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Reply #18: How quickly we forget, eh? [View All]

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MoonRiver Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-20-05 09:34 AM
Response to Reply #7
18. How quickly we forget, eh?
Guess if any of us had grandmothers who lived in those times, they'd be revealing the truth about the bad old days before women's liberation. Sadly, the memories are all gone. Freeper women live in some delusional state where they think saving foetuses is more important than protecting their and their daughter's liberties and bodies.
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  -Okay I'll ask-WERE there abortions in the Founding Fathers' days? underpants  Jul-20-05 08:31 AM   #0 
  - As long as women have been getting pregnant...  LynzM   Jul-20-05 08:35 AM   #1 
  - Catholics for a Free Choice  RoBear   Jul-20-05 08:37 AM   #2 
  - a (very) brief history of abortion from  formerrepuke   Jul-20-05 08:37 AM   #3 
  - And don't forget the practice of IUDs by some religions not to be  bribri16   Jul-20-05 08:51 AM   #15 
  - Yes  Deep13   Jul-20-05 08:38 AM   #4 
  - Unless they inherited wealth, women had no rights,  MyPetRock   Jul-20-05 08:39 AM   #5 
  - Bingo!  Totally Committed   Jul-20-05 08:40 AM   #7 
     - And it's right back where this group wants women to be again.  Skidmore   Jul-20-05 08:45 AM   #13 
     - How quickly we forget, eh?  MyPetRock   Jul-20-05 09:34 AM   #18 
  - RE: Roberts -- it's not the 'Constitutonal right to abortion' ...  hippiechick   Jul-20-05 08:40 AM   #6 
  - Exactly  DemocratSinceBirth   Jul-20-05 08:46 AM   #14 
  - It's not mentioned as legal OR illegal  TheFarseer   Jul-20-05 12:35 PM   #23 
  - Abortifacients have been around for millenia.  eallen   Jul-20-05 08:40 AM   #8 
  - Contact lenses weren't around back then, I can tell you that  ComerPerro   Jul-20-05 08:42 AM   #9 
  - You bet...and they were 100% legal...  MrBenchley   Jul-20-05 08:42 AM   #10 
  - Nor do the constitution  oneighty   Jul-20-05 08:42 AM   #11 
  - Here's a couple of historical links.  livvy   Jul-20-05 08:42 AM   #12 
  - Were there Women's Rights in the Founding Fathers days?  Norquist Nemesis   Jul-20-05 08:59 AM   #16 
  - Ummm... A FEW women owned property and VERY FEW were politically active   Jul-20-05 10:19 AM   #20 
     - Thanks for the additional info  Norquist Nemesis   Jul-20-05 12:28 PM   #21 
  - Try this for starters  The Flaming Red Head   Jul-20-05 09:15 AM   #17 
  - Abortion is the world's oldest fix for the world's oldest profession  FLDem5   Jul-20-05 09:51 AM   #19 
  - Marriage?!??!!!  Skidmore   Jul-20-05 12:29 PM   #22 
  - Not just abortion, but leaving newborns to die of exposure was/is  rasputin1952   Jul-20-05 12:56 PM   #24 

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