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50. My 11-M hypothesis + additional reading
Edited on Mon Jul-10-06 09:29 AM by DrDebug
I think that the conclusion is that too much is written in Spanish and it's too hard to digest for me. There are just a couple of summaries in English and German and that's it and even though with the help of Babelfish you can understand a lot of it, it is lacking the clarity you need.

John Cleary's hypothesis has already been mentioned and he is the man responsible for busting and disgracing Jeffrey Archer, Maggie's best man and candidate for mayor of London. Therefore he has some credit with some people like me. (How come whistleblowers are extremely easy to talk to. You would think that they have a hero status, however they are all on the internet and you can just talk to them. Funny world...)

Madrid 11-M hypothesis
Recently oil has been discovered in Equatorial Guinea to the great delight of dictator Obiang of the empoverished nation and the big oil companies. The gentlemen decided to take full advantage of the oil of course. The inhabitants of Equatorial Guinea were of course less important or not important at all. Since the relationship with Spain is not very good, Repsol only got one small oil field. Marathon Oil of the US did manage to get good oil fields.

Gabon, which does have some oil but not enough, became very interested as well. Especially since the oil richest area is Corsico Bay which is a disputed area with Equatorial Guinea, a country with hardly any military. Therefore Gabon grabbed Mbange island in February 2003 (some sources say 2002) and plans to let Elf/Total and Shell explore the oil, because those are Gabon's partners.

Repsol, already frustrated, conspired with Marathon Oil, some people like Mark Thatcher, Jeffrey Archer, the UK government, the US government and the Spanish government to grab Equatorial Guinea and install Severo Moto as the new president.

They hired a friendly team called Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone and Angola and send them to Equatorial Guinea to install Severo Moto as President. Two Spanish warships set sail to Equatorial Guinea to help guard the "peace" as a nice gesture and perhaps return Mbange to its previous owner. Severo Moto would thank them, give $1B of oil per year to Marathon Oil (US) and $4B of oil per year to Repsol (Spain) and special gifts to Mark Thatcher and all the others who made it happen.

What they forgot that France has good intelligence as well and it was Total's oil, so the French set out to foil the coup d'etat by ratting the mercenaries out to Zimbabwe and South Africa who arrested the mercenaries on March 7, 2004. Friendly nations are not allowed to engage in war anymore, but proxy wars are still fine.

The Spanish elections were due for March 14, 2004, so the Spanish government started to panic, because the coup d'etat could lead directly back to them and their Repsol. So Marsh, a partner of Repsol's Equatorial Guinea coup, was ordered to plan some diversions at the last possible moment and one of them was an ETA attack in Madrid (which was probably like an Operation Northwoods which they still had in their drawer).

The problem was that Marsh is allegedly known for 9/11 and Iraqi style al-Qaeda attacks which involved multiple bombings and was far more professional then the ETA ever did. On March 10, 2004 President Obiang started to point the finger at US, UK and Spain. The media could keep it a bit silence because it's a dictator with a terrible human rights record, however they couldn't afford this coup to leak to the press prior to the elections, so the go ahead was given for 11-M.

On the morning of 11-M Madrid was attacked by a series of train bombs killing 192 people as a divertion and a means to win the elections. Two things went wrong: The script was totally different from the ETA plan which Aznar had because it was all done at the last moment so the team used their al-Qaeda tactics. Also the people of Madrid who were already tired of hearing about Iraq started to revolt against Aznar.

The amount of lies and lack of coordination made a re-election for Aznar completely impossible especially since they started to blame al-Qaeda next, however there were no suicide bombers in the original script since that was an ETA script and there were many more inconsistencies and lies.

From March 12 onwards the streets of Madrid and many other cities were filled with massive protests. Aznar tried to ask King Juan Carlos to postpone the election however he refused to prevent a further escalation of tension since 11 million people had already taken to the streets. In a state of complete panic Aznar removed all traces of eight years in government.

Zapatero was faced by a serious dilemma. On the one hand he won the elections, on the other hand 60% of his country's oil depended on Repsol and there were traces to his secret services, politicians, key people in the ministeries. He had no choice to cover it up. An 11-M commission was assigned to do a similar job as the 9/11 commission even though it is more detailed.

The same script was used by blaming the terrorist attacks on the drug dealers working for the secret services and piling lie upon lie. The popularity of Zapatero has since then diminished to Bushian levels as well.

That ends my hypothesis. This thing is not proven, it is just a plausible scenario.

