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wildbilln864 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-03-06 07:50 PM
Response to Reply #89
96. A side note.....
"American soldiers are dumb animals to be used in the furtherance of 'our' foreign policy. Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or 'promulgated,' that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this 'scenario', individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government. NAFTA is a major stepping stone to the New World Order."-Austrian Jewish Dr. Heinz "Henry" Kissinger
These are the words of the man first hired by president George W. Bush to head up the official probe of 9/11.
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  -No tin foil hat here. cdb  Feb-03-06 08:48 AM   #0 
  - save your own copy of this  tech3149   Feb-03-06 09:27 AM   #1 
  - will do  helderheid   Feb-03-06 10:53 AM   #54 
  - Let me guess. This is yet another conspiracy theory about 9/11?  Benfea   Feb-03-06 09:29 AM   #2 
  - Benfea, I suggest you watch it.  Atman   Feb-03-06 09:35 AM   #3 
  - I've seen a million of these things already.  Benfea   Feb-03-06 09:44 AM   #4 
     - With ya...  Dr_eldritch   Feb-03-06 09:50 AM   #7 
     - It's not a demolition at all.  Benfea   Feb-03-06 09:54 AM   #11 
        - LOL... That's NOT a demolition?  Dr_eldritch   Feb-03-06 09:57 AM   #14 
        - "You don't agree with me, therefore you have been duped by the conspiracy"  Benfea   Feb-03-06 10:12 AM   #29 
           - Thanks for proving my point.  Atman   Feb-03-06 10:20 AM   #35 
           - And yet you believe in Election Fraud?  Dr_eldritch   Feb-03-06 10:27 AM   #41 
           - or Duped by the Conspiracy Theory Spoon Fed By Our Always Honest Gov't?  we can do it   Feb-03-06 11:56 AM   #71 
        - Lemme guess, you're one of those  Dr_eldritch   Feb-03-06 10:02 AM   #23 
        - What about it does not look like a demolition?  pauldp   Feb-03-06 06:18 PM   #93 
     - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Feb-03-06 09:52 AM   #8 
     - "if you try to get into a "debate" with them, they're right no matter what  Atman   Feb-03-06 09:53 AM   #10 
     - Yeah!!!  hang a left   Feb-03-06 09:59 AM   #18 
     - I'm consistently amused  Dr_eldritch   Feb-03-06 10:06 AM   #25 
     - Bravo!!  Clark2008   Feb-03-06 11:15 AM   #58 
        - It's as good as their explanation that kerosene vaporized titanium  Atman   Feb-03-06 11:50 AM   #69 
        - Don't You Know The Official Conspiracy Theory Makes So Much More Sense  we can do it   Feb-03-06 12:05 PM   #74 
        - I think you were on the right track back then Clark.  vickiss   Feb-06-06 07:19 PM   #111 
     - Boo hoo.  Benfea   Feb-03-06 10:12 AM   #28 
        - "When are the aliens bringing back Jimmy Hoffa's shoes?"  Atman   Feb-03-06 10:18 AM   #34 
        - OK, last response  Benfea   Feb-03-06 10:22 AM   #37 
        - I thought you said you did your research?  Atman   Feb-03-06 10:25 AM   #39 
        - Benfea  Bouvet_Island   Feb-06-06 08:35 PM   #112 
        - Marvin Bush was the "Security" for the WTC for a year before 911 and  Trevelyan   Feb-03-06 10:37 AM   #45 
        - Oh for fuck's sake.  yibbehobba   Feb-03-06 11:22 AM   #61 
        - I like a sticker for facts! Stratetec's CEO was NOT *'s brother!!  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 11:55 AM   #70 
           - It is germane. Here is why  Atman   Feb-03-06 12:00 PM   #72 
           - forgot my sarcasm icon -- I'm with you, believe me  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 12:06 PM   #75 
           - Well, duh! half of American's have the last name Bush... right??  helderheid   Feb-03-06 12:07 PM   #76 
           - Marvin Bush  helderheid   Feb-03-06 12:09 PM   #77 
           - i'm with you fellow patriot----wtf??????  natrat   Feb-03-06 01:49 PM   #87 
