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Reply #80: Take your own advice. [View All]

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Behind the Aegis Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-24-10 12:13 PM
Response to Reply #79
80. Take your own advice.
Your propaganda is nothing new, so don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. It is spewed all over the internet and before that, all over various other media outlets. You are correct you have nothing to "discuss" as you have no real facts or information that is relevant beyond that of a typical "pro"-Palestinian supporter.
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  -Why Punish Iran for What Israel Has Already Done? Scurrilous  Mar-16-10 12:14 PM   #0 
  - Four legs good, two legs baaaad..  Fumesucker   Mar-16-10 12:23 PM   #1 
  - Israel has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran has signed it. n/t  Zywiec   Mar-16-10 12:29 PM   #2 
  - Was Israel asked to sign it? Did Iran volunteer?  FiveGoodMen   Mar-16-10 12:32 PM   #3 
  - Why does it matter?  Zywiec   Mar-16-10 12:44 PM   #5 
     - Classic  Tripmann   Mar-16-10 12:56 PM   #6 
     - Suppose you sign -- under duress -- a statement saying that you wave your 1st Amendment right to  FiveGoodMen   Mar-16-10 01:25 PM   #8 
        - You have proof of your implication Iran signed the NPT "under duress?"  Behind the Aegis   Mar-16-10 01:29 PM   #9 
        - You're quite wrong.  FiveGoodMen   Mar-16-10 01:37 PM   #13 
           - So you you were basing your response on your own hypotheticals.  Behind the Aegis   Mar-16-10 01:39 PM   #14 
              - Sarcasm won't cover the gaps in your logic  FiveGoodMen   Mar-16-10 02:57 PM   #19 
                 - Actually, it doesn't matter. The gaps in logic are yours.  Behind the Aegis   Mar-16-10 03:38 PM   #22 
                    - Moralising the situation?  Tripmann   Mar-16-10 04:15 PM   #23 
                       - .  Behind the Aegis   Mar-16-10 04:18 PM   #24 
        - Of course it doesn't matter.  aranthus   Mar-16-10 08:14 PM   #27 
  - modern Iran never signed it. The Shah of Iran signed it.  provis99   Mar-16-10 01:41 PM   #15 
     - According to whom?  Behind the Aegis   Mar-16-10 01:41 PM   #16 
  - But wait a second  howaboutme   Mar-16-10 12:33 PM   #4 
  - I assume that was irony, right?  PDJane   Mar-16-10 01:14 PM   #7 
  - Of course  howaboutme   Mar-16-10 07:01 PM   #26 
  - Really? What country has Israel attacked that wasn't already at war with it?  aranthus   Mar-16-10 11:41 PM   #31 
  - Well..,.  LeftishBrit   Mar-16-10 01:30 PM   #10 
  - You forgot North Korea.  Behind the Aegis   Mar-16-10 01:32 PM   #11 
  - Probably repressed the memory of that one!  LeftishBrit   Mar-16-10 01:34 PM   #12 
  - Maybe coz it's Israel that's pushing to punish Iran?  Violet_Crumble   Mar-16-10 03:02 PM   #20 
  - Making the Left look this stupid is not a good thing.  aranthus   Mar-16-10 01:56 PM   #17 
  - They're doing their best to keep up with their stupid numbnut friends on the far Right.  shira   Mar-20-10 07:05 AM   #55 
  - Pragmatism only.  Donald Ian Rankin   Mar-16-10 02:07 PM   #18 
  - +1 np  Shaktimaan   Mar-18-10 11:07 PM   #37 
  - Can someone tell me why Iran, Syria etc bothered to sign the NPT?  kayecy   Mar-16-10 03:20 PM   #21 
  - Mainly because everyone else did...  shaayecanaan   Mar-16-10 06:25 PM   #25 
  - The reason for signing it was that countries could have access to  Dick Dastardly   Mar-16-10 08:29 PM   #28 
  - for a time, only pariah regimes refused to sign it  Alamuti Lotus   Mar-16-10 08:53 PM   #29 
  - Not true, Many states including declared nuclear powers did not  Dick Dastardly   Mar-16-10 09:46 PM   #30 
  - Pariah regime?  proteus_lives   Mar-18-10 05:13 PM   #33 
  - Thanks guys..........Bet Syria wished they hadn't signed!......  kayecy   Mar-17-10 11:44 AM   #32 
  - Israel destroyed an Iraqi reactor in the '80s.  proteus_lives   Mar-18-10 05:15 PM   #34 
     - America invaded a country over WMDs a few years ago.  Tripmann   Mar-18-10 07:39 PM   #35 
        - My point was if that Syria might as well sign the treaty because Israel would never allow them nukes  proteus_lives   Mar-18-10 08:34 PM   #36 
           - And do you not see the hypocracy in a country with 200+ nukes,  Tripmann   Mar-19-10 05:03 AM   #38 
              - No I don't.  aranthus   Mar-19-10 11:16 AM   #39 
              - Inconveniently, for your analogy....  Tripmann   Mar-19-10 12:50 PM   #40 
              - You are intentionally missing the point.  aranthus   Mar-19-10 01:38 PM   #42 
