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Reply #19: Heh, Democrats have no balls. [View All]

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Singular73 Donating Member (999 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-26-05 08:50 PM
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19. Heh, Democrats have no balls.
Edited on Fri Aug-26-05 08:52 PM by Singular73
They are so afraid not to please EVERYONE that they stand for nothing.

Its sick really. Thats where republicans have them beat. They know that they can get X% to vote for them by standing by their positions, unpopular or not. Its human tribalism at its best. People WANT leadership. And democrats don't lead right now.


And you know its true.

Which is THE reason Kerry lost. Had he stood up, he would have had 60% of the vote.

If there was a true third party movement, I would so join it.

Most of the Federal-level democrats (90%) are utterly useless pieces of shit, to be honest.
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