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killbotfactory Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-08-05 01:31 PM
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13. my issues
1. Universal Health Care - Every other civilized nation has it, we should to. You don't have to pay the cops to come investigate when your a victim of a crime, it should be no different when you are a victim of a disease or illness.

2. Shut down Guantanamo - It's a mockery of justice. Either charge the prisoners or let them go. Our founding fathers started a revolution to stop this kind of injustice. Shut it down.

3. Exit Iraq - If you don't care about the oil, and you aren't going to stay there forever, stop building permanent bases and stop squating on the oil. The country will never accept being a US colony, and any misguided neocon moron who thinks otherwise should be punched in the face.


Fair trade - If country X can build a better widget than country Y, fine, but it should not be at the expense of human rights, political freedom, or the environment. Tariff's should be adjusted to counter balance any unfair advantage a country has in regards to the US. Part of the proceeds should go into a fund to help alleviate the costs of reform for any country that wishes to reform.

Environment - You shouldn't be unnaturally poisoned by the air you breath or the water you drink or the food you grow. Period.

Civil Liberties - Get the government out of your bedrooms. End the war on drugs, it is a vicious waste of money and is only around so that the government can scare you into taking away your civil liberties and allowing laws you otherwise would never tolerate, as well as being a major cause of violent crime.
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