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Zaphod 36 Donating Member (38 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-21-05 07:53 AM
Response to Reply #30
32. Try to answer your questions
1) why couldn't the crash site have been made by a 757-sized drone?

There was no airplane parts on the crash site. If the plane came from southeast, then normally there must be some airplane parts(especially the tail)in the field to the Rollock direction. If there was airplane parts they would publicize the photos, because this photos are very good stuff for the officially version.
There is also no accumulation of earth in this direction.
The witnesses in Boswell saw the plane at 2000 feet. Stacey Tayler and Fritz talked about 6000 feet descending. I think UA 93 was heading to Johnstown in his final minutes after the shoot down and 180-Return(Fritz also mentioned). It was descending from 6000 to 2000 feet, overflewing the indian lake area and just gliding.

2) how could a missile from the white plane mimic the crash site? Where did the airplane parts come from? Were they pre-planted?
There was no airplane parts, just scrap from Rollock nearby(scrap-recycling company). They digged the crater before and planted the scrap(and other things) inside. They digged the furrows too.
On an airphoto shortly after the "crash" you can see a blue container near the crater. Why was there a blue container when there was no building site(coal mine) on this location? I guess there was a building site shortly before 09/11...

3) why was the crash site faked in the first place?
It was the officially crash site and a red herring one and all.
The real crash of flight 93 was at another coal mine. It was planned to do both things simultaneously. But this project was disturbed by the interceptor. So the missile hit the crater 3 minutes too late.

4) What exactly was the C-130 operating by remote control, since it wasn't around for much of flight 93?

A remote pilot, two sensor operators, support staff, along with a ground control station carried by a C-130 transport plane, are required to operate a Predator. A group of SWARM planes will be managed by a single person using equipment as commonplace as a PDA.

Stanley Hilton mentioned the crashing planes was remoted by cyclops system. Probably the C-130 was operating with cyclops.
Flight 93 departed with all hostages of the four hijacked planes with destination to Afghanistan. But the final destination of the plotters are a coal mine nearby. They took control of the plane with Home Run("Flight Path Change Request") and remoted Flight 93 with cyclops to the coal mine.
The official path of Flight 93 was a red herring and done with another aircraft(UA91?)

5) You don't think there was any plane-swap operation for flight 93?
I think, UA93 and UA175 landed in Johnstown(around 09:30) on the way to Cleveland. A third plane (Buffets plane or UA91?) continued the official Flight Path.
This plane landed in Johnstown(Buffets plane landed in Johnstown!) and was swapped by the remoted UA93 from Johnstown.
I found also this:
Shortly before it went down, another call was made to the Westmoreland County 911 center from a Mount Pleasant Township resident who said he could see a large plane flying low and banking from side to side.

Why is the banking plane seen near Mount Pleasant, north of Johnstown? Was it seen shortly after the departure in Johnstown in north direction? In which direction the planes starting at Johnstown airport?

"John Hugya, an administrative assistant to U.S. Rep John Murtha, said *he has been told that the plane initially flew over Cambria County Airport in Johnstown.* There was no communication from the plane, and the plane was not responding to Cleveland Center, which is how they knew it was one of the hijacked planes."
This is quotet from your last posts. The overflew of Johnstown is in contradiction to the official version. Maybe the plane was not overflew Johnstown, it landed there.

6) Is there any evidence for all four 9/11 planes being at Johnstown airport? If so, what is it? I have never seen it.

No, but it is strange enough that Bergen Record wrote about the evacuation of Johnstown at 09:20. After this evacuation there was no independent people, who can witness the landing of the hijacked plane.
The day before there was a drill named "Amalgam Virgo"? What do you think about that?

7) what happened to flight 93 after it was hit by a missile? I have a hard time believing the whole plane blew up over the lake-- the lake is not that big.
It made a return after it was on the run unsuccessfully. It was gliding and descending to the abandoned, prepared coal mine out of the way in this area. It nosedived in this coal mine.
They borrowed the CVR, maybe some DNA or mostly of the plane. Or the whole plane was buried in the coal mine.
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