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Reply #45: I also suggested they could alternate days b/t other popular DEMS: [View All]

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Dr Fate Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-11-05 06:12 PM
Response to Reply #43
45. I also suggested they could alternate days b/t other popular DEMS:
Edited on Mon Apr-11-05 06:14 PM by Dr Fate
Kerry on Monday, Hillary on Tuesday, Dean on Friday, etc.

Until I'm shown it cant be done, (And shown with proof or at least somthing other than intuition), I'll maintain that we can do it.

I still think it would be a good plan.

Kerry could go on one of those Debate shows once or twice a week. Surely they would have him on, if for no other reason than to ask him tricky questions-that's the rub- DEMS would need to learn how to better handle those guys- but that's not the same as saying they cant get on at all.

I think we could at least request the interviews- if they are denied, then we have a good case to call them "biased" whenever we do get on shows.

I find it hard to believe that the media can really keep Kerry, Dean, Hilary etc off of their TV shows forvever-and to keep them from mentioning certain things once they are on- but if we just sit back, then I guess it could happen.
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  -Salon War Room: Kerry Takes on Bolton Dr Ron  Apr-11-05 11:45 AM   #0 
  - That's indeed a great piece of news! Thanks!  KoKo01   Apr-11-05 12:54 PM   #1 
  - Any Rhode Island DUers MUST contact Chaffee's office.  blm   Apr-11-05 01:11 PM   #2 
  - Really. We can't depend on our SO-CALLED Liberal Media!  AuntiBush   Apr-11-05 10:02 PM   #70 
  - we could only getting message out paying for ad  seabeyond   Apr-11-05 01:36 PM   #3 
  - They'd get the message out without taxpayers money  Dr Ron   Apr-11-05 01:49 PM   #4 
     - you are right  seabeyond   Apr-11-05 01:50 PM   #5 
  - I think going around the media like this can be a good thing.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 02:01 PM   #6 
  - What makes you think  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 02:56 PM   #9 
     - Which Cable news or debate shows have ever refused to interview Kerry???  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 03:28 PM   #11 
     - I'm sure they all have. Since you didn't answer my question  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 03:34 PM   #12 
        - For one thing, I've never heard Kerry say he has been turned down.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 03:41 PM   #13 
           - And where is the DNC in backing up what Kerry is doing?  kerrygoddess   Apr-11-05 03:54 PM   #16 
           - He sends me e-mails every week. He never mentioned this even once.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:09 PM   #19 
           - I couldn't agree more.  AuntiBush   Apr-11-05 10:07 PM   #71 
           - So you admit that the corporatists have a motive  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 03:56 PM   #17 
              - I dont need to prove it- I merely need to hear Kerry or Dean SAY IT.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:14 PM   #20 
                 - Yeah but your explanation so totally far fetched  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 04:27 PM   #22 
                    - If true,then why do they refuse to even mention it, even once?  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:33 PM   #25 
                       - Why do you keep asking me a question you know I can't answer?  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 04:46 PM   #31 
                          - You made an accusation- I asked for proof. Pretty simple.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:59 PM   #35 
                             - No, actually we just hold two differing views.  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 05:04 PM   #36 
                                - I saw Kerry on TV many times- that was no Easter Bunny.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 05:19 PM   #37 
                                   - I have no desire to persuade you of anything  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 05:24 PM   #38 
                                      - Kerry was just on Judy Woodruff as recent as March 23.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 05:32 PM   #39 
                                         - And?  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 05:37 PM   #40 
                                         - I thought you suggested that he was denied access to shows at times.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 05:44 PM   #41 
                                            - I challenged your laughable and ridiculous assertion in post 6  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 05:53 PM   #42 
                                            - I proved that though- here is Kerry with a DEM message on TV for free:  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 06:06 PM   #44 
                                            - OK You are welcome to believe that particular proves the general  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 06:15 PM   #46 
                                            - How many Kerry interviews on TV compared to ones that were denied?  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 06:28 PM   #48 
                                            - You stated in other threads that Dems like Kerry should be on every day  blm   Apr-11-05 06:04 PM   #43 
                                               - I also suggested they could alternate days b/t other popular DEMS:  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 06:12 PM   #45 
                                         - Wait a minute  karynnj   Apr-11-05 06:20 PM   #47 
                                            - Welcome to the land of Johnny Velcro  LittleClarkie   Apr-11-05 06:33 PM   #49 
                                            - All I said is that I want to see Kerry on TV more.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 06:40 PM   #51 
