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Reply #4: Maybe because you aren't surrounded [View All]

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17breezes Donating Member (33 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Feb-14-10 09:29 AM
Response to Reply #2
4. Maybe because you aren't surrounded
by countries which want to disappear you. It ain't rocket science you know.
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  -Questioning Our Special Relationship with Israel stephinrome  Feb-14-10 02:45 AM   #0 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Feb-14-10 03:08 AM   #1 
  - I don't understand why Israel needs all that money from the US...  Violet_Crumble   Feb-14-10 03:22 AM   #2 
  - Maybe because you aren't surrounded  17breezes   Feb-14-10 09:29 AM   #4 
  - Israel isn't surrounded by them either. ...  Violet_Crumble   Feb-15-10 04:07 AM   #11 
  - The Lobby says they "need" it  TomClash   Feb-14-10 10:18 AM   #7 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-14-10 10:31 AM   #9 
  - excellent article  Douglas Carpenter   Feb-14-10 05:09 AM   #3 
  - Easy way to get a little more money to the US military industrial complex  oberliner   Feb-14-10 10:11 AM   #6 
  - Agree with all your points.  LeftishBrit   Feb-18-10 12:21 PM   #26 
  - Israel is not the biggest recipient of aid in reality. Not by a long shot.  Dick Dastardly   Feb-18-10 08:33 PM   #40 
  - at the cost of poisoning America's relationships with a very large and vitally important portion  Douglas Carpenter   Feb-19-10 12:28 AM   #42 
     - Your post and Dick's make it clear what most of the considerations in the circles of power are about  LeftishBrit   Feb-20-10 04:36 PM   #50 
        - Personally, I am an anti-Imperialist and would like America to wean itself out of the empire  Douglas Carpenter   Feb-21-10 12:48 AM   #51 
  - top six recepients of U.S. Foreign aid  Douglas Carpenter   Feb-18-10 10:51 PM   #41 
  - Have been looking for exactly this information.  Sal Minella   Feb-14-10 09:35 AM   #5 
  - Good luck  TomClash   Feb-14-10 10:21 AM   #8 
  - thanks for comments n/t  stephinrome   Feb-15-10 02:18 AM   #10 
  - I have a few questions.  aranthus   Feb-15-10 06:49 PM   #12 
     - Excellent questions. I look forward to the author of the OP answering them.  shira   Feb-16-10 08:33 AM   #13 
     - Take a look at the numbers  Donald Ian Rankin   Feb-16-10 01:03 PM   #14 
     - could you clarify your statement?  Mosby   Feb-16-10 01:27 PM   #15 
     - Only those that discriminate on grounds of race are racist, many more than that are bigotted.  Donald Ian Rankin   Feb-16-10 02:20 PM   #17 
        - I am confused.  Shaktimaan   Feb-18-10 03:40 AM   #19 
           - Go tell that to a breast cancer specialist.  Donald Ian Rankin   Feb-18-10 07:33 AM   #20 
              - Dude, give me a break.  Shaktimaan   Feb-18-10 10:44 AM   #22 
              - Genetic liability to certain disorders hardly constitutes 'race'  LeftishBrit   Feb-18-10 12:17 PM   #25 
                 - Quite possibly.  Donald Ian Rankin   Feb-18-10 12:34 PM   #29 
     - wow, Donald!  shira   Feb-16-10 01:59 PM   #16 
     - Why only Arab countries ?  azurnoir   Feb-18-10 08:03 AM   #21 
        - Because the "the other Arabs could take them" meme serves two purposes  Ken Burch   Feb-19-10 01:23 PM   #44 
           - says a lot when some DU'ers would rather see Palestinian refugees rot in camps another 60 years  shira   Feb-19-10 01:28 PM   #45 
     - First, thank you for stating your position honestly.  aranthus   Feb-18-10 12:00 PM   #24 
        - The one thing Jews are *not* is a nation.  Donald Ian Rankin   Feb-18-10 12:24 PM   #27 
           - The Jews are, in fact, a nation.  Behind the Aegis   Feb-18-10 12:30 PM   #28 
           - No, you learn the meaning of the word "nation".  Donald Ian Rankin   Feb-18-10 12:37 PM   #30 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-18-10 12:40 PM   #31 
           - Nation: a group of people with a shared history and a sense of a group identity  oberliner   Feb-18-10 12:50 PM   #32 
           - Of course, there is also the Cherokee Nation, Iroquois Nation, First People Nation...  Behind the Aegis   Feb-18-10 12:52 PM   #33 
           - Historically, all those were genuine nation states or approximations thereof, I believe?  Donald Ian Rankin   Feb-18-10 01:01 PM   #34 
              - And they are still nations today even though they don't have political/geographical boundries.  Behind the Aegis   Feb-18-10 01:05 PM   #35 
           - Do you believe the Palestinians are a nation?  Violet_Crumble   Feb-18-10 02:05 PM   #38 
           - Well, isn't one of the basic cornerstones of nationality that...  Shaktimaan   Feb-20-10 03:20 AM   #47 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-20-10 05:26 AM   #49 
           - I learned something today.  OllieLotte   Feb-18-10 04:29 PM   #39 
           - OK, this is getting absurd.  Shaktimaan   Feb-20-10 03:57 AM   #48 
     - For an answer to your questions on right-of-return, see the following JP Op-Ed.........  kayecy   Feb-18-10 02:08 AM   #18 
        - There is no mention of the right of return  aranthus   Feb-18-10 11:09 AM   #23 
           - Not explicitly, but a one-state solution, by implication, gives Palestinians a right-of-return.....  kayecy   Feb-18-10 01:30 PM   #36 
              - No it doesn't.  aranthus   Feb-18-10 01:35 PM   #37 
                 - Right-of-return for Palestinians in refuge or full rightof-return for every ex-part Palestinian?  kayecy   Feb-19-10 05:52 AM   #43 
                    - Well, the WB Palestinians wouldn't need any ROR in that case.  Shaktimaan   Feb-20-10 03:11 AM   #46 

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