              - Actually, you're uninentionally making my point for me  Tripmann   Mar-19-10 03:52 PM   #43 
                 - No, the problem is that you persist in equating the two countries.  aranthus   Mar-19-10 04:28 PM   #45 
                    - Currently Syria is considered a rogue nation by the worlds only superpower  Tripmann   Mar-19-10 05:02 PM   #46 
                       - Please provide proof that Israel is pointing nukes at Syria?  Dick Dastardly   Mar-19-10 10:21 PM   #49 
              - Israel had them prior to the NPT like the other original nuke powers. Syria was not an original nuke  Dick Dastardly   Mar-19-10 08:44 PM   #47 
                 - LOL brilliant!  Tripmann   Mar-20-10 06:47 AM   #52 
                    - I sure do have credible info on it. Obviously you don't have any source to back your claim.  Dick Dastardly   Mar-24-10 01:13 AM   #78 
              - Says who?  howaboutme   Mar-19-10 09:59 PM   #48 
                 - Says the historical record.  aranthus   Mar-22-10 10:26 AM   #74 
              - How many times has Israel been attacked and invaded?  proteus_lives   Mar-19-10 01:37 PM   #41 
                 - It already has them, lots of them in fact  Tripmann   Mar-19-10 03:55 PM   #44 
                    - As always, ignoring aggression against Israel.  proteus_lives   Mar-20-10 01:29 AM   #50 
                       - Unfortunately proteus_lives, you don't 'invade' with nukes  Tripmann   Mar-20-10 06:37 AM   #51 
                       - yes, Iran and Syria need nukes strictly for defensive purposes. Such brilliance! (nt)  shira   Mar-20-10 06:57 AM   #53 
                          - And Israel needs them as a deterrent but never admitted having them.  Tripmann   Mar-20-10 07:02 AM   #54 
                             - you really believe Iran and Syria want nukes for defensive purposes?  shira   Mar-20-10 07:06 AM   #56 
                                - You really believe Israel wanted them as a deterrent when they didn't want anyone...  Tripmann   Mar-20-10 07:30 AM   #57 
                                   - yes - now will you answer me?  shira   Mar-20-10 01:51 PM   #60 
                                      - And how can having nuclear weapons be a deterrent  Tripmann   Mar-20-10 03:51 PM   #61 
                                         - You didnt answer me. Take your time to respond and I'll answer back.  shira   Mar-21-10 05:34 AM   #63 
                                            - I have no problem at all answering you  Tripmann   Mar-21-10 10:34 AM   #65 
                                               - Hi shira, I've responded as requested.  Tripmann   Mar-22-10 06:20 AM   #73 
                                                  - Policy of deliberate ambiguity  oberliner   Mar-22-10 11:13 AM   #75 
                       - Really?  polly7   Mar-21-10 01:23 AM   #62 
                          - What a wonderful example of a logical misfire.  Behind the Aegis   Mar-21-10 05:48 AM   #64 
                             - Well???  polly7   Mar-21-10 02:33 PM   #66 
                                - Pointing out your use of logical fallacy.  Behind the Aegis   Mar-21-10 02:36 PM   #67 
                                   - Don't answer the damn question ............ logic is looking at history  polly7   Mar-21-10 03:10 PM   #69 
                                      - Again, making things up does not make it so.  Behind the Aegis   Mar-21-10 04:28 PM   #70 
                                         - KMA. n/t  polly7   Mar-21-10 04:50 PM   #71 
                                            - Remove your head, and I might on a dare.  Behind the Aegis   Mar-21-10 08:59 PM   #72 
                                               - No thanks, I take it back. Also, my head is doing just fine sitting  polly7   Mar-23-10 05:57 PM   #76 
                                                  - That's quite an echo up there, huh?  Behind the Aegis   Mar-23-10 11:19 PM   #77 
                                                     - No, not propaganda at all .......... ignore it if it bothers you so much.  polly7   Mar-24-10 06:24 AM   #79 
                                                     - Take your own advice.  Behind the Aegis   Mar-24-10 12:13 PM   #80 
  - War on Iran  Eg-ptiangirl   Mar-20-10 09:38 AM   #58 
  - ALso it is so retaRTed  Eg-ptiangirl   Mar-20-10 09:53 AM   #59 
  - Appears that Bibi wants to take something back home to save face.  Jefferson23   Mar-21-10 02:42 PM   #68 

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