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Reply #14: McCain is no, RINO. He's a staunch conservative with.. [View All]

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Kahuna Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jan-12-05 01:08 PM
Response to Original message
14. McCain is no, RINO. He's a staunch conservative with..
staunchly conservative views. Whenever McCain sides with Dems, the issues are generally not viewed in partisan terms.
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  -I thought of Arnold as a RINO LittleClarkie  Jan-12-05 12:04 PM   #0 
  - RINO is not a derogatory term to me these days...  ModRepubinPA   Jan-12-05 12:10 PM   #1 
  - I honor your good sense sir  LittleClarkie   Jan-12-05 12:14 PM   #3 
  - Absolutely and already happening  ModRepubinPA   Jan-12-05 12:29 PM   #6 
  - I'm with you ModRepubinPA  ThorsHammer   Jan-12-05 12:30 PM   #7 
  - Exactly right, the party has been hijacked  Lenore   Jan-12-05 01:17 PM   #16 
     - Welcome to DU!, always nice to have open-minded R's here  ThorsHammer   Jan-12-05 01:25 PM   #17 
     - thank you for the welcome  Lenore   Jan-12-05 01:45 PM   #18 
     - Welcome.  ModRepubinPA   Jan-12-05 01:58 PM   #23 
        - ya hard to imagine, eh?  Lenore   Jan-12-05 03:53 PM   #24 
  - Hello ModRepublican! I thought you were all extinct!  GOPBasher   Jan-12-05 12:35 PM   #9 
     - Far from extinct in PA  ModRepubinPA   Jan-12-05 12:59 PM   #13 
  - I thought that until his "fix" for the California budget  ET Awful   Jan-12-05 12:13 PM   #2 
  - He's a complete sellout to business interests, so he's more of a Bushite.  bobweaver   Jan-12-05 12:18 PM   #4 
  - Yes and No  incapsulated   Jan-12-05 12:24 PM   #5 
  - He's a Rockefeller Republican. (nt)  w4rma   Jan-12-05 12:32 PM   #8 
  - Wrong. Did you hear what he said about Democrats at their convention?  AlinPA   Jan-12-05 12:43 PM   #10 
  - You're correct. He wants it both ways...McCain too  ModRepubinPA   Jan-12-05 12:51 PM   #11 
     - You're in the same situation we are in, ModRepubinPA!  FrustratedDemInNC   Jan-12-05 01:53 PM   #21 
  - Those who create their own reality have also  gumby   Jan-12-05 12:55 PM   #12 
  - McCain is no, RINO. He's a staunch conservative with..  Kahuna   Jan-12-05 01:08 PM   #14 
  - thank you!!  jonnyblitz   Jan-12-05 03:58 PM   #25 
  - It's an act,. He's not the "Terminator" either  Capn Sunshine   Jan-12-05 01:11 PM   #15 
  - Arnold is certainly RINO, and Bloomberg is a Dem  RunningFromCongress   Jan-12-05 01:49 PM   #19 
  - NO...He wants to bust the public unions in California  cally   Jan-12-05 01:52 PM   #20 
  - but he's vulnerable... Warren Buffett is for higher corporate taxes  EVDebs   Jan-12-05 04:19 PM   #27 
  - When I think of Arnold...  itzamirakul   Jan-12-05 01:55 PM   #22 
  - What to watch for in 2008:  Comicstripper   Jan-12-05 04:00 PM   #26 
  - That seems about right, ComicStripper  B0S0X87   Jan-12-05 04:31 PM   #28 
  - I don't agree with that description for McCain,  elperromagico   Jan-12-05 04:32 PM   #29 
  - Funny, I always thought of him as a  arewenotdemo   Jan-12-05 04:58 PM   #30 
  - All things to all people.  A-Schwarzenegger   Jan-12-05 05:05 PM   #31 
  - Not a RINO  erpowers   Jan-12-05 05:52 PM   #32 

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