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Reply #30: No Surprises Here [View All]

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Bluestar Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-23-06 08:46 PM
Response to Original message
30. No Surprises Here
I lived through the Nixon years and have assumed that Chimp and Co. were spying on us all along. The big difference is then there was no internet, so only high profile lefties got investigated (MLK, Black Panthers, Malcolm X, etc.). Now they're after ordinary folks like us.
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  -Newsweek will report on how Bush (NSA) has been spying on a LW website... larissa  Jan-23-06 05:12 PM   #0 
  - LW?  jsamuel   Jan-23-06 05:14 PM   #1 
  - LW = leftwing (sorry!)  larissa   Jan-23-06 05:15 PM   #3 
  - I think jsamuel means 'left wing'--right?  Peace Patriot   Jan-23-06 05:16 PM   #4 
  - No doubt in my mind that operatives were at work all along.  blm   Jan-23-06 05:14 PM   # 
  - Was it us? Was it us? Was it us?  IndyOp   Jan-23-06 05:14 PM   #2 
  - I dunno if it was us... Tweety ran out of time...  larissa   Jan-23-06 05:19 PM   #6 
  - Sounds like the DU trolls were actually $100K /yr NSA operatives.  farmbo   Jan-23-06 05:18 PM   #5 
  - Trust me the reston group has been all over AOL boards FOR YEARS  Carni   Jan-23-06 10:03 PM   #36 
     - Job description for Heritage Foundation Interns: "Troll the internet"  farmbo   Jan-24-06 07:28 AM   #38 
  - Of course this is illegal, but......  AX10   Jan-23-06 05:20 PM   #7 
  - Probably something...  orwell   Jan-23-06 06:12 PM   #20 
  - Could it be DU? Some Houston DUers protested  babylonsister   Jan-23-06 05:23 PM   #8 
  - What consitutes "spying" on a web site?  Peace Patriot   Jan-23-06 05:24 PM   #9 
  - What constitutes spying?  sendero   Jan-23-06 06:30 PM   #23 
  - and didn't specter just say on lou dobbs  xchrom   Jan-23-06 05:25 PM   #10 
  - I really want a legal clarification on this. I don't know the answer.  Peace Patriot   Jan-23-06 05:45 PM   #14 
  - Did you see this from today?  babylonsister   Jan-23-06 05:50 PM   #16 
  - sister, you seem to be repeating yourself  TOJ   Jan-23-06 06:18 PM   #21 
     - Well, TOJ, thank you for pointing that out, but  babylonsister   Jan-23-06 06:24 PM   #22 
  - that's what i don't get -- if they are spying on quakers  xchrom   Jan-23-06 06:01 PM   #19 
  - He also didn't think more than one bullet could've killed JFK  RazzleDazzle   Jan-23-06 06:37 PM   #24 
  - I'm willing to BET NSA/Bush minions have been tuning in to DU..  MnFats   Jan-23-06 05:25 PM   #11 
  - ahh, but we are dangerous to those  sad_one   Jan-23-06 05:29 PM   #12 
  - If they'll spy on a Quaker meeting,  TOJ   Jan-23-06 06:50 PM   #25 
  - I sure hope so. I'd be crushed if my observations about  Pacifist Patriot   Jan-23-06 07:55 PM   #28 
     - RIght on PP  FogerRox   Jan-23-06 08:48 PM   #31 
  - not DU?  enid602   Jan-23-06 05:39 PM   #13 
  - We have competitors?  Pacifist Patriot   Jan-23-06 07:55 PM   #29 
  - Thanks for the DVR alert.  Kahuna   Jan-23-06 05:47 PM   #15 
  - I took today's speech by Smirk to mean he admits to spying...  TOJ   Jan-23-06 05:50 PM   #17 
  - I hope it's DU- free publicity is great. n/t  Dr Fate   Jan-23-06 05:56 PM   #18 
  - ROFL  AZDemDist6   Jan-23-06 07:40 PM   #26 
  - Yeah  mmonk   Jan-24-06 02:13 PM   #40 
  - What next issue, I just bought the 1/23 issue yesterday  MissWaverly   Jan-23-06 07:43 PM   #27 
  - No Surprises Here  Bluestar   Jan-23-06 08:46 PM   #30 
  - I heard Isikoff talk on the govt spying on Halliburton protesters  Gingergal   Jan-23-06 09:05 PM   #33 
  - Domestic Spying is now being called TSP  EVDebs   Jan-23-06 09:01 PM   #32 
  - Remember that the only good critics are the ones  Gingergal   Jan-23-06 09:12 PM   #34 
     - " he determines...' language in the Iraq War resolution started this  EVDebs   Jan-23-06 09:20 PM   #35 
     - Feerepublic would be called a constructive critic and therefor  0007   Jan-24-06 02:14 PM   #41 
  - Kick and Nom for all of us folks who are now on the watch list.  sarcasmo   Jan-23-06 10:54 PM   #37 
     - We are ALL now in the position of Dr Martin Luther King in '68  EVDebs   Jan-24-06 01:55 PM   #39 
        - I think its related more  mmonk   Jan-24-06 02:29 PM   #42 

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