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Reply #135: And that means exactly what? [View All]

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Chulanowa Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-07-10 02:52 AM
Response to Reply #78
135. And that means exactly what?
I'm not being facetious. Really, what does "having a long history there" mean, after two thousand thousand years? What's the statute of limitations on who gets to recreate their countries?

If you support Israel on basis that there used to be a Jewish kingdom there several thousand years ago, should you then accept the recreation of the Confederate states of America, which existed far more recently? How about the Ottoman empire, should it be reconstituted?

How about the opposite? Should a state with little history then be turned over to people who have a greater claim to it? Should New Zealand dissolve its government and let the Maori rule? Should Turkestan and Tajikistan be absorbed into Iran, since they've been Persian much, much longer than they were Tajik or Turkoman? should israel become part of Egypt, if this is the case? or should it become part of Lebanon? Hard to tell if the egyptians or Canaanites have elder claim on that turf, after all, it gets a little murky back i nthe days before literacy.

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  - Helen Thomas Dropped By Speaking Agency, Under Fire For Remarks On Middle East The Northerner  Jun-06-10 07:48 PM   #0 
  - I saw the tape and found her remarks despicable  bluestateguy   Jun-06-10 07:55 PM   #1 
  - she committed no violent act but she got it wrong  yava   Jun-06-10 08:07 PM   #5 
  - notice what *everyone* else in corporate media is forced to say now...  subsuelo   Jun-06-10 09:49 PM   #46 
  - I saw the tape and find no fault with expressing frustration over occupiers  uppityperson   Jun-06-10 08:45 PM   #18 
     - thank you for this  annm4peace   Jun-06-10 10:34 PM   #59 
     - Thank you again  azurnoir   Jun-07-10 06:17 AM   #141 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-07-10 08:10 AM   #144 
     - Oh good. Its been awhile since we've had a "Jews control the world" post  SemiCharmedQuark   Jun-07-10 09:18 AM   #145 
        - Well, THAT was a wild leap from what I posted. Maybe you meant to reply to someone else  uppityperson   Jun-07-10 08:00 PM   #155 
     - Is that really all she said??  PerpetuallyDazed   Jun-07-10 10:33 AM   #152 
  - Once again, this is really too bad. She apologized and has been a great questioner of  uppityperson   Jun-06-10 07:58 PM   #2 
  - no its not  iandhr   Jun-06-10 08:03 PM   #3 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-06-10 08:06 PM   #4 
     - here is more.  uppityperson   Jun-06-10 08:08 PM   #6 
     - It is wrong to tell occupiers to leave?  uppityperson   Jun-06-10 08:10 PM   #7 
     - Thanks for posting her words for better context....  Deuce   Jun-06-10 08:38 PM   #16 
     - You are welcome, taking things out of context is deceptive, I like to see/hear more.  uppityperson   Jun-06-10 08:43 PM   #17 
     - What better context.  iandhr   Jun-06-10 08:48 PM   #22 
        - Well, it's a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul  Chulanowa   Jun-06-10 08:57 PM   #26 
        - One dimension needs to be added to this line of thinking.  AtheistCrusader   Jun-06-10 11:39 PM   #78 
           - And that means exactly what?  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 02:52 AM   #135 
              - I did not convey that well.  AtheistCrusader   Jun-07-10 12:39 PM   #154 
        - the "better context" of talking to occupiers. Should the usa stay in Iraq?  uppityperson   Jun-06-10 09:06 PM   #29 
     - The comment in its context certainly sheds light on this non-event.  PSPS   Jun-06-10 08:46 PM   #21 
     - Israel is not an occupier. It was established by a UN mandate in 1948.  totodeinhere   Jun-06-10 09:12 PM   #33 
     - I also believe Kurdistan should be its own country again  uppityperson   Jun-06-10 09:25 PM   #38 
     - re: present far right government  iandhr   Jun-06-10 09:34 PM   #41 
     - Israel is an occupier, actually  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 02:53 AM   #136 
     - Tell that to the people forced off their lands and out of their homes  Tailormyst   Jun-07-10 09:23 AM   #146 
     - the fact is the Jews ARE home in Palestine - ever heard of the diaspora?  wordpix   Jun-06-10 10:13 PM   #53 