A couple of remarks for those who read this and want to investigate:
1. Start with the drug dealers.
2. The drug dealers need to launder their money, so next step is find the insurance company / bank who launders for them.
3. Find traces for the team(s) used. This will be very hard, however it is probably privatized like 9/11 and probably includes Kroll/Marsh

=-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= Clippings =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-=

Some dates of interest from the investigation of March 11th 2004. 29 of the 34 persons now in prison accusated for the attacks are informers or controlled subjects of the spanish police or secret services.

They are small drug-dealers and similars.

After reading the public documents of Judge Juan del Olmo preparing the trial one sees the huge ammount of false testimonies and faked prooves used to incriminate those guys.

The official version, Al-Queda or islamic radicals are authors of the Massaker is a giant hoax.

The Massaker was necessarily executed with the help of members of the spanish security services.

Putting this in context with the surrender of the spanish Government to the terrorists of ETA ,one has to think that ETA knows about the real authorship of the massaker and has prooves about it.

The truth is terrible , spanish politicians of the actual government and black sheep in the police , possibly with collaboration of ETA are the murderers of 192 innocent spanish subjects. /

Marsh & Kroll in Spain
  • Correduria de Seguros (brokerage)
  • Kroll Associates Iberia, S.L. (intelligence)
  • Kroll Ontrack Iberia, S.L.U (data recovery unit which they had to buy because of the 9/11's inside trading ;) )
  • Marsh Privat, A.I.E. (private investigator)
  • Marsh Risk Consulting, S.L. (<- had some "interesting" seminars)
  • Marsh, S.A. Mediadores de Seguros (insurance mediators)
  • U.T.E. Marsh - Aon Gil y Carvajal (risk management, Insurance Agents, Brokers & Service)
  • U.T.E. Marsh - CCM
  • U.T.E. Marsh - Chang
  • U.T.E. Marsh - Disbrok
  • U.T.E. Marsh - Salvado
  • U.T.E. Marsh McLennan - Cobian & Cobian - La Coruna

    The Mystery of the Explosives

    Finally, on September 14th, eighteen months after the attacks, Luis del Pino, brought us back to the trains in a very successful way. He published in Libertad Digital the testimony of the provincial chief of the TEDAX (Technicians in Explosive Deactivation) in Madrid, that is included in the 3/11 Judicial Summary. This was the person in charge of coordinating the four units, one working in each attacked train, which searched for unexploded devices and began the investigation on March 11th.

    Surprisingly, this subordinate of Sanchez-Manzano, who unlike him is a real TEDAX promoted by experience, declared before the judge, on July 12th 2004, that:

    1) The visual inspection he carried out in arriving at Atocha station revealed that the damage in the trains could not be caused by dynamite, but by some type of military explosive, like C3 or C4.

    2) Nevertheless, the two deactivated rucksacks (one in Atocha and another one in El Pozo stations, numbers 11 and 12) contained some other type of explosive, because the procedures of deactivation anticipated for C3 or C4 failed. That is, the rucksacks found without exploding contained something different from the bombs that had exploded.

    3) The TEDAX gather samples and vestiges for a forensic analysis. Usually, says the inspector in his declaration, those samples and rests are taken to the office of the Provincial Group of the TEDAX. Nevertheless, that day, against the habitual procedure, the samples were taken to the central office of the TEDAX, directed by Sanchez-Manzano.

    4) Finally, this inspector of the TEDAX revealed to the judge the reason why the rucksack of Vallecas, the #13, had not exploded. It was because there were loose two wires and he informed him that that was known from March 12th, because before deactivating the device of Vallecas, a X-ray was performed to the rucksack.

    First, this information, that the bomb #13, the one that leaded the Police towards the Moroccans arrested just before the Elections, was not intended to explode, was hidden from the media and thus from the public at decisive moments.

    Second, we all were being told (tell a lie one thousand times and it will become a truth) that the terrorists used in the attacks dynamite Goma-2 ECO sourced in Asturias, that ended in the hands of a group of Islamic extremists that were being observed by security forces, easily cornered after the attack and forced to commit suicide.

    Much more at link:

    Strange Coincidences in Madrid

    Some very strange coincidences about the 3/11 bombings in Madrid have come to light. El Mundo, the Spanish-language daily, has been investigating the entire incident.

    The blogger Barcepundit has been translating some of thethe Spanish articles into English , and here is a good summary article from Frank Gaffney at NRO (hat-tip to Chrenkoff for all of these.)

    In an effort to completely blow out my bandwidth for the month, and to clearly depict the strange coincidences and relationships in the investigation, I've created the chart below. See an explanation of each number under the chart.

    See also:
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