        - Trev..twas marvin bush who ordered the "bomb sniffing dogs"  DemInDistress   Feb-04-06 01:53 PM   #101 
        - Interesting contradiction in your reasoning ...  HamdenRice   Feb-03-06 10:38 AM   #48 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-03-06 05:35 PM   #92 
        - how e-z is it to prepare a building for demo..pretty e-z  DemInDistress   Feb-04-06 01:42 PM   #100 
        - "deliberately didn't do all they could"  dchill   Feb-04-06 04:42 PM   #105 
     - yea the terrorists did it-every good murican knows that  natrat   Feb-03-06 09:55 AM   #12 
     - What I was happy the producers included  Atman   Feb-03-06 10:11 AM   #27 
     - Link to a bit of info on Silverstein insurance:  satya   Feb-03-06 11:38 AM   #65 
     - Those Damn Arabs with Box Cutters Outsmarted NORAD and the US Airforce  we can do it   Feb-03-06 12:11 PM   #78 
        - And don't forget the instant identifications of the "terrists"  Atman   Feb-03-06 12:14 PM   #79 
           - And Some of Them Are Still Alive In Other Countries  we can do it   Feb-03-06 04:55 PM   #91 
     - What's the point of examining the evidence and asking questions?  SpiralHawk   Feb-03-06 10:25 AM   #40 
     - Ok, so you don't agree with the demolition stuff....  Laurab   Feb-03-06 11:23 AM   #62 
     - Wow! Major Deposit Of Distortions There Fella' - Got Evidence?  Christophera   Feb-04-06 01:25 AM   #98 
  - .....  hang a left   Feb-03-06 09:57 AM   #15 
  - you'll want to see this too:  helderheid   Feb-03-06 09:46 AM   #5 
  - The Dutch documentary about the Carlyle Group?  Benfea   Feb-03-06 09:52 AM   #9 
     - actually, this is a different Dutch documentary - it's just 20 minutes  helderheid   Feb-03-06 09:58 AM   #16 
     - Your attempt at redeeming yourself and recovering  hang a left   Feb-03-06 10:02 AM   #22 
     - Why are all the things you mention mutually exclusive?  Atman   Feb-03-06 10:14 AM   #30 
     - The important thing the Truth Movement is doing isn't MAKING UP theories  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 10:17 AM   #32 
        - And That Is THE POINT To All Of This - Everything They Do Invokes 9/11  we can do it   Feb-03-06 07:39 PM   #94 
           - I always think Rove  CJCRANE   Feb-04-06 01:19 PM   #99 
              - They Act Like We Work For Them - Not the Other Way Around  we can do it   Feb-06-06 08:48 PM   #113 
  - I'll never get why people are so aggressively close minded.  helderheid   Feb-03-06 09:48 AM   #6 
  - The surest way to evoke violence is to challenge their fundamental beliefs  greyhound1966   Feb-03-06 09:57 AM   #13 
  - being faced with good evidence that everything you stand for is a lie  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 11:32 AM   #64 
  - Touch  Atman   Feb-03-06 11:42 AM   #68 
     - I had just returned home to the States the previous month. It was like  helderheid   Feb-03-06 12:01 PM   #73 
     - atman..I read all your posts in this thread and a ^5 to you..  DemInDistress   Feb-04-06 02:50 PM   #104 
  - Kind of like giving up the belief in an omnipotent daddy that will fix or  MrSammo1   Feb-06-06 03:44 AM   #108 
  - I don't get it ~ you would think  goclark   Feb-03-06 10:00 AM   #19 
  - Plenty of us can view G.W. Bush as a completely illegitimate jackass  trotsky   Feb-03-06 10:15 AM   #31 
     - You don't demand facts from your government  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 10:21 AM   #36 
     - Fuck your generalizations.  trotsky   Feb-03-06 10:31 AM   #43 
        - Did you watch this movie?  Atman   Feb-03-06 10:34 AM   #44 
        - I can't watch it here at work.  trotsky   Feb-03-06 10:37 AM   #46 
        - Great.  Atman   Feb-03-06 10:42 AM   #49 
        - What, you're saying all the people raving about it  trotsky   Feb-03-06 10:44 AM   #50 
        - No, I'm not saying that.  Atman   Feb-03-06 10:47 AM   #51 
