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Reply #25: see the revised additional text to the previous post [View All]

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Alamuti Lotus Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Apr-12-09 12:10 AM
Response to Reply #24
25. see the revised additional text to the previous post
but I suppose if I have to explain it, then it wasn't funny..
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  -Nasrallah: Hezbollah running guns to Gaza through Egypt Behind the Aegis  Apr-11-09 02:57 AM   #0 
  - "...sully the image of Hezbollah..." LOL!  aquart   Apr-11-09 04:14 AM   #1 
  - Well, hell  Chulanowa   Apr-11-09 04:27 AM   #2 
  - U.S. Pledges $900 Million in Aid to Palestinians  oberliner   Apr-11-09 04:34 AM   #3 
  - don't have a problem with that  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-11-09 06:25 PM   #4 
  - So Hezbollah terrorists running weapons to Hamas terrorists isn't a bad thing?  Neo Atheist   Apr-11-09 08:08 PM   #5 
     - to bring the terrorist state of Israel to justice, no not really  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-11-09 08:30 PM   #6 
        - so murder is alright  Neo Atheist   Apr-11-09 08:41 PM   #7 
        - thanks? you are too kind!  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-11-09 09:58 PM   #8 
           - I'd rather apologize for Israel  Neo Atheist   Apr-11-09 11:08 PM   #11 
              - Why? The Israeli govt contains fascists...  Violet_Crumble   Apr-11-09 11:17 PM   #12 
                 - look at what i've said about fascist Avigdor Lieberman before saying something idiotic  Neo Atheist   Apr-11-09 11:27 PM   #14 
                    - Define Fascist?  Kurska   Apr-11-09 11:31 PM   #15 
                    - I haven't heard him regret his role in Kahane's Kach Movement  Neo Atheist   Apr-11-09 11:40 PM   #16 
                       - I'd hazard him a agreesive nationalist bastard  Kurska   Apr-11-09 11:44 PM   #18 
                          - A spade has to be called a spade  Neo Atheist   Apr-12-09 12:05 AM   #22 
                    - I'll leave the saying idiotic stuff to you as you do it so well...  Violet_Crumble   Apr-11-09 11:42 PM   #17 
                       - Deleted message  Name removed   Apr-11-09 11:57 PM   #19 
                          - didn't block you, just found better things to do..  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-12-09 12:01 AM   #20 
                          - As long as hamas is around to bring justice we'll all be alright n/t  Kurska   Apr-12-09 12:04 AM   #21 
                          - I forgive you for not noticing the (somewhat veiled?) irony in that line..  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-12-09 12:06 AM   #23 
                             - No really, If I've taken you wrong I apologize, but do you really  Kurska   Apr-12-09 12:08 AM   #24 
                                - see the revised additional text to the previous post  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-12-09 12:10 AM   #25 
                                   - It's amazing that such hyperbole can be mistaken as serious comment.  Kurska   Apr-12-09 12:12 AM   #28 
                                      - indeed  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-12-09 12:17 AM   #30 
                                         - If you intend to transports something across egyptian land it becomes egypt's business.  Kurska   Apr-12-09 12:34 AM   #31 
                                            - true, to a point  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-12-09 05:39 AM   #33 
                          - then i misunderstood your "good day, sir"  Neo Atheist   Apr-12-09 12:10 AM   #26 
                             - once again, a misfired joke reference on my part  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-12-09 12:12 AM   #27 
                                - aha! the voice in my head was Gene Wilder @ Wonka  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-12-09 07:10 PM   #35 
                          - I'm an apologist for Hamas and Hezbollah? They'll be shocked to know that!  Violet_Crumble   Apr-12-09 01:00 AM   #32 
                          - ...The BNP is involved in the government of Britain?  Donald Ian Rankin   Apr-12-09 10:08 AM   #34 
        - Haha wow, Hamas is now the deliever of justice  Kurska   Apr-11-09 11:24 PM   #13 
  - ANALYSIS / On collision course with Egypt, Nasrallah doesn't flinch  bemildred   Apr-11-09 10:00 PM   #9 
  - a more complete report on the speech  Alamuti Lotus   Apr-12-09 12:15 AM   #29 
  - Hezbollah denies Egypt accusations  bemildred   Apr-11-09 10:02 PM   #10 

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