        - Ah yes, the bible  Chulanowa   Jun-06-10 11:20 PM   #74 
        - +1  uppityperson   Jun-07-10 01:53 AM   #113 
        - So if the Native Americans wanted their land back they could just  eagertolearn   Jun-06-10 11:39 PM   #80 
        - The Palestineans were NOT pushed out of their country...  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 12:13 AM   #89 
           - Ask The Arabs How They Felt About The "Mutual Agreement"  wellst0nev0ter   Jun-07-10 12:50 AM   #97 
           - re: Ask The Arabs How They Felt About The "Mutual Agreement"  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 01:09 AM   #103 
              - One set of occupiers gives it to another set and that is ok? Huh.  uppityperson   Jun-07-10 02:36 AM   #130 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-07-10 02:14 AM   #120 
        - "I am sick and tired of people blaming the entire Mideast mess on the Jews and Israel."???  uppityperson   Jun-07-10 01:53 AM   #112 
     - I'd be willing to bet that the "Mexicans"  Plucketeer   Jun-06-10 08:23 PM   #9 
     - Its one thing for Hispanics to come to the US  yava   Jun-06-10 08:55 PM   #25 
     - Are Hispanic people forcing us into poverty?  dencol   Jun-07-10 12:28 AM   #93 
  - A living president glibly yammers about how he tortured, and nothing happens  Plucketeer   Jun-06-10 08:17 PM   #8 
  - I will stand with Helen. Nt  xchrom   Jun-06-10 08:28 PM   #10 
  - I stand with Helen, too. nt  HelenWheels   Jun-06-10 08:31 PM   #12 
  - Me, too.  Peregrine Took   Jun-06-10 08:37 PM   #15 
     - I will, too.  mbperrin   Jun-06-10 09:01 PM   #27 
  - Not me  Yupster   Jun-06-10 08:45 PM   #20 
  - THANK YOU  iandhr   Jun-06-10 09:02 PM   #28 
  - That pain did not give them a free pass to land on  xchrom   Jun-06-10 09:40 PM   #44 
  - +1 how quickly people forget the 6 million dead, many from Poland & E. Europe  wordpix   Jun-06-10 10:19 PM   #54 
  - Palestinian propaganda...  iandhr   Jun-06-10 09:16 PM   #35 
  - What is anti-semitic?  yava   Jun-06-10 09:36 PM   #42 
  - How DARE The Arabs Reject A Patently Unfair Offer  wellst0nev0ter   Jun-07-10 01:01 AM   #100 
  - I stand with Helen, also...She's been a questioner...she's tired of Gibbs pandering  KoKo   Jun-06-10 09:33 PM   #40 
  - Same here n/t  OhioChick   Jun-06-10 09:39 PM   #43 
  - Me also.  webDude   Jun-06-10 10:35 PM   #60 
  - Helens outburst should be a lesson to us all  WileEcoyote   Jun-06-10 08:31 PM   #11 
  - Deleted.  Peregrine Took   Jun-06-10 08:36 PM   #14 
  - Some people are judged by the statements they make.  City Lights   Jun-06-10 09:07 PM   #30 
  - She is an excellent word smith IMO  goclark   Jun-06-10 09:09 PM   #32 
  - what was the sad part?  subsuelo   Jun-06-10 09:18 PM   #36 
     - That she made statements essentially aligning herself with Hamas  WileEcoyote   Jun-07-10 03:12 AM   #138 
        - oh ok, thanks. Yup she's clearly a terrorist. n/t  subsuelo   Jun-07-10 08:04 AM   #143 
  - So Granny fell off her Rocker  Interloper   Jun-06-10 08:35 PM   #13 
  - Cowards. Running away from criticism because of fear. Yet,  sabrina 1   Jun-06-10 08:45 PM   #19 
  - And Glen Beck calls for murder of public officials and gets to call it a joke  Chulanowa   Jun-06-10 08:49 PM   #23 
  - Indeed.  City Lights   Jun-06-10 09:08 PM   #31 
  - Wait a minute ....  humbled_opinion   Jun-06-10 08:51 PM   #24 
  - She has earned the ridicule and exclusion from the speaking agency.  jefferson_dem   Jun-06-10 09:12 PM   #34 
  - That's your prejudiced. Anti-Palestinian and dare I say racist opinion. Nt  xchrom   Jun-06-10 09:47 PM   #45 
     - You have the right to say what you please....  Techn0Girl   Jun-06-10 10:03 PM   #50 
     - +1 the fact that none of the Arab nations are offering anything to the Palestinians except maybe  wordpix   Jun-06-10 10:23 PM   #56 
     - Like what, for example?  Chulanowa   Jun-06-10 11:26 PM   #75 
        - as the expert, why don't you figure it out?  wordpix   Jun-06-10 11:37 PM   #77 
        - I'm not hte one claiming that other Arab nations owe Palestinians anything  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 02:03 AM   #117 
        - Hey - Here's a clue....  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 12:03 AM   #86 
           - Well, why should the Arabs give them land?  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 02:01 AM   #116 
