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Reply #24: Optimism and NIST [View All]

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petgoat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-13-05 02:09 PM
Response to Reply #16
24. Optimism and NIST
hack, I think if you'll look at the names on the NIST report you'll see
that responsibility is so fragmented that the number of those actually
reponsible for the coverup aspects of the report is very small.

As to optimism--what could possibly be more optimistic than to think
that we are presently operating under an evil regime that steals
elections and wages unnecessary wars in order to create a climate
justifying abrogation of civil liberties and massive military

That view says that the American people are not nearly as stupid and
bigoted as some would have us believe. That view says that if we can
just get rid of the blight of the Bush cabal we can have peace,
freedom, and prosperity. We can cut our $500 billion a year military
(some say it's $800 billion all told*) down to a rational 50 or 60
billion, and fund a major educational initiative to prepare our
unemployed for jobs and prepare our kids to compete in the future.

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