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Reply #120: I also am a New Yorker, and though I wanted to vote for DK [View All]

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youngred Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-08-04 09:45 PM
Response to Reply #119
120. I also am a New Yorker, and though I wanted to vote for DK
it didn't matter by the time I got there. Having spent a lot of time thinking about the electoral process I have come up with a bunch of ideas actually.

1) Eliminate the electoral college format as it currently stands. Replace it with a 1,000 vote system with each state being represented by population alone decided after each census. The sum total of a states electoral votes would then be divided according to the percentage that each candidate got. This system would allow for every state to be a swing state and force the candidates to look to every part of the country for their votes and mean that in every state your vote does indeed matter.

2) Instant Runoff Voting. You rank the candidates according to your preference. Should neither candidate get a clear majority drop the lowest scoring candidate and tally all their number two votes. This would allow for third or fourth party candidates to run and provide a voice for people who are left out of politics while not handing over the election to someone they dislike. Or a system where you get two points for your first place vote and one for your second and the total of points is counted

3) Uniform, touch screen voting machines, which print your ballot back to you and leave a printed record at the polling place for manual recounts

4)Make election day a national holiday and move it to a friday (we're not a nation of farmers anymore and tuesday voting makes no sense), allow for motor-voter registration and provisional ballots. Allow no-reason absentee voting.

5) public financing of campaigns. Force networks to carry a certain and equal amount of political advertising (they are the public's ariways after all). This will cut into the incumbancy advantage, cut a lot of the corruption out of politics and allow people to still stay informed. Public financing for parties would be recieved only after recieving 5% of the last presidential votes for first or second choices in the IRV style.

6) Change the primary system to 10 primaries every week, on one day, for 5 weeks, and the order of the states voting gets rotated every cycle. It's ridiculous to have Iowa and New Hamshire always be first and for many of the larger and more partisan states to be later in the schedule effectively leaving them without a voice in their candidate. Although part of me likes the idea of open primaries I wouldn't want it because it's too open to chicananery.

7) I would say make the parties take turns being first and last on their conventions and mandate that they be held within 2 weeks of each other and that they be in July, not August or September

8 ) Three debates every election cycle held in the last 4 weeks before the election. All major candidates should be included.

9) Using the same rationale as for lowering the voting age to 18, allow all people 14 to 16 to vote if they pass a civics exam, that can be taken in their first language. People 16 and older are free to vote without restrictions.

10)Congressional districts would be selected by a bipartisan panel chosen by state legislators. The House has gotten way too paritsan because of the choice of safe districts and gerrymandering.

