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Reply #47: Right. Far better to let the state micro-manage people's personal lives. [View All]

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Warren DeMontague Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-15-05 08:40 PM
Response to Reply #46
47. Right. Far better to let the state micro-manage people's personal lives.
I happen to think this is the reason we have trouble winning elections.

Maybe rather than trying to figure out new ways to ape the Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson crowd, we should come out un-apologetically for the rights of individuals to make up their own damn minds about their own personal lives.

This doesn't mean people shouldn't pay taxes, and it doesn't mean there's not a place for environmental laws or a social safety net. I think, for example, a SPHC system is the most practical, efficient way to solve our health care issues. But when it comes to individuals and their personal lives, we should clearly and unapologetically stand up for the rights of consenting adults to make their own choices.

Wow! What a dangerous concept!

I happen to think there are millions of, yes, libertarian-minded urban voters who can't decide between the (D) and (R) because they can't figure out which party is less interested in hectoring them about how to live their lives.

It's perfectly clear to me, that's why I'm a lifelong Democrat. But unfortunately my party has it's share of control freaks as well.

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  -I've officially written off Bill Maher Atman  Mar-15-05 04:50 PM   #0 
  - I Saw Him Too, Doing A Lieberman  Me.   Mar-15-05 04:51 PM   #1 
  - No Shit  Dinger   Mar-15-05 05:48 PM   #33 
  - He never claimed to be a Dem  Catch22Dem   Mar-15-05 04:51 PM   #2 
  - I actually think he's a Libertarian  RatRacer   Mar-15-05 05:21 PM   #27 
     - I've never met a real Libertarian  Atman   Mar-15-05 05:38 PM   #29 
     - HAHAHAHA  Catch22Dem   Mar-15-05 05:46 PM   #32 
     - and Libertarians want to "be left alone"  SoCalDem   Mar-15-05 06:44 PM   #37 
        - Let's give what he wants and leave hime alone  ribrepin   Mar-15-05 06:47 PM   #38 
        - I don't watch him anymore.  SoCalDem   Mar-15-05 06:49 PM   #39 
           - I canceled HBO a year ago  ribrepin   Mar-15-05 06:59 PM   #41 
        - I consider myself socially libertarian.  impeachdubya   Mar-15-05 08:24 PM   #45 
        - I had a college professor put it in perspective onetime...  Robeson   Mar-15-05 08:28 PM   #46 
           - Right. Far better to let the state micro-manage people's personal lives.  impeachdubya   Mar-15-05 08:40 PM   #47 
     - Go to  DerekG   Mar-15-05 06:38 PM   #36 
     - exactly or a Republican that smokes pot n/t  BlueManDude   Mar-16-05 06:53 AM   #80 
     - He claims to be libertarian, but voted for Nader in 2000.  Al-CIAda   Mar-15-05 06:00 PM   #34 
        - I thought Libertarians could be either right or left  aint_no_life_nowhere   Mar-16-05 12:01 AM   #62 
  - I only got HBO to see his show, so know I can cancel it and save money.  BrklynLiberal   Mar-15-05 04:51 PM   #3 
  - A truly disgusting display with Leslie Blitzer  gulfcoastliberal   Mar-15-05 04:53 PM   #4 
  - Is he serious? Has he lost his mind?  lizzy   Mar-15-05 11:36 PM   #57 
  - I rarely log in these days  Sweetpea   Mar-15-05 04:55 PM   #5 
  - He's an idiot - REALLY.  suziedemocrat   Mar-15-05 06:10 PM   #35 
  - Amen, strippers and call girls  laugle   Mar-16-05 12:30 AM   #65 
  - If you have seen his H.B.O. ( comedy ? ) special you know  jdots   Mar-15-05 10:40 PM   #51 
  - One wonders who paid him off.  impeachdubya   Mar-15-05 04:55 PM   #6 
  - Maher has sleazy skeletons in his closet  Atman   Mar-15-05 04:58 PM   #9 
     - That would be my guess  Blue Gardener   Mar-15-05 05:02 PM   #13 
     - You're right, remember that lawsuit?  sandnsea   Mar-15-05 05:40 PM   #30 
     - I agree with much of his general socially libertarian outlook..  impeachdubya   Mar-15-05 08:19 PM   #44 
  - I had it on in the kitchen  Nite Owl   Mar-15-05 04:57 PM   #7 
  - Maher like the rest of those saying Bush "did a good thing" has  glarius   Mar-15-05 04:58 PM   #8 
  - Where are they quoting from when they say that Iraq has turned around?  Sweetpea   Mar-15-05 04:58 PM   #10 
