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Reply #33: okay, so what does that have to do with [View All]

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IHateFundies Donating Member (55 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-17-04 12:28 AM
Response to Reply #15
33. okay, so what does that have to do with
your seeming approval of spitting on indigenous Orthodox Christians?
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  -Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them IHateFundies  Oct-16-04 02:54 PM   #0 
  - Championship flame bait.  94114_San_Francisco   Oct-16-04 02:57 PM   #1 
  - Divisive wedge issues two weeks before an election  sangh0   Oct-16-04 05:27 PM   #18 
     - if this is a wedge issue, we're in trouble  IHateFundies   Oct-16-04 05:50 PM   #20 
        - It SHOULD be a wedge issue....  AntiFascist   Oct-16-04 05:53 PM   #21 
        - That's right - Dems can't take a clear position on "no spitting on people"  sangh0   Oct-16-04 06:43 PM   #22 
  - I sent this article to some friends the other day and one  ikojo   Oct-16-04 02:58 PM   #2 
  - And, uh...what are your thoughts on this? Why post it?  Vickers   Oct-16-04 03:02 PM   #3 
  - well of course I think it's wrong  IHateFundies   Oct-16-04 03:04 PM   #4 
     - It's not right to spit on people for ANY reason  Vickers   Oct-16-04 03:04 PM   #5 
        - I disagree....  liberal_veteran   Oct-16-04 03:07 PM   #6 
           - Hey, I never claimed I did everything right or legal in my life  Vickers   Oct-16-04 03:08 PM   #7 
           - Wouldn't spit on them if they were on fire.  Matilda   Oct-18-04 02:22 AM   #36 
  - Christian churches are losing their ancient properties.....  kokomo   Oct-16-04 03:45 PM   #8 
  - It's basically anti-Christian ethnic cleansing  HamdenRice   Oct-16-04 04:48 PM   #13 
  - "Ethnic cleansing"?  JohnLocke   Oct-16-04 05:22 PM   #17 
     - ethnic cleansing is an appropriate term  cushla_machree   Oct-16-04 06:50 PM   #23 
  - Please.  JohnLocke   Oct-16-04 05:20 PM   #16 
  - Armenian Christians appeal to the government over church property  IHateFundies   Oct-16-04 07:58 PM   #28 
  - Considering the fact that neocons and Christian fundamentalists....  AntiFascist   Oct-16-04 03:54 PM   #9 
  - these Christians have been there since before the founding of  IHateFundies   Oct-16-04 04:01 PM   #10 
     - I remember some of the buzz right before 9/11....  AntiFascist   Oct-16-04 04:11 PM   #11 
     - what was the pre-911 buzz?  IHateFundies   Oct-16-04 04:31 PM   #12 
        - All the buzz surrounding Osama bin Ladin prior to 9/11...  AntiFascist   Oct-16-04 05:17 PM   #15 
           - okay, so what does that have to do with  IHateFundies   Oct-17-04 12:28 AM   #33 
              - I would never approve of such a thing, eventhough I admitted.....  AntiFascist   Oct-17-04 12:43 AM   #34 
     - They don't think we're Christians  knitter4democracy   Oct-16-04 06:52 PM   #24 
        - That's simply not true  IHateFundies   Oct-16-04 07:05 PM   #25 
        - Not quite  knitter4democracy   Oct-16-04 10:14 PM   #29 
        - Many progressive Christians don't consider fundamentalists.....  AntiFascist   Oct-16-04 07:05 PM   #26 
  - I am against people spitting on me as well..  Copland   Oct-16-04 04:53 PM   #14 
  - I don't get it  Selatius   Oct-16-04 05:37 PM   #19 
  - It's a sign of insecurity, to fear anybody who's different.  Matilda   Oct-18-04 02:33 AM   #37 
  - There was a prevailing rumor after 9/11....  AntiFascist   Oct-18-04 03:34 AM   #39 
  - Spitting on people is so demeaning. It truly demeans both people.  DemBones DemBones   Oct-16-04 07:30 PM   #27 
  - Payback is a bitch, aint it?  Waverley_Hills_Hiker   Oct-16-04 11:17 PM   #30 
     - Great  The Straight Story   Oct-16-04 11:27 PM   #31 
     - Hitler certainly saw it that way  masher   Oct-16-04 11:38 PM   #32 
     - nice progressive theory that one  Djinn   Oct-17-04 10:42 PM   #35 
     - Except those Christians are dead.  geek tragedy   Oct-18-04 02:57 AM   #38 

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