              - because they're Arab and most have roots in those Arab states?  wordpix   Jun-07-10 10:22 AM   #149 
     - Exactly.  Starbucks Anarchist   Jun-06-10 10:44 PM   #64 
     - Trust me, it isn't about that at all.  spoony   Jun-06-10 10:20 PM   #55 
     - My racist opinion?  jefferson_dem   Jun-07-10 05:52 AM   #140 
  - Bizzarre to read posts defending hate speech on a liberal board.  Psephos   Jun-06-10 09:22 PM   #37 
  - It is also "bizarre" to hear so much outcry over partially quoted interchange  uppityperson   Jun-06-10 09:27 PM   #39 
  - That's just a partial transcript of the exchange  marshall   Jun-06-10 10:08 PM   #52 
     - link or transcript please? I'd be happy to read more.  uppityperson   Jun-07-10 02:38 AM   #132 
        - It's not hard to find  marshall   Jun-07-10 06:59 AM   #142 
           - Thank you for a link but I see no more there than what I transcribed  uppityperson   Jun-07-10 08:04 PM   #156 
              - Note that the interviewer directs Ms. Thomas to Jews as opposed to Israel  marshall   Jun-07-10 09:08 PM   #157 
                 - She answers when he says "where should they go", then he interjects  uppityperson   Jun-08-10 12:10 AM   #158 
  - There are indigenous people looking down the  xchrom   Jun-06-10 09:52 PM   #47 
  - If you are saying I'm bigoted against bigots, then...I will have to agree. n/t  Psephos   Jun-06-10 10:07 PM   #51 
  - Except that legitimate political support for the Palestinians...  Chulanowa   Jun-06-10 10:36 PM   #61 
  - Had a Republican said this, the reaction would be far different.  Starbucks Anarchist   Jun-06-10 10:39 PM   #62 
  - Jewish citizens of Israel should have the right to return to their original homelands.  David__77   Jun-06-10 10:56 PM   #69 
     - if they want to but why would they if they've made a good life in Israel?  wordpix   Jun-06-10 11:40 PM   #81 
     - I do not believe is compulsory transfer of Jews or non-Jews.  David__77   Jun-06-10 11:56 PM   #84 
     - Excuse me while I have a WTF moment....  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 12:08 AM   #87 
        - You clearly do not understand what I said.  David__77   Jun-07-10 12:20 AM   #91 
  - So let me get this straight...  Techn0Girl   Jun-06-10 09:54 PM   #48 
  - Will the "anti-occupiers" here give up your homes & properties to Native Americans?  wordpix   Jun-06-10 10:30 PM   #57 
  - Hi there. I'm a Native American  Chulanowa   Jun-06-10 10:49 PM   #66 
     - don't put words in my mouth. What was done to native peoples in America  wordpix   Jun-06-10 11:10 PM   #72 
     - Yeah ... it;s great that you're claiming to be some part Native American ....  Techn0Girl   Jun-06-10 11:55 PM   #83 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-07-10 01:56 AM   #114 
        - "In every single surrounding Moslim nation she has to hide her face and worse" What about Turkey?  uppityperson   Jun-07-10 02:42 AM   #134 
  - Yeah, you should get it straight  Chulanowa   Jun-06-10 10:43 PM   #63 
  - yes and California, Arizona & New Mexico were all once Mexico, so?  wordpix   Jun-06-10 10:51 PM   #67 
  - Well, you evidently really want to grasp at this straw  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 01:11 AM   #105 
     - you evidently want to turn back the clock instead of coming up with solutions  wordpix   Jun-07-10 10:20 AM   #148 
  - I think you should get it straight because....  Techn0Girl   Jun-06-10 11:45 PM   #82 
     - We're talking about Helen Thomas  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 12:23 AM   #92 
        - You're the one who brought up all the occupier stuff....  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 01:04 AM   #101 
           - Actually I didn't, but thanks for playing.  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 01:18 AM   #108 
              - Actually you did....  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 01:20 AM   #109 
                 - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-07-10 01:57 AM   #115 
                    - keep calling people names, Chulanowa: "confused, occupier, racist"  wordpix   Jun-07-10 10:14 AM   #147 
  - Many say all politics is local, but I think  Yupster   Jun-07-10 01:09 AM   #104 
  - From daily kos  iandhr   Jun-06-10 09:56 PM   #49 
  - I admire her sentiment ...  and-justice-for-all   Jun-06-10 10:34 PM   #58 
  - Hmmm...funny how free speech can cost you plenty if you decide to speak against the wrong people.  NoodleyAppendage   Jun-06-10 10:48 PM   #65 
