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Why does the Rove treason case have no "name" [View All]

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Justice Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-21-05 11:37 PM
Original message
Why does the Rove treason case have no "name"
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It needs a name so it can be repeated over and over. The media called it Plame or Wilson but are starting to call it Rove/Plame/Wilson.

We need a pithy name. Suggestions?
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  -Why does the Rove treason case have no "name" Justice  Jul-21-05 11:37 PM   #0 
  - Probably it has no name because  shraby   Jul-21-05 11:40 PM   #1 
  - I think it'll have its own name after the indictments come down. . .  Journeyman   Jul-21-05 11:45 PM   #4 
  - I think we're all waiting til we can name it Cheneygate.  spenbax   Jul-21-05 11:44 PM   #2 
  - treasongate.  pirhana   Jul-21-05 11:45 PM   #3 
  - Please, no Gates!  longship   Jul-21-05 11:49 PM   #5 
  - I don't like the idea of using the victim's name in the scandal.  Husb2Sparkly   Jul-22-05 12:03 AM   #6 
  - Nor should we use a perp's name for the scandal. . .  Journeyman   Jul-22-05 02:09 AM   #15 
  - I agree, because the name is actually the key  sandnsea   Jul-22-05 12:08 AM   #8 
  - Bad form to use the VICTIM's name, IMHO. nt  blondeatlast   Jul-22-05 12:13 AM   #10 
  - Treasonpalooza?  AntiCoup2K4   Jul-22-05 12:14 AM   #11 
  - Treason TRove  Zorro   Jul-22-05 12:06 AM   #7 
  - Treasongate works for me  AntiCoup2K4   Jul-22-05 12:12 AM   #9 
  - I saw "Plame Game", but that's lame...  madeline_con   Jul-22-05 01:21 AM   #12 
  - The Tokyo Rove Affair  1932   Jul-22-05 01:25 AM   #13 
  - TREASON!!!  yorgatron   Jul-22-05 01:40 AM   #14 
     - Treason. Just plain treason, no -gate.  barbaraann   Jul-22-05 08:40 AM   #29 
  - How about "Follow the Yellowcake Road"?  nascarblue   Jul-22-05 03:39 AM   #16 
  - How about a name that reminds everyone what's at stake? WMD  nascarblue   Jul-22-05 04:09 AM   #17 
  - I like Traitors Gate. myself but it's sort of hard to give this a name yet  bklyncowgirl   Jul-22-05 06:31 AM   #18 
  - watergate was named after the hotel where the break-in occurred.  truthisfreedom   Jul-22-05 06:45 AM   #19 
  - Leaky Bush  ignatzmouse   Jul-22-05 07:03 AM   #20 
  - no, I think we need a name -- all about branding, as Card would say  Justice   Jul-22-05 07:19 AM   #21 
  - How about the Niger/Plame Coverup. Or Iraq War Conspiracy.  DemsUnited   Jul-22-05 07:19 AM   #22 
  - I like Niger in the name - The Niger Affair?  Justice   Jul-22-05 07:21 AM   #23 
     - I like the word Conspiracy; according to another post, Fitz is pursuing  DemsUnited   Jul-22-05 07:54 AM   #25 
  - Why does the Rove treason case have no "name"  Al-CIAda   Jul-22-05 07:26 AM   #24 
  - Operation: Breach  ignatzmouse   Jul-22-05 08:17 AM   #26 
  - (one more) The Oval Outing  ignatzmouse   Jul-22-05 08:29 AM   #28 
  - No more Gates, please.  IDemo   Jul-22-05 08:17 AM   #27 
  - "CIA Leak" "Administration Security Failure" "WH Criminal Investigation"  Husb2Sparkly   Jul-22-05 09:31 AM   #30 

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