        - You know what's funny?  trotsky   Feb-03-06 10:52 AM   #52 
           - Okay, time for a reality check.  Atman   Feb-03-06 11:08 AM   #55 
           - Please note  trotsky   Feb-03-06 12:59 PM   #83 
           - pro-jec-tion [n.] The attribution of one's own attitudes, feelings, o  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 11:20 AM   #60 
              - Yep  trotsky   Feb-03-06 01:00 PM   #84 
        - I Watched It A Couple Nights Before This Was Posted  we can do it   Feb-03-06 07:45 PM   #95 
        - Without subpena power, no theory will definitively be proven to be true  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 11:39 AM   #66 
        - I was were you are last week.  Clark2008   Feb-03-06 11:30 AM   #63 
        - I have two full video tapes of the news coverage on 9/11  Atman   Feb-03-06 11:40 AM   #67 
        - The "Happy Accident"  CJCRANE   Feb-04-06 01:55 PM   #102 
           - These Guys Are Just Lucky! Not Devious  we can do it   Feb-06-06 09:07 PM   #114 
        - this reminds me of the right wingers going nuts about MM's F 9/11 when  helderheid   Feb-03-06 10:38 AM   #47 
        - I see, so you DON'T believe the official account of 9-11  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 11:15 AM   #59 
        - your OWN sweeping judgments  MrSammo1   Feb-06-06 03:49 AM   #109 
     - if you demand facts, watch this film. It's full of them.  helderheid   Feb-03-06 10:22 AM   #38 
     - Remember, We Are On the Same Side Here, Please Consider the Evidence  we can do it   Feb-03-06 07:57 PM   #97 
  - Either the cognitive dissonance is overwhelming to them  MakeItSo   Feb-03-06 10:18 AM   #33 
  - "aggressively close minded"...  dchill   Feb-04-06 05:31 PM   # 
     - or willfully ignorant......  MrSammo1   Feb-06-06 03:55 AM   #110 
        - I Have Become Fashionably Dumb.....  we can do it   Feb-06-06 09:12 PM   #115 
  - wow, this is incredible! Lots and lots of MSM pulled together in this too!  helderheid   Feb-03-06 09:59 AM   #17 
  - Reinforces other things I have seen concerning 9/11  liberal N proud   Feb-03-06 10:01 AM   #20 
  - This is an Excellent film and it is amazing that it is a Google Video!Wow!  OmmmSweetOmmm   Feb-03-06 10:01 AM   #21 
  - This was great - Thanks so much  dogday   Feb-03-06 10:03 AM   #24 
  - It still gives me chills watching those planes hit the towers. What a God  helderheid   Feb-03-06 10:08 AM   #26 
  - amazing amazing amazing amazing.  helderheid   Feb-03-06 10:31 AM   #42 
  - Many excellent references to contradict the official "story"  Straight Shooter   Feb-03-06 10:53 AM   #53 
  - Why, indeed...  Atman   Feb-03-06 11:12 AM   #57 
     - Try doing some research and collecting a few facts.  Benfea   Feb-03-06 02:18 PM   #90 
  - Thanks.  Clark2008   Feb-03-06 11:10 AM   #56 
  - is this still on the greatest page?  helderheid   Feb-03-06 12:18 PM   #80 
  - They have to keep it in the realm of Crazy Conspiracy Theories  Atman   Feb-03-06 12:29 PM   #81 
     - yes, I think the title was just vague enough. :)  helderheid   Feb-03-06 12:38 PM   #82 
     - The "official" 9/11 story is a crazy conspiracy theory...  Blue Belle   Feb-03-06 01:19 PM   #85 
     - It finally made it there  Sydnie   Feb-03-06 01:23 PM   #86 
  - What more evidence do people need to see what has been done here!  liberal N proud   Feb-03-06 02:07 PM   #88 
  - And they will hang on to their power at all costs - including fraudulent  helderheid   Feb-03-06 02:09 PM   #89 
     - A side note.....  wildbilln864   Feb-03-06 07:50 PM   #96 
        - a side side note...Frederick the Great had said, "if my soldiers  DemInDistress   Feb-04-06 02:42 PM   #103 
  - The video's title is "Loose Change, 2nd Edition" -  file83   Feb-04-06 05:31 PM   #106 
  - Watch this movie.  dchill   Feb-05-06 01:41 PM   #107 

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