  - hmmm, funny how telling victims of genocide to go back to where they were annihilated  wordpix   Jun-06-10 10:53 PM   #68 
     - Israel was created in 1947 from land that belonged to some other people at the time.  NoodleyAppendage   Jun-06-10 11:16 PM   #73 
        - you know, you cannot turn back history, you just have to try to make things better &  wordpix   Jun-06-10 11:39 PM   #79 
        - And the U.S. ws forcibly taken by the murder of millions of native Americans....  Techn0Girl   Jun-06-10 11:58 PM   #85 
        - Re: Israel was created in 1947 from land that belonged to some other people at the time.  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 12:16 AM   #90 
        - Perhaps you are unaware that the British were placing European Jews  mbperrin   Jun-07-10 12:40 AM   #95 
        - Yeah, it belonged to Britain.  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 12:58 AM   #99 
           - Strange, I Remember The Arabs Only Getting 43 Percent Of Mandatory Palestine  wellst0nev0ter   Jun-07-10 01:08 AM   #102 
              - Correction.  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 01:26 AM   #111 
                 - Well, if you want to get technical...  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 02:20 AM   #124 
                    - Does international law apply to the states that kept attacking Israel?  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 02:23 AM   #126 
                       - No, it's conquest  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 02:32 AM   #128 
                          - Same blah, blah.  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 02:38 AM   #131 
                             - I prefer to eat by myself  Chulanowa   Jun-07-10 03:02 AM   #137 
                                - "Moving aside Chulanowa'a boilerplate insinuations of racism"  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 03:17 AM   #139 
  - There is a lesson here.  David__77   Jun-06-10 11:00 PM   #70 
  - This doesnt negate that she is an incredible journalist  Dragonbreathp9d   Jun-06-10 11:04 PM   #71 
  - not an anti-Semite???  tazme   Jun-06-10 11:33 PM   #76 
  - She certainy was an incredible journalist....  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 01:24 AM   #110 
  - She is capable of truth! Grab that woman and hold her up to the light. We need more like her!  earcandle   Jun-07-10 12:11 AM   #88 
  - The jews should have been  deuce1   Jun-07-10 12:32 AM   #94 
     - The jews should have been taken home  Techn0Girl   Jun-07-10 01:17 AM   #106 
     - "taken home"? Where they were annihilated & blamed for all the ills in their nations?  wordpix   Jun-07-10 10:25 AM   #150 
     - "Israel is the cause of all the trouble in the ME" ---this is the Arab anti-Jewish meme  wordpix   Jun-07-10 10:31 AM   #151 
  - Good, I hope she never gets work again.  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 12:50 AM   #96 
  - That is despicable. One of our greatest journalists once says something out of line in anger and  saracat   Jun-07-10 02:05 AM   #118 
     - Would you be saying the same thing if she was talking about arabs, black, asians, whites?  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 02:07 AM   #119 
        - If the circumstances were the same, probably. But as the circumstances will never historically be  saracat   Jun-07-10 02:14 AM   #121 
        - In other words, no.  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 02:18 AM   #123 
           - What I am saying is an entire history of valuable contributions should not be negated by one  saracat   Jun-07-10 11:26 AM   #153 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-07-10 02:22 AM   #125 
           - You're adorable.  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 02:26 AM   #127 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-07-10 02:35 AM   #129 
                 - Now you have some explaining to do.  proteus_lives   Jun-07-10 02:41 AM   #133 
  - How convenient. Shameful n/t  Catherina   Jun-07-10 12:58 AM   #98 
  - I support Helen. This story is a good distraction from the slaughter by the Israeli  avaistheone1   Jun-07-10 01:17 AM   #107 
  - Antisemitism should not be tolerated in the white house press corps.  citizen snips   Jun-07-10 02:17 AM   #122 

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