  - Not to mention his stupidly eqatiing Roosevelt going into world war 2  glarius   Mar-15-05 05:04 PM   #16 
     - Do you remember the wording of this comparison  minkyboodle   Mar-15-05 10:12 PM   #50 
        - Here's the transcript from CNN  glarius   Mar-16-05 06:45 AM   #78 
  - Follow the money ... even more than blackmail, it corrupts :P  ElectroPrincess   Mar-15-05 05:03 PM   #15 
  - Maher is a bandwagon jumper  Yavin4   Mar-15-05 05:01 PM   #11 
  - Why did he say to "write off religion" to the Republicans  LittleClarkie   Mar-15-05 05:01 PM   #12 
  - This is also someone who publicly says Ann Coulter is a friend  Sweetpea   Mar-15-05 05:03 PM   #14 
  - Exactly !  hiley   Mar-15-05 05:07 PM   #19 
  - He's not a double agent, he's a triple whore. n/t  bitchkitty   Mar-15-05 09:45 PM   #49 
  - Listen up folks, an anti-feminist is not a liberal. Please repeat this  efhmc   Mar-15-05 05:06 PM   #17 
  - I'm so disappointed in Bill...  Blue_In_AK   Mar-15-05 05:06 PM   #18 
  - We agree again.  saracat   Mar-15-05 05:14 PM   #21 
     - I agree, Saracat.  Blue_In_AK   Mar-15-05 05:19 PM   #24 
  - He is doing an 'O-Really'  Hard Attack   Mar-15-05 05:09 PM   #20 
  - He turned into a shill....  Langis   Mar-15-05 05:18 PM   #22 
  - He disgusts me lately too  illflem   Mar-15-05 05:18 PM   #23 
  - I hope you're right because I'm about to turn my back on him.  Blue_In_AK   Mar-15-05 05:20 PM   #25 
  - Personally, I'll take final judgment after the war in Iraq ends for the US  Selatius   Mar-15-05 05:21 PM   #26 
  - So you think Bush was right, too?  Bridget Burke   Mar-16-05 07:04 AM   #81 
     - This is what I hate, some of you love to jump down throats for some reason  Selatius   Mar-16-05 12:13 PM   #84 
  - Bill is wrong, not bought  jbnow   Mar-15-05 05:34 PM   #28 
  - You know...  lala_rawraw   Mar-15-05 05:46 PM   #31 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-15-05 06:53 PM   #40 
  - AS I will never watch CNN again until George Soros buys it  Generator   Mar-15-05 07:32 PM   #42 
  - Yes, I saw that, too.  RebelOne   Mar-15-05 07:44 PM   #43 
  - Saying Bush was right.....  dennis4868   Mar-15-05 09:15 PM   #48 
  - I just love your analogy...  EST   Mar-15-05 11:01 PM   #52 
     - yep....  dennis4868   Mar-15-05 11:32 PM   #54 
        - Sigh...  EST   Mar-16-05 02:12 AM   #72 
  - So, the most talked about and referenced (as well as revered)  EST   Mar-15-05 11:13 PM   #53 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-15-05 11:34 PM   #55 
  - I always thought he was a little weasel.  lizzy   Mar-15-05 11:35 PM   #56 
  - Maher wouldn't have been on the Conservative News Network  Tactical Progressive   Mar-15-05 11:48 PM   #58 
  - I hate to be the one.....  dennis4868   Mar-15-05 11:51 PM   #59 
     - I know he's been on Larry King  Tactical Progressive   Mar-15-05 11:54 PM   #60 
        - Yep....  dennis4868   Mar-15-05 11:57 PM   #61 
           - OK then  Tactical Progressive   Mar-16-05 12:02 AM   #63 
              - Hard to remember....  dennis4868   Mar-16-05 12:19 AM   #64 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-16-05 01:17 AM   #66 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-16-05 01:18 AM   #67 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-16-05 01:18 AM   #68 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-16-05 01:18 AM   #69 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-16-05 01:18 AM   #70 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-16-05 01:19 AM   #71 
  - Maher has never fooled me  Skittles   Mar-16-05 02:17 AM   #73 
  - I guess you can write me off too, and all those Iraqis who voted  Lone_Wolf_Moderate   Mar-16-05 02:52 AM   #74 
  - Some people aren't "written off" because they were never on the List....  Bridget Burke   Mar-16-05 07:15 AM   #82 
  - He lost me COMPLETELY last Friday! He's on the Kool-Aid!  fooj   Mar-16-05 02:57 AM   #75 
  - Bill's not as bright as he thinks he is...  Cooley Hurd   Mar-16-05 05:10 AM   #76 
  - What is this "good" thing he is talking about?  NightOwwl   Mar-16-05 05:31 AM   #77 
  - He's good friends with Ann Coulter  sparosnare   Mar-16-05 06:47 AM   #79 
  - In a way he's right, but he's bullshitting us...  FormerRushFan   Mar-16-05 07:44 AM   #83 

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