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Reply #5: I find that amazing. If we, the taxpayers are paying for the military, [View All]

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robinlynne Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-17-06 02:39 PM
Response to Reply #2
5. I find that amazing. If we, the taxpayers are paying for the military,
and the military is doing the evacuating, where is that money going to go, meaning the moeny the US govt collects from the departing Americans? straight to Halliburton?
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  -NO PETS! 1 suitcase, 30lbs to exit Lebanon. partylessinOhio  Jul-17-06 02:23 PM   #0 
  - Screw 'em. If I couldn't take my dog we'd just tough it out... n/t  Purveyor   Jul-17-06 02:32 PM   #1 
  - State Dept. can blame it on that rinky tink cheapo cruise ship they booked  partylessinOhio   Jul-17-06 02:36 PM   #3 
  - ditto.... how dare they charge $300 for a trip to Cypress  hlthe2b   Jul-17-06 02:57 PM   #10 
  - charging for the rescue too.  uppityperson   Jul-17-06 02:35 PM   #2 
  - I find that amazing. If we, the taxpayers are paying for the military,  robinlynne   Jul-17-06 02:39 PM   #5 
  - triple taxation, your dollars at work!  uppityperson   Jul-17-06 02:45 PM   #6 
  - So we can get transported for free now?  high density   Jul-17-06 03:58 PM   #19 
     - Why should it be free?  Popol Vuh   Jul-17-06 06:18 PM   #25 
     - Emergency services == evacuation from Lebanon????  high density   Jul-17-06 06:24 PM   #26 
        - "There's no reason"?  Popol Vuh   Jul-17-06 06:47 PM   #28 
        - Well there has to be SOME sort of personal responsiblity here  high density   Jul-17-06 07:07 PM   #29 
           - Insurance? We're talking about an emergency here..  Popol Vuh   Jul-18-06 12:44 AM   #32 
           - Is that you Brownie?  Solon   Jul-18-06 01:16 AM   #34 
           - I dunno, maybe it's different because they're in LEBANON? (NM)  high density   Jul-18-06 03:57 PM   #43 
           - you don't live in Florida, do you?  grasswire   Jul-18-06 09:37 AM   #41 
        - They did no such thing. It wasn't an "emergency situation" until a few  TankLV   Jul-18-06 10:39 PM   #49 
     - There is a difference between voluntarily going to a concert and evacuatio  uppityperson   Jul-17-06 09:14 PM   #30 
     - Are you in danger of being blown to bits at a London concert?  Zhade   Jul-18-06 07:50 PM   #44 
        - Well, before I travel someplace...  high density   Jul-18-06 08:11 PM   #45 
           - Because we're not fucking animals like conservatives?  Zhade   Jul-18-06 11:22 PM   #51 
  - I can understand the limits on "stuff" if space is tight...  eyesroll   Jul-17-06 02:39 PM   #4 
  - pets are family!!!  welshTerrier2   Jul-17-06 02:46 PM   #7 
  - Great post! Pets are family if you love your pet.  partylessinOhio   Jul-17-06 02:53 PM   #8 
  - I hear ya!  Totally Committed   Jul-17-06 03:44 PM   #14 
  - why should we get  leetrisck   Jul-17-06 02:56 PM   #9 
  - Well, if they could get flights out of the Beirut airport, I bet nearly  tanyev   Jul-17-06 03:17 PM   #11 
  - Ask Hiro, the DUer whose family is stranded in Beruit  AlienGirl   Jul-17-06 06:35 PM   #27 
  - If its a life or death situation, then Fido has to stay in Beirut.  win_in_06   Jul-17-06 03:39 PM   #12 
  - that's crap  welshTerrier2   Jul-17-06 03:44 PM   #13 
  - That's easy enough for us to say back home in the US  LynneSin   Jul-18-06 06:17 AM   #36 
     - a couple of points  welshTerrier2   Jul-18-06 03:12 PM   #42 
  - If it's a life-or-death situation for you,  Totally Committed   Jul-17-06 03:47 PM   #15 
  - That's a personal choice. NEO plans are clear that humans get  win_in_06   Jul-17-06 03:54 PM   #16 
  - my cats are far more important and valuable than the entire f******  niyad   Jul-17-06 06:05 PM   #24 
  - I would stay behind with my pet  leetrisck   Jul-17-06 03:56 PM   #17 
     - I'm sure there is an evacuation plan for the pets...after the citizens  win_in_06   Jul-17-06 03:58 PM   #18 
        - That's all well and good, but...  Totally Committed   Jul-17-06 04:00 PM   #20 
        - Like I said before, that's your choice, but would you really leave a child  win_in_06   Jul-17-06 04:04 PM   #21 
           - I have to admit... I wouldn't go to a war zone with my pet.  Totally Committed   Jul-17-06 04:27 PM   #23 
              - I can't imagine having or taking a pet into a war zone.  TankLV   Jul-18-06 10:46 PM   #50 
        - I guess that's why I don't take trips to the Middle East with pets.  high density   Jul-17-06 04:24 PM   #22 
  - Absolutely agree. People first.  JerseygirlCT   Jul-18-06 08:57 PM   #46 
  - And they have to pay Uncle Sam $300 to pay for their evacuation  IndianaGreen   Jul-17-06 09:18 PM   #31 
  - Isn't this the sort of thing the taxes we pay year after year  Totally Committed   Jul-18-06 05:41 AM   #35 
     - Um yes it is  underpants   Jul-18-06 09:33 AM   #40 
  - George Bush hates puppies!  subversive_smurf   Jul-18-06 12:49 AM   #33 
  - Just like the disaster in Old Orleans last year where 85% of the pets died  TheBorealAvenger   Jul-18-06 06:28 AM   #37 
  - CNN just showed some people being evacuated  RebelOne   Jul-18-06 06:44 AM   #38 
  - Where does it say $300??? Link??  lynne   Jul-18-06 07:07 AM   #39 
  - No one will be charged. It's been waived. nt  JerseygirlCT   Jul-18-06 08:57 PM   #47 
  - If I couldn`t take my pups  rubberducky   Jul-18-06 09:05 PM   #48 

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