:53 PM   #0 
  - I live in Columbus, OH  Botany   Sep-03-06 06:57 PM   #1 
  - This one incident was wholesale election theft. Still furious over it.  seafan   Sep-03-06 07:19 PM   #7 
  - Same Thing Happened Here In Sarasota County!!  ChiciB1   Sep-03-06 07:54 PM   #13 
     - I saw and heard it in Ohio in 04 first hand  Botany   Sep-03-06 08:02 PM   #16 
        - Believe Me... Been Down That Road... Have Been Up & Down  ChiciB1   Sep-03-06 08:09 PM   #18 
  - botany posts a helpful reminder . . .  ellenfl   Sep-03-06 07:02 PM   #2 
  - And we can be sure that Jeb will do *everything he can* to ensure  seafan   Sep-03-06 07:16 PM   #6 
     - Our County Commission Has Voted NOT To Allow Referendum For  ChiciB1   Sep-03-06 07:59 PM   #14 
        - Paper ballots would mean the end of the GOP's election fraud.  seafan   Sep-03-06 08:57 PM   #21 
  - Jeb, take your pious hypocrisy and get out.  Olney Blue   Sep-03-06 07:03 PM   #3 
  - Go, Jim Davis!  orangepeel68   Sep-03-06 07:06 PM   #4 
  - Hey, orangepeel68! Voted early, today!! n/t  seafan   Sep-03-06 07:22 PM   #8 
     - Excellent!  orangepeel68   Sep-03-06 07:29 PM   #9 
        - He would make an outstanding governor! Looking forward to the returns  seafan   Sep-03-06 07:37 PM   #10 
        - Guess I Was Wrong SeaFan!! n/t  ChiciB1   Sep-03-06 08:03 PM   #17 
  - Hey repukes: It's the DEMOCRATIC Party.  TankLV   Sep-03-06 07:14 PM   #5 
  - Can't Wait To See Jebby OUT!! But I Just Haven't Made Up My Mind  ChiciB1   Sep-03-06 07:50 PM   #11 
     - psst... vote for Davis  orangepeel68   Sep-03-06 07:53 PM   #12 
        - Ya Know... I THOUGHT You Would Reply!  ChiciB1   Sep-03-06 08:02 PM   #15 
        - :-)  orangepeel68   Sep-03-06 08:13 PM   #20 
        - LOL. n/t  seafan   Sep-03-06 08:12 PM   #19 

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