11) End the practice of permanant purging of freed felons. If you've served your time, you've served your time and should be afforded all the rights of citizenship again.
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  -One Day National Primary DistressedAmerican  Dec-06-04 01:29 PM   #0 
  - One day national primary  shoelace414   Dec-06-04 01:32 PM   #1 
  - exactly  DaveinMD   Dec-06-04 02:34 PM   #4 
  - Right now...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-06-04 02:54 PM   #5 
  - The difference is $10 million vs $70+ million  TheDonkey   Dec-06-04 11:22 PM   #12 
     - my suggestion to candidates...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 06:07 AM   #18 
     - The party can put the candidates on a budget.  trogdor   Dec-08-04 12:50 PM   #107 
  - and the most name ID  Yupster   Dec-06-04 11:48 PM   #13 
     - Carter was a winner...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 06:08 AM   #19 
        - But the way Carter won Iowa was to  Yupster   Dec-08-04 01:23 PM   #108 
  - totally agree!!! n/t  andyhappy   Dec-06-04 01:33 PM   #2 
  - I agree with part of your post.  BattyDem   Dec-06-04 01:36 PM   #3 
  - In the End...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-06-04 03:04 PM   #6 
  - I think we need to let NH and IA keep their spots  mandyky   Dec-06-04 03:15 PM   #7 
  - What makes them different?  DistressedAmerican   Dec-06-04 03:19 PM   #8 
     - It's a tradition thing with those states (NH IA)  mandyky   Dec-06-04 11:09 PM   #9 
     - you can't have a national primary  DaveinMD   Dec-06-04 11:16 PM   #10 
        - There is a finite amount of money to be raised...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 05:58 AM   #17 
           - the point is  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 08:47 AM   #26 
     - How about having a big publicized lottery  Yupster   Dec-06-04 11:51 PM   #14 
        - If it MUST be a staggared primary,  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 05:42 AM   #15 
        - I do like the random chance factor...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 08:36 AM   #105 
  - No way. One day primary wouldbe extremely expensive and a huge  TheDonkey   Dec-06-04 11:17 PM   #11 
  - Several have made the same argument  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 05:51 AM   #16 
  - Why not have the GE over 6 months then? Please; the politicking is bad  KnowerOfLogic   Dec-08-04 03:29 AM   #101 
  - Money, Money, Money!  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 06:48 AM   #20 
  - Dean had the most money during the primary, not Kerry  TheDonkey   Dec-07-04 12:19 PM   #45 
  - one day national primary with ranked voting ballots  GreenPartyVoter   Dec-07-04 07:04 AM   #21 
  - Ranked Voting Ballots...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 07:06 AM   #22 
     - You can see links to explanations on my website of several different  GreenPartyVoter   Dec-07-04 07:31 AM   #23 
        - Now You're Talking!  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 08:33 AM   #24 
           - Well, even IRV has its issues, but it is still better than what we have  GreenPartyVoter   Dec-07-04 08:35 AM   #25 
              - I'm Sold...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 09:31 AM   #27 
                 - I thought ranked voting  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 09:34 AM   #28 
                 - But it isn't unreasonable to think that people would want the same  GreenPartyVoter   Dec-07-04 09:41 AM   #30 
                    - I have no problem with ranked voting  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 09:47 AM   #31 
                    - I Remain Puzzled By This Claim...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 09:49 AM   #33 
                       - since the campaign  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 09:51 AM   #35 
                          - You may be right but,  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 09:57 AM   #36 
                             - what I would do  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 10:20 AM   #37 
                                - But Why Iowa And New Hampshire  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 10:30 AM   #38 
                                   - it just isn't practical  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 10:40 AM   #39 
                    - Just same day...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 09:47 AM   #32 
                       - the one day primary  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 09:49 AM   #34 
                 - Thanks for adding the link. :^)  GreenPartyVoter   Dec-07-04 09:37 AM   #29 
  - Bad idea.  Cuban_Liberal   Dec-07-04 10:41 AM   #40 
  - Most money DOES win...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 10:54 AM   #41 
  - Tsongas would have won with a one-day national primary in '92  AP   Dec-07-04 02:23 PM   #48 
  - Again, Dean had the most money  Radical Activist   Dec-07-04 02:29 PM   #52 
  - Isn't that what tends to happen anyway?  American Tragedy   Dec-07-04 11:42 AM   #43 
     - I bet not. I bet the person with the most money on the first primary day  AP   Dec-07-04 02:26 PM   #50 
  - It would be really nice to actually be able to vote in a primary  American Tragedy   Dec-07-04 11:41 AM   #42 
  - Glad to see another of the disenfranchised stand up  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 02:17 PM   #47 
  - New Jersey (June Primary) agrees  bklyncowgirl   Dec-07-04 02:40 PM   #56 
  - in practice  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 02:43 PM   #57 
  - Our primary was fairly early  gaia_gardener   Dec-08-04 05:24 PM   #113 
  - That only benefits the candidate with the most  Radical Activist   Dec-07-04 12:15 PM   #44 
  - The current system means  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 02:16 PM   #46 
     - Small states are a good idea  Radical Activist   Dec-07-04 02:26 PM   #49 
     - So now the state with the cheapest  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 02:34 PM   #54 
        - Sure. Rotate it. But always start where it's cheap to run.  AP   Dec-07-04 02:46 PM   #60 
        - Rotating would be a good idea  Radical Activist   Dec-07-04 02:48 PM   #61 
           - I agree with that. Also throw in small swing states...  AP   Dec-07-04 02:56 PM   #67 
     - I defy anyone to watch The War Room and argue that starting...  AP   Dec-07-04 02:29 PM   #51 
        - Damn right: National primary = election by corporate media  Radical Activist   Dec-07-04 02:30 PM   #53 
        - This way, 48 states only get to see them on TV  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 02:36 PM   #55 
           - At least the tone after IA and NH was born of candidates who won by  AP   Dec-07-04 02:43 PM   #58 
              - Anyone that wasn't with Kerry...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 02:49 PM   #62 
                 - Kerry still had less money than Dean and he had the media AGAINST him  AP   Dec-07-04 02:53 PM   #65 
                 - The money and media people picked Dean  Radical Activist   Dec-07-04 03:33 PM   #81 
  - Why defend a system that keeps losing?  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 02:44 PM   #59 
  - I don't know  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 02:49 PM   #63 
