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Reply #12: Keith Olbermann was NOT THERE on Friday, there was a guest host. Then [View All]

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Nothing Without Hope Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-07-05 01:21 AM
Response to Reply #8
12. Keith Olbermann was NOT THERE on Friday, there was a guest host. Then
Edited on Tue Jun-07-05 02:08 AM by Nothing Without Hope
the weekend intervened. I'm hoping that the next time this happens, it's on a day when he can rebut it on his show more quickly. In the meantime, of course, the other corporate news media spokespeople let the RW spin on unimpeded.

Keith addressed this issue as soon as he could. Too bad he's the ONLY corporate media newsperson who did, and he couldn't do it any earler.
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  -VIDEO of Olbermann crushing RW spin re Kerry's DSM Statement - sweet! Nothing Without Hope  Jun-07-05 12:02 AM   #0 
  - Let's keep the pressure on the Mainstream Media!  Douglas Carpenter   Jun-07-05 12:28 AM   #1 
  - Thanks for the post!!! And also, Welcome to DU!!!  Rainscents   Jun-07-05 01:21 AM   #13 
  - Yes, I second that: Welcome to DU and thanks for all the good links!  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 02:09 AM   #17 
  - When ABC - CBS - NBC still refuse to cover DSM story it speaks  Imagevision   Jun-08-05 09:16 PM   #62 
  - Nominated. Thank you for posting this. And, thanks to dzika, once again.  understandinglife   Jun-07-05 12:30 AM   #2 
  - Gee, I wonder if NewsMax...  bvar22   Jun-07-05 12:33 AM   #3 
  - Seen any flying pigs lately?  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 12:40 AM   #4 
  - Email Keith Olbermann to thank him for his upholding of the truth:  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 12:44 AM   #5 
  - Truth is our most powerful weapon!  fooj   Jun-07-05 01:14 AM   #10 
  - Done!  acmejack   Jun-07-05 06:51 AM   #31 
  - done  psychopomp   Jun-07-05 11:58 PM   #57 
  - Good for Olbermann...I posted here a few times...  Triana   Jun-07-05 12:55 AM   #6 
  - Did you see Conyers' blog on eight NYT articles showing the country  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 01:00 AM   #7 
     - YES!  Triana   Jun-07-05 01:11 AM   #9 
     - FYI, Conyers didn't say the NYT is going...  ahimsa   Jun-07-05 01:18 AM   #11 
        - You are CORRECT and I will fix what I wrote if I'm still within editing  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 01:25 AM   #14 
           - Thanks..  ahimsa   Jun-07-05 01:32 AM   #16 
              - So true. And there is no lack of genuine shoddy NYT journalism. Here's  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 02:29 AM   #20 
  - Kudos to Olbermann  kerrygoddess   Jun-07-05 01:03 AM   #8 
  - Keith Olbermann was NOT THERE on Friday, there was a guest host. Then  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 01:21 AM   #12 
     - I hope so too!  kerrygoddess   Jun-07-05 02:11 AM   #18 
        - yes, that's a lesson that seems to be fogotten: GO TO THE SOURCE  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 02:17 AM   #19 
  - I love Keith Olbermann... he is only true MSM Journalist left.  Rainscents   Jun-07-05 01:26 AM   #15 
  - You won't get an argument on that from me!  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 03:34 AM   #25 
  - way to go, keith!  orleans   Jun-07-05 02:32 AM   #21 
  - Check out this BBC DOCUMENTARY on the Downing Street Minutes  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 03:15 AM   #23 
  - bwaha haha haha hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  truthisfreedom   Jun-07-05 03:05 AM   #22 
  - Yes, the irony is truly delicious. And look at what a freeper wrote at  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 11:02 AM   #36 
     - Bush apologists really don't have a leg to stand on  TexasLawyer   Jun-07-05 03:20 PM   #47 
  - More on Kerry's future DSM speech timing in this thread:  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 03:23 AM   #24 
  - On LUTD  kerrygoddess   Jun-07-05 03:41 AM   #26 
  - Thank you for adding this very important info and link.  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 03:56 AM   #27 
  - Originated at Aljazeera and Newsmax??  bluedonkey   Jun-07-05 04:22 AM   #28 
  - way to go KO!  dalloway   Jun-07-05 05:48 AM   #29 
  - Olberman did a segment on RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman's MTP appearance  flpoljunkie   Jun-07-05 06:33 AM   #30 
  - WHAT?? Newsmax lied about Kerry?? Damn...I'm,I'm shocked...  OneTwentyoNine   Jun-07-05 07:07 AM   #32 
  - There he goes again!  JNelson6563   Jun-07-05 09:12 AM   #33 
  - "...and if this detail is still relevant in these superheated political  tk2kewl   Jun-07-05 09:23 AM   #34 
  - Here's the link to the Conservative Voice post pushing the false rumor  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 10:32 AM   #35 
  - Wash Post says Downing St Memo story won't die:  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 11:18 AM   #37 
  - I love you KO!  kittenpants   Jun-07-05 11:51 AM   #38 
  - Nice, but I wouldn't mind if he WAS calling for impeachment. eom  pazarus   Jun-07-05 11:55 AM   #39 
  - Help get the truth out: DOWNLOADABLE DSM FLYERS AND POSTERS  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 12:24 PM   #40 
  - WE shouldn't allow the "memo" story to go unanswered  Imagevision   Jun-07-05 02:52 PM   #41 
  - Be sure to read the freeper comment on this false rumor here:  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 02:53 PM   #42 
  - Raw Story: Senator KENNEDY speaks out on the Downing St Minutes!  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 02:58 PM   #43 
  - A website is NOT speaking out. Swingvoters will never see it.  Dr Fate   Jun-07-05 03:19 PM   #45 
     - This is a released statement. I assume the speaking in front of cameras  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 03:32 PM   #48 
        - I kind of doubt it.  Dr Fate   Jun-07-05 03:34 PM   #49 
  - Wow! I am so glad that KO traced down the lie!  Spectral   Jun-07-05 03:05 PM   #44 
  - I almost wonder if "they're throwing us Olberman as a token bone  Imagevision   Jun-07-05 05:15 PM   #51 
  - I wish Kerry WOULD make an outrageous statement.  Dr Fate   Jun-07-05 03:20 PM   #46 
  - This is not the first time Olbermann has spoken about the DSM:  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 04:07 PM   #50 
  - Keith may start the ball rolling on this "Downing memo" issue  Imagevision   Jun-07-05 11:05 PM   #56 
     - Begala also broke the story May 13 on CNN/Crossfire - watch VIDEO CLIP:  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-08-05 12:50 PM   #59 
  - I remain amazed that his lone voice is allowed to continue.  Pacifist Patriot   Jun-07-05 08:05 PM   #52 
  - Please consider emailing your thanks to him. It might give some extra  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-07-05 08:45 PM   #54 
     - Constantly!  Pacifist Patriot   Jun-08-05 08:10 AM   #58 
  - Yes, Dzika is wonderful.  cat_girl25   Jun-07-05 08:34 PM   #53 
  - Rec'd, and...BTW, Hope:  bleever   Jun-07-05 10:45 PM   #55 
  - Thank you, bleever  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-08-05 01:01 PM   #60 
  - Kick for those who haven't seen this. Good links in the comment thread  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-08-05 08:15 PM   #61 
  - one more kick n/t  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-08-05 11:07 PM   #63 
  - Keith Olbermann BLOGS on the Kerry/DSM incident, makes good points:  Nothing Without Hope   Jun-09-05 12:34 AM   #64 

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