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The Magistrate Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-19-06 12:31 PM
Response to Reply #12
16. It Is A Question Of Emphasis, Sir
Edited on Wed Apr-19-06 12:31 PM by The Magistrate
The distinction is whether the vote is more a count of persons adhering to particular political outlooks and philosophies, or whether it is more a count of persons belonging to particular ethnic or religious or regional groups. Obviously no election will be purely an example of the first case, as identity will often influence political allegiance, but often there will occur pretty pure examples of the second case, in which there is no real difference of political philosphy among the contending groups, only a dispute over who will get to lord it over the rest. The result of such cases is usually the bitter post-colonial jest: "One man, one vote, once...."
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  -Why does a "democracy" need a "police force" before anything else? kentuck  Apr-19-06 10:38 AM   #0 
  - They need the police force to guard the banks  htuttle   Apr-19-06 10:43 AM   #1 
  - Probably because a piece of paper (Constitution) means jack crap if  MJDuncan1982   Apr-19-06 11:00 AM   #2 
  - Are you suggesting America is a "police state"?  kentuck   Apr-19-06 11:02 AM   #3 
     - Of course not - but the law requires enforcement or else it is empty. nt  MJDuncan1982   Apr-19-06 11:04 AM   #4 
        - But the point I was trying to make in original post...  kentuck   Apr-19-06 11:07 AM   #5 
           - Oh - I didn't get that "police force" meant something like a secret  MJDuncan1982   Apr-19-06 11:09 AM   #6 
  - As A Question Of Theory, At Least, Sir  The Magistrate   Apr-19-06 11:10 AM   #7 
  - Sir, I agree with your basic premise...  kentuck   Apr-19-06 11:30 AM   #9 
  - It Does Not Seem To Me, Sir  The Magistrate   Apr-19-06 11:53 AM   #10 
     - Well said, Magistrate...  kentuck   Apr-19-06 11:55 AM   #11 
  - Could you elaborate  Donald Ian Rankin   Apr-19-06 11:59 AM   #12 
     - It Is A Question Of Emphasis, Sir  The Magistrate   Apr-19-06 12:31 PM   #16 
  - Ask the merciless Indian savages  NoMoreMyths   Apr-19-06 11:26 AM   #8 
  - Well, considering one of the first actions the occupiers did  enigma000   Apr-19-06 12:01 PM   #13 
  - I think they were trying to dissolve the competition..  kentuck   Apr-19-06 12:09 PM   #15 
  - The strength of police force/military that a state requires  Donald Ian Rankin   Apr-19-06 12:08 PM   #14 

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