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Reply #59: Guardian and Independent play down Turkey threat to deport resident Armenians [View All]

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shira Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-06-10 08:33 AM
Response to Original message
59. Guardian and Independent play down Turkey threat to deport resident Armenians
Last weeks announcement by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he might deport 100,000 Armenians from his country provides an interesting test for media responsiveness. It had potentially all the necessary ingredients for an explosive story: strong regional power responds to accusations of genocide against minority by threatening to deport said minority.

However, the comments made in an interview with the BBC following resolutions passed in the U.S. and Sweden acknowledging the mass killings of Armenians by Turkey between1915 and 1923 as an act of genocide, failed to attract much attention. Only the right-of centre broadsheets covering the story in their print editions. Turkey threatens mass expulsions to punish Armenians for genocide rulings led The Times international section on Thursday 18th March, detailing Erdogans threat:


This lack of interest is particularly noteworthy considering how much coverage these same media outlets have devoted to covering stories about evictions and demolitions relating to Palestinians in east Jerusalem. These affect a fraction of the number of people threatened by Turkey and yet stir a huge interest.


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  -A media eclipse: Israel-Palestine and the world's forgotten conflicts Mosby  Mar-24-10 09:25 AM   #0 
  - This will be dismissed as a "look over there" argument  oberliner   Mar-24-10 09:28 AM   #1 
  - How?  Donald Ian Rankin   Mar-24-10 10:24 AM   #2 
  - Solutions | Raise Hope for Congo  oberliner   Mar-24-10 11:00 AM   #3 
  - Ben Affleck launches initiative for Congo aid  oberliner   Mar-25-10 06:09 AM   #21 
     - Aid to Congo I am 100% in favour of.  Donald Ian Rankin   Mar-25-10 09:35 AM   #27 
  - Not sure if that was sarcastic, but I for one support Palestinians and oppressed  ProgressiveMuslim   Mar-24-10 01:13 PM   #5 
  - Well said. I feel exactly the same way...  Violet_Crumble   Mar-24-10 04:25 PM   #7 
  - well yes, that is a major part of the point:  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-24-10 05:09 PM   #10 
  - It must bother you a great deal that millions who suffer around the globe are virtually ignored  shira   Mar-24-10 06:36 PM   #12 
     - Not really, because they're not n/t  Violet_Crumble   Mar-24-10 08:03 PM   #15 
        - Millions around the globe who are suffering or being murdered are not being ignored?  shira   Mar-27-10 09:05 AM   #55 
           - You got it n/t  Violet_Crumble   Mar-28-10 06:48 AM   #58 
  - I feel the same  Christa   Mar-25-10 07:33 AM   #24 
  - Its mainly a hypocritical argument...  shaayecanaan   Mar-24-10 06:08 PM   #11 
  - Interesting article  LeftishBrit   Mar-24-10 12:12 PM   #4 
  - I agree that antisemitism/islamophobia  Mosby   Mar-24-10 04:17 PM   #6 
     - frankly, one of the things I would welcome most in seeing a just and lasting peace  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-24-10 05:02 PM   #9 
     - Can there ever be an end to the conflict as long as Israel exists?  oberliner   Mar-24-10 06:46 PM   #14 
        - Yes, first of all -- all 22 members of the Arab league and 57 members of  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-24-10 08:46 PM   #16 
           - How many of those countries are led by unelected dictators?  oberliner   Mar-25-10 05:16 AM   #19 
           - the idea of maintaining permanent hostility is a major part of what fuels this conflict  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-25-10 06:08 AM   #20 
              - wow ....why the obvious bias....  pelsar   Mar-25-10 04:13 PM   #29 
                 - you were being patently dishonest by trying to imply that Israelis society is not deeply, deeply  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-25-10 04:50 PM   #31 
                    - nice quotes...should i bother to find others from the immigrants and their views  pelsar   Mar-25-10 05:04 PM   #32 
                       - Why the BS and double standards?  shira   Mar-28-10 06:45 AM   #57 
           - i have to comment....its absurd...  pelsar   Mar-25-10 07:17 AM   #22 
           - My twopennyworth............Pew Research Centre poll 2009........  kayecy   Mar-25-10 07:33 AM   #23 