                                            - He could have done better- no doubt.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 06:36 PM   #50 
                                            - I would never yell for him to get off the stage.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 06:49 PM   #52 
     - when kerry has been on, they have been hostile adn attacking  seabeyond   Apr-11-05 04:00 PM   #18 
        - Life is tough and unfair. Republicans do that to me all the time.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:21 PM   #21 
        - try to hurt his feelings  seabeyond   Apr-11-05 04:30 PM   #23 
           - "Hostile & attacking" towards Kerry- So what is new?  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:39 PM   #28 
              - well you have a show that invites three repugs and 1 dem  seabeyond   Apr-11-05 04:45 PM   #30 
                 - I agree- they often put 2 Repubs against one DEM. Life is unfair.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:52 PM   #33 
        - I don't agree. Could you give an example of such a case?  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 04:31 PM   #24 
        - And I agree with you on that small point.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:35 PM   #26 
        - i agree with you  seabeyond   Apr-11-05 04:38 PM   #27 
           - I know it's bullshit- you were the one who offered it as an excuse, not me  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:44 PM   #29 
              - no you assumed that was my point and an excuse and what pissed  seabeyond   Apr-11-05 04:49 PM   #32 
                 - Thank god we agree, sort of.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 04:54 PM   #34 
        - Not being on TV is not going to help him get his message out.  Mass   Apr-11-05 07:49 PM   #59 
  - It's so good to see and hear Kerry's intelligent voice!  Catamount   Apr-11-05 02:22 PM   #7 
  - Why didn't Kerry oppose Negroponte like this?  Zhade   Apr-11-05 02:48 PM   #8 
  - Negroponte hasn't come up for a vote yet  LittleClarkie   Apr-11-05 03:00 PM   #10 
  - Uh, the vote happened years ago.  Zhade   Apr-11-05 03:43 PM   #14 
     - Oh I thought you meant the current nomination  LittleClarkie   Apr-11-05 03:49 PM   #15 
        - Hey, we're totally cool. I figured it was a miscommunication.  Zhade   Apr-11-05 09:51 PM   #67 
  - I don't believe Kerry voted for Negraponte.  kerrygoddess   Apr-11-05 06:56 PM   #53 
  - No it was during the campaign and he did not vote  Mass   Apr-11-05 07:54 PM   #60 
     - Kerry held up his UN nomination for 6 months in 2001  kerrygoddess   Apr-11-05 09:57 PM   #68 
        - That is what I remembered but I could not find a reference /nt  Mass   Apr-12-05 07:05 AM   #78 
           - Hard to find much  kerrygoddess   Apr-12-05 10:23 AM   #79 
              - There was no roll call vote, only a voice vote.  Mass   Apr-12-05 10:28 AM   #81 
  - See this post  kerrygoddess   Apr-11-05 10:22 PM   #73 
     - Uh, Kerry still VOTED FOR HIM.  Zhade   Apr-12-05 07:00 PM   #85 
  - Kerry's statement today on Bolton and link to the Ad  kerrygoddess   Apr-11-05 06:58 PM   #54 
  - Is there a way we can get that ad repeated on the news shows?  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 07:17 PM   #55 
     - Well I said this earlier  kerrygoddess   Apr-11-05 07:39 PM   #56 
     - I agree with you,why haven't they been more vocal about Bolton?n/t  wisteria   Apr-11-05 07:46 PM   #58 
     - YES! I would LOVE to see more unity.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 08:02 PM   #61 
     - Owning the media would be a good way.  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 07:45 PM   #57 
     - I agree with that- but what about short term?  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 08:05 PM   #62 
        - I already answered that  cestpaspossible   Apr-11-05 08:26 PM   #63 
           - I dont think you ever did answer it...  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 09:20 PM   #64 
     - I wish Kerry wasn't so afraid to ask for donations  WildEyedLiberal   Apr-11-05 09:26 PM   #66 
        - I think Kerry should fully embrace his 2008 run.  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 10:49 PM   #75 
  - Just my two cents  WildEyedLiberal   Apr-11-05 09:21 PM   #65 
  - KERRY won more of my SUPPORT today, on C-SPAN!  AuntiBush   Apr-11-05 10:01 PM   #69 
  - Did "regular TV" show any of the clips?  Dr Fate   Apr-11-05 10:50 PM   #76 
  - Anybody want to help me with some Kerry bashing wing nuts?  hollowdweller   Apr-11-05 10:12 PM   #72 
  - I saw a little bit of it. Kerry was a pit bull. but in a good way! n/t  bush_is_wacko   Apr-11-05 10:26 PM   #74 
  - Pit bulls are good!  Vektor   Apr-11-05 10:57 PM   #77 
     - I happen to like them too.  bush_is_wacko   Apr-12-05 04:45 PM   #82 
        - bully for both of you, i have a pit across the way from my place  seabeyond   Apr-12-05 06:45 PM   #84 
        - I don't own one, but I used to breed Italian Greyhounds (kinda wimpy dogs)  bush_is_wacko   Apr-12-05 08:06 PM   #86 
        - these are people that fly a confederate flag, had swat team  seabeyond   Apr-12-05 08:14 PM   #87 
           - Definitely idiots.  Vektor   Apr-13-05 05:14 AM   #90 
        - Any dog can be a menace  Vektor   Apr-13-05 05:04 AM   #88 
           - i.......appreciate your post  seabeyond   Apr-13-05 06:43 AM   #91 
           - I understand -  Vektor   Apr-13-05 04:20 PM   #92 
           - And I second her apology!  bush_is_wacko   Apr-13-05 07:37 PM   #93 
              - thanks guys it just happened this weekend  seabeyond   Apr-13-05 10:32 PM   #95 
        - Sadly, this great breed  Vektor   Apr-13-05 05:10 AM   #89 
  - please write letters  AmyJCNJ   Apr-12-05 10:24 AM   #80 
  - Not looking good  Dr Ron   Apr-12-05 06:35 PM   #83 
     - Yeah, it seems like Chafee is not being swayed  cestpaspossible   Apr-13-05 09:18 PM   #94 

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