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Response to Reply #2
18. Deleted message
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  -Calls for Israel's destruction in London Colorado Blue  May-22-05 01:01 AM   #0 
  - It's about time  Coastie for Truth   May-22-05 01:38 AM   #1 
  - Yesterday he RRRAWWWKEDD, today he SSSUXXX!!!  Jim Sagle   May-22-05 01:41 AM   #2 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   May-22-05 09:28 PM   #18 
  - Jewish People  rogue_bandit   May-22-05 01:44 AM   #3 
  - Britain's Jewish Problem by Abraham Foxman, New York Sun, May 18, 2005  Coastie for Truth   May-22-05 09:56 AM   #5 
  - Don't kid yourself. The politics of the British Empire (and  Colorado Blue   May-22-05 01:06 PM   #10 
  - Gimme a BREAK already. WHO DO YOU THINK LIVES IN  Colorado Blue   May-22-05 12:35 PM   #7 
  - What does it mean to "destroy Israel"?  Darranar   May-22-05 08:29 PM   #17 
     - I believe, in the context of the demonstration, in which  Colorado Blue   May-22-05 11:12 PM   #19 
     - The legitimacy of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people...  Darranar   May-22-05 11:42 PM   #23 
        - I want to respond but I'm fried. Your questions demand  Colorado Blue   May-23-05 12:17 AM   #25 
        - I'll try at some possible answers.  igil   May-27-05 05:19 PM   #27 
           - Anyone who calls for the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Israel...  Darranar   May-27-05 09:47 PM   #28 
              - A state only has a right to exist to the extent  igil   May-27-05 11:19 PM   #29 
                 - You did not imply that. I was clarifying my own position...  Darranar   May-28-05 10:46 AM   #30 
                    - Darranar.....  pelsar   May-28-05 10:55 AM   #31 
                       - I agree with that. But would you accept a binational solution...  Darranar   May-28-05 12:14 PM   #32 
     - An International Politician - Not a 19 Year Old Student  Colorado Blue   May-22-05 11:13 PM   #20 
     - "22 Stupid Arab States"  Colorado Blue   May-22-05 11:15 PM   #21 
  - So, where's the quotes from Galloway  rogue_bandit   May-22-05 02:59 PM   #11 
  - I think Galloway's point is obvious.  Colorado Blue   May-22-05 11:25 PM   #22 
  - Or to the standard ANSWER response in defense  Coastie for Truth   May-22-05 03:53 PM   #14 
     - "paranoiac conflations and innuendos"  not systems   May-22-05 05:36 PM   #16 
  - Um - Israel has been a working democracy in many ways. Yes -  applegrove   May-22-05 02:09 AM   #4 
  - Why just Israel's feet?  Coastie for Truth   May-22-05 10:15 AM   #6 
  - I agree. There are many feet that are being held to the fire. And yes  applegrove   May-22-05 03:50 PM   #13 
  - I don't think you sound like a Neocon. I believe that this  Colorado Blue   May-22-05 12:58 PM   #8 
  - The only thing laughable about sending Laura to the middle east  applegrove   May-22-05 03:56 PM   #15 
  - PS - the timing on this is especially terrible because people  Colorado Blue   May-22-05 01:00 PM   #9 
     - CB....  pelsar   May-22-05 03:06 PM   #12 
        - You make me feel better! But, personally I worry, I worry  Colorado Blue   May-23-05 12:19 AM   #26 
  - Here are some links for context.  Colorado Blue   May-23-05 12:04 AM   #24 
  - Further discussion on this thread  Jack Rabbit   May-28-05 12:22 PM   #33 

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