           - some polls in Israel  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-25-10 07:50 AM   #26 
              - and the arab polls? seem to avoid them at all costs...  pelsar   Mar-25-10 04:00 PM   #28 
                 - oberliner already pointed out some polls...he did not include any polls of Israelis  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-25-10 04:41 PM   #30 
                    - and your reaction is?  pelsar   Mar-25-10 05:07 PM   #33 
                       - as I stated above - with the resolution of the conflict - over time, much of the mutual fear and  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-25-10 05:25 PM   #34 
                          - that was not your statement(s)  pelsar   Mar-25-10 05:32 PM   #35 
                             - 90% of the hostility in the Arab world is directly related  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-25-10 05:41 PM   #36 
                                - and the arabs are not indoctrinated because  pelsar   Mar-25-10 06:07 PM   #37 
                                - its like this  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-25-10 11:41 PM   #38 
                                   - and most of them are not going to have contact with jews or israelis....  pelsar   Mar-26-10 02:33 AM   #40 
                                      - The difference is theory-based negativity and daily-contact-based negativity.  ProgressiveMuslim   Mar-26-10 06:56 AM   #42 
                                         - the Palestinians are in a different category  pelsar   Mar-26-10 07:43 AM   #43 
                                            - I think that's the kind of "ism" that's actually easier to remove.  ProgressiveMuslim   Mar-26-10 07:54 AM   #44 
                                               - experience based anti easier to fix  pelsar   Mar-26-10 11:27 AM   #45 
                                                  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-26-10 11:35 AM   #46 
                                                  - Don't know if you saw the previous. I guess no pix?  ProgressiveMuslim   Mar-26-10 03:17 PM   #48 
                                                  - nah missed it...  pelsar   Mar-27-10 01:08 AM   #50 
     - and there's lots of $$$ in the I/P narrative....sells newspapers, etc.  shira   Mar-24-10 06:40 PM   #13 
  - Convergence  FarrenH   Mar-24-10 04:53 PM   #8 
  - The fact that the US is not spending billions to support the mass murderers in those regions might  ConsAreLiars   Mar-25-10 01:36 AM   #17 
  - This article is not really about the US  oberliner   Mar-25-10 04:12 AM   #18 
  - You do know that the US  Christa   Mar-25-10 07:35 AM   #25 
     - Yes. Billions of US tax money goes to Israel and Egypt and Jordan to maintain  ConsAreLiars   Mar-25-10 11:55 PM   #39 
        - Thank you  Christa   Mar-26-10 06:19 AM   #41 
        - Here are some (2006) numbers. Israel gets about half of all US direct military aid.  ConsAreLiars   Mar-27-10 01:15 AM   #51 
           - Its funny how some people only look at one type of aid but ignore  Dick Dastardly   Mar-27-10 03:32 AM   #52 
              - Because we are aiding Israel  Christa   Mar-27-10 07:41 AM   #53 
              - The USA does not aid Israel to defend itself from local and influential Jihadi psycopaths...  shira   Mar-27-10 08:52 AM   #54 
              - As usual, try to change the subject to something else and pretend it is relevant.  ConsAreLiars   Mar-28-10 01:32 AM   #56 
        - The US military has been covertly involved in the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo  oberliner   Mar-26-10 01:24 PM   #47 
           - Of course the corporate jackals are feeding off of death and destruction. It's what they do.  ConsAreLiars   Mar-27-10 12:35 AM   #49 
  - Guardian and Independent play down Turkey threat to deport resident Armenians  shira   Apr-06-10 08:33 AM   #59 
     - Yes the plight of Armenians gets little recognition from anyone  azurnoir   Apr-06-10 08:56 AM   #60 
        - Can't help but get a dig in, can you?  shira   Apr-06-10 09:06 AM   #61 
           - So you believe that the "Jewish Lobby" in the US as JTA calls it  azurnoir   Apr-06-10 09:46 AM   #62 
              - The point is you bring up a red herring to avoid or ignore the issue  shira   Apr-06-10 09:54 AM   #63 
                 - NO the post had little to with Israel it was about an American lobby  azurnoir   Apr-06-10 09:56 AM   #64 

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