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Reply #10: Yea and I don't recall we ever supplied white phosphorus to the Palestinians and such: [View All]

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Jefferson23 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-26-11 03:08 PM
Response to Reply #8
10. Yea and I don't recall we ever supplied white phosphorus to the Palestinians and such:
The human rights group Amnesty International is calling on the United Nations to impose an arms embargo on Israel and the Palestinians, saying both sides used weapons supplied from abroad to carry out attacks on civilians during their three-week conflict in Gaza.

The London-based group issued a 38-page report Sunday night that detailed "evidence of war crimes and other serious violations of international law by all parties."

Israeli forces used white phosphorus and other weapons supplied by the United States, killing hundreds of civilians and destroying homes, the group said.

Too bad an embargo did not happen for each side.
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  -United States Should Step Aside as Mideast Broker Jefferson23  Oct-25-11 02:23 PM   #0 
  - No one's broker as the Mideast broker.  dtexdem   Oct-25-11 02:38 PM   #1 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-25-11 11:45 PM   #2 
  - wow  Shaktimaan   Oct-26-11 01:17 AM   #3 
  - The responsibility for a peace agreement is not of the US, but to be a fair broker.  Jefferson23   Oct-26-11 04:06 PM   #13 
  - While America continues to finance and shelter Israel, it has a duty to rein it in.  Donald Ian Rankin   Oct-26-11 10:18 AM   #4 
     - America also finances the Palestinian Authority  oberliner   Oct-26-11 11:03 AM   #5 
        - Because the PA is not occupying another country's territory. N.T.  Donald Ian Rankin   Oct-26-11 12:37 PM   #6 
        - Not sure how that is responsive to anything  oberliner   Oct-26-11 02:19 PM   #7 
           - I'm not advocating impartiality; sorry if I gave the impression I was.  Donald Ian Rankin   Oct-26-11 04:51 PM   #14 
              - That's a shame  oberliner   Oct-27-11 05:42 AM   #24 
              - It would be a step in the right direction.  Donald Ian Rankin   Oct-27-11 07:03 AM   #27 
                 - The outside world is definitely not impartial  oberliner   Oct-27-11 11:53 AM   #29 
              - There's no good reason to be impartial to, or supportive of regressive Hamas and PLO goals.  shira   Oct-27-11 06:45 AM   #26 
        - are you unaware that Congress is currently trying to 'defund' the Palestinian Authority  azurnoir   Oct-26-11 02:44 PM   #8 
        - Yea and I don't recall we ever supplied white phosphorus to the Palestinians and such:  Jefferson23   Oct-26-11 03:08 PM   #10 
        - The US has actually speeded up bomb deliveries to Israel in times of 'heavy usage'  azurnoir   Oct-26-11 03:45 PM   #11 
           - Proves W was good at something..getting bombs delivered quickly.  Jefferson23   Oct-26-11 03:59 PM   #12 
        - Not true  oberliner   Oct-26-11 05:01 PM   #15 
           - not true that Congress is attempting to cut or withhold the PA's funding  azurnoir   Oct-26-11 05:28 PM   #17 
           - No it's not  oberliner   Oct-26-11 05:36 PM   #18 
              - There has been no attempt in Congress to block PA funding? n/t  azurnoir   Oct-26-11 06:05 PM   #19 
              - No there hasn't  oberliner   Oct-27-11 05:39 AM   #23 
                 - no it was not an attempt it was successful the US is halting the transfer of 200 million dollars  azurnoir   Oct-27-11 02:26 PM   #31 
                    - Not true  oberliner   Oct-27-11 03:29 PM   #32 
                       - oh ok the funds are being 'withheld' meaning the transfer has been halted  azurnoir   Oct-27-11 03:58 PM   #33 
                          - No funds are being withheld and nothing has been halted  oberliner   Oct-27-11 07:35 PM   #34 
                             - so the stories are what untrue just smoke ?  azurnoir   Oct-28-11 12:58 AM   #35 
                             - Here is one story on the funds that are being withheld  azurnoir   Oct-28-11 01:14 AM   #36 
                                - Do you read your own links?  oberliner   Oct-28-11 04:15 AM   #37 
                                   - you've stated repeatedly that no funds had been withheld I just proved they have been  azurnoir   Oct-28-11 08:37 AM   #38 
                                      - You have not  oberliner   Oct-28-11 09:46 AM   #39 
                                         - They do equal attempts, though. N.T.  Donald Ian Rankin   Oct-28-11 11:15 AM   #40 
                                            - True - but the poster I'm responding to wrote "it was not an attempt"  oberliner   Oct-28-11 11:49 AM   #41 
              - Here are some links that show that it has.  Donald Ian Rankin   Oct-26-11 07:45 PM   #21 
                 - None of those links show that  oberliner   Oct-27-11 05:38 AM   #22 
                    - You've just moved the goalposts.  Donald Ian Rankin   Oct-27-11 07:05 AM   #28 
                       - I don't think I have  oberliner   Oct-27-11 11:54 AM   #30 
           - That's a slightly odd choice of measure.  Donald Ian Rankin   Oct-26-11 07:42 PM   #20 
              - It's quite natural  oberliner   Oct-27-11 05:44 AM   #25 
        - Hasn't there been times when the opposite has happened?  Violet_Crumble   Oct-26-11 03:08 PM   #9 
           - Not since the creation of the Palestinian Authority  oberliner   Oct-26-11 05:13 PM   #16 

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