  - It worked in 92. 96 doesn't matter. 2000 there was no real primary--  AP   Dec-07-04 02:50 PM   #64 
     - For the large part Kerry general election voters picked him  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 02:55 PM   #66 
     - Kerry was very effective in getting out the idea that he was the one  AP   Dec-07-04 03:01 PM   #70 
        - Again, I'll save overall discussion of the better candidate  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 03:11 PM   #74 
           - The free media did not go for Kerry prior to Iowa. If you want to see  AP   Dec-07-04 03:22 PM   #78 
              - Pre Iowa, we agree.  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 03:43 PM   #82 
                 - After NH and IA, who do you think still had a serious chance?  AP   Dec-07-04 04:02 PM   #83 
                    - JUST MY MAIN POINT!  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 04:21 PM   #85 
                       - You can't blame the primary system or media for Kerry being best candidate  AP   Dec-07-04 05:00 PM   #87 
                          - I Agree About Dean Doing Worse  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 05:11 PM   #88 
                             - I think everyone had a chance to prove themselves.  AP   Dec-07-04 05:25 PM   #89 
                                - Clark has his own crimes to pay for  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 06:15 PM   #90 
                                   - So what's the solution?  AP   Dec-07-04 06:29 PM   #91 
                                      - See post 93 for a list of changes that may be workable...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 07:54 PM   #94 
     - Yeh, how did you say we did in the congressional elections?  madfloridian   Dec-07-04 02:56 PM   #68 
     - in 92  DaveinMD   Dec-07-04 02:58 PM   #69 
     - What does that have to do with nominating a president?  AP   Dec-07-04 03:03 PM   #71 
     - Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry then  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 03:04 PM   #72 
        - Mondale and Dukakis are exactly who the party thought they were back  AP   Dec-07-04 03:08 PM   #73 
        - You've got me here...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 03:16 PM   #76 
           - Read the Clinton Wars by Blumenthal for a nice, succinct modern history  AP   Dec-07-04 03:26 PM   #79 
              - Thanks for the tip.  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 03:29 PM   #80 
        - I'm not sure Iowa and NH really made a difference in who was candidate  liberalpragmatist   Dec-09-04 08:51 PM   #139 
  - All of this is moot, cause you don't get a say...  Leilani   Dec-07-04 03:14 PM   #75 
  - Good to know the fix is already in...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 03:18 PM   #77 
  - Primary schedule  XemaSab   Dec-07-04 04:20 PM   #84 
  - Now that sounds like some workable middle ground...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 04:32 PM   #86 
     - Rotating  XemaSab   Dec-07-04 06:50 PM   #92 
        - To sum up agreeable proposals so far we have:  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 07:53 PM   #93 
           - Always start with small states. I think it would be a mistake to ever  AP   Dec-07-04 08:17 PM   #95 
           - We'll work on the feasability of getting it later...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-07-04 09:13 PM   #97 
              - Yeah  XemaSab   Dec-07-04 11:38 PM   #98 
           - Wow  XemaSab   Dec-07-04 09:00 PM   #96 
  - Would be awfully hard on the candidates...  housewolf   Dec-08-04 02:53 AM   #99 
  - Check out post 93 for current compromises...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 07:04 AM   #104 
  - Yep; no more band-wagon jumping. nt  KnowerOfLogic   Dec-08-04 03:26 AM   #100 
  - The Bandwagon Effect is Huge as it Stands  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 07:01 AM   #103 
  - At the least, I think the "first in the nation" state should be rotated,  elperromagico   Dec-08-04 03:41 AM   #102 
  - I've Complied the Highlights of this Discussion...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 12:43 PM   #106 
  - Gore wasn't that bad of a choice.  Lone Pawn   Dec-08-04 01:37 PM   #109 
  - You Point Out a Related Problem...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 04:24 PM   #110 
     - I strongly suspect  XemaSab   Dec-08-04 05:05 PM   #111 
        - Amazingly, the Republicans have the same problem  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 05:18 PM   #112 
           - I blame...  XemaSab   Dec-08-04 05:46 PM   #114 
              - You are so right  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 05:54 PM   #115 
                 - I also figure  XemaSab   Dec-08-04 06:42 PM   #116 
                    - As a dyslexic myself,  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 07:37 PM   #117 
                       - I don't know  XemaSab   Dec-09-04 10:46 AM   #123 
                          - Evil policies have been pushed through...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 10:58 AM   #124 
                          - Any thoughts on lowering the voting age  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 11:18 AM   #125 
                             - I'm also skeptical  XemaSab   Dec-09-04 12:31 PM   #127 
                                - Not to be a pessimist but,  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 01:01 PM   #129 
                                   - I hear ya  XemaSab   Dec-09-04 01:35 PM   #130 
                                      - Really was called a commie and spat on...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 02:05 PM   #131 
                                         - Changing the status quo  XemaSab   Dec-09-04 03:44 PM   #132 
                                            - The mob's anger is hard to predict...  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 03:59 PM   #133 
                                               - The mob's anger may be hard to predict....  XemaSab   Dec-09-04 05:22 PM   #134 
                                                  - You know people blame the media,  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 06:02 PM   #135 
                                                     - That's a classic idea  XemaSab   Dec-09-04 07:10 PM   #136 
                                                     - What I want to see is the candidates  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 07:56 PM   #137 
                                                     - *word*  XemaSab   Dec-09-04 08:43 PM   #138 
  - I think this is a great idea  youngred   Dec-08-04 08:33 PM   #118 
  - As a New Yorker,  DistressedAmerican   Dec-08-04 08:41 PM   #119 
     - I also am a New Yorker, and though I wanted to vote for DK  youngred   Dec-08-04 09:45 PM   #120 
        - You've got some good ideas there..  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 08:18 AM   #122 
  - Talk about front loading...but hey, Ohio would count then.  greenohio   Dec-08-04 11:39 PM   #121 
  - Why would they want to change a system they know they can manipulate?  Kitsune   Dec-09-04 12:13 PM   #126 
     - Yeah,  DistressedAmerican   Dec-09-04 12:44 PM   #128 

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