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Reply #66: For someone "ghosting" I/P, you sure have taken liberty with things. [View All]

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Behind the Aegis Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-26-07 10:40 PM
Response to Reply #45
66. For someone "ghosting" I/P, you sure have taken liberty with things.
"Whereas quietly starving to death would be so much more convenient for you."

I have never said anything of the like.

"You are saying that taking away someone's food and starving them to death is better than killing them with more direct means."

Again, I have never said or even implied anything to the like.

There have been times I haven't supported actions by the IDF or Israeli politicians. However, you still engage in personal attacks by claiming things I said that I never said.

"I have read many of your posts and I have never, ever, heard you condemn Israel's tactics. Your support for them is clear."

False logic. Because you have never seen a post by my condemning Israel's tactics, doesn't imply "support." It would be no different then were I to say; "I have never seen you condemn anti-Semitism. Your support for it is clear."

"Given contradictory information, I already indicated that I would retract my comments."

Behind the Aegis (1000+ posts) Tue Dec-05-06 10:16 PM
Response to Reply #70
71. Why do you insist making things up?
I never said or implied Lieberman recanted. I have never defended him. I do not blindly support Israel (a clever run around of the rule calling posters "Israeli apologists"). What I find very telling is your desire to have him removed from office. The Israelis chose him, it is up to them to replace him. As for his recent appointment, that was an ignorant political move by Olmert to keep his ass out of a sling, which didn't seem to take.

It really does only take ONE example to disprove your 'theory' that I am a member of the "Israel can do no wrong" group.

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  -Oxfam condemns the caging of Gaza Tom Joad  Jun-26-07 01:11 PM   #0 
  - There was an NPR interview last week  azurnoir   Jun-26-07 01:26 PM   #1 
  - maybe the doctor  pelsar   Jun-26-07 02:38 PM   #13 
     - Starting June 30 they will be able to  azurnoir   Jun-27-07 12:55 PM   #98 
        - Those links are from 2005  oberliner   Jun-27-07 01:33 PM   #99 
           - My mistake however- these links are a bit more recent  azurnoir   Jun-27-07 02:45 PM   #101 
              - so egypt has closed the crossing...  pelsar   Jun-27-07 03:54 PM   #103 
  - Somewhere/everywhere in Gaza today/yesterday a young man/ woman is watching  poverlay   Jun-26-07 01:33 PM   #2 
  - link , PLEASE  barb162   Jun-26-07 01:52 PM   #4 
  - Wrong. Spare me the innuendo, PLEASE  poverlay   Jun-26-07 02:34 PM   #12 
     - Where's your link for that hyperbolic statement:  barb162   Jun-26-07 04:36 PM   #28 
     - I wish my point was hyperbole. you are wrong and some google research will tell you that. Abbas'  poverlay   Jun-26-07 05:14 PM   #35 
        - Abbas is President, Your points are hyperbolic and wrong.  barb162   Jun-26-07 10:31 PM   #65 
     - And where's your link to the power plant story?  barb162   Jun-26-07 04:59 PM   #29 
        - Here's your link and I'm done doing your research for you.  poverlay   Jun-26-07 06:03 PM   #38 
           - That was right after Shalit was taken by Hamas, right?  oberliner   Jun-26-07 06:40 PM   #44 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-26-07 07:50 PM   #52 
              - I get the feeling, Tom,  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 08:06 PM   #53 
              - I read the human rights reports. I read of the people's sufferings due to the attack of  Tom Joad   Jun-26-07 10:13 PM   #64 
              - Kidnapping and holding Corporal Shalit by the Palestinian war criminals  barb162   Jun-26-07 08:53 PM   #58 
           - Your first link was on Shalit( Hamas Releases Audio Tape Of Captured Israeli Soldier)  barb162   Jun-26-07 08:51 PM   #57 
  - It is not an "ignorant person" who asks the question...  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 01:56 PM   #5 
     - So what's legitimate resistance in your opinion ?  UndertheOcean   Jun-26-07 02:05 PM   #6 
     - I can tell you what it isn't...killing civilians on purpose.  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 02:10 PM   #7 
        - Well , we somewhat agree then ..... But what about violence directed towards IDF soldiers,..  UndertheOcean   Jun-26-07 02:19 PM   #9 
           - Where do we "somewhat agree?"  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 02:28 PM   #10 
           - I somewhat agree with this statement of yours :  UndertheOcean   Jun-26-07 02:46 PM   #15 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-26-07 02:58 PM   #17 
              - I find it shocking that anyone on this board could have to ask, or remotely think that anyone here  breakaleg   Jun-26-07 06:12 PM   #41 
                 - And I find it sad that some here do support it.  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 06:39 PM   #43 
                    - Who? I've never seen anyone support suicide bombings. All I've seen are charges that people do.  breakaleg   Jun-26-07 07:01 PM   #48 
                       - Well, breakaleg, I do believe it was you who said...  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 08:08 PM   #55 
                       - I don't think so.  breakaleg   Jun-26-07 09:02 PM   #59 
                          - ...  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 10:10 PM   #63 
                             - As my esteemed associate Vanilla Ice once said,  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 11:09 PM   #67 
                             - Oopsy, "I think so"  barb162   Jun-27-07 01:12 AM   #80 
                             - I did not say I  breakaleg   Jun-27-07 10:27 AM   #92 
                             - refer to post #55  Behind the Aegis   Jun-27-07 12:08 PM   #96 
                             - Saying that some of us support suicide bombers is like me saying that the  breakaleg   Jun-27-07 10:37 AM   #93 
                                - I'll back you up here breakaleg....  pelsar   Jun-27-07 12:39 PM   #97 
                       - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Jun-26-07 09:48 PM   #62 
           - If no one minds me jumping in here, I am curious...  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 02:34 PM   #11 
              - I personally find them abhorrent....  UndertheOcean   Jun-26-07 02:54 PM   #16 
                 - Thanks. You see where I'm going with this, right?  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 03:16 PM   #21 
     - Whereas quietly starving to death would be so much more convenient for you. Is bombing the only  poverlay   Jun-26-07 03:06 PM   #19 
        - That makes no sense.  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 03:11 PM   #20 
        - I have never seen you have anything other than very strong support for Israel. Israel often  poverlay   Jun-26-07 03:25 PM   #22 
           - Still makes no sense.  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 05:11 PM   #32 
              - My logic professor would certainly disagree with you as to my "understanding". As I said before  poverlay   Jun-26-07 06:42 PM   #45 
                 - For someone "ghosting" I/P, you sure have taken liberty with things.  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 10:40 PM   #66 
                    - Yes you're right. If only those darn Palestinians would just be nice then the world would be their  poverlay   Jun-26-07 11:36 PM   #71 
                       - Nothing but snark.  Behind the Aegis   Jun-26-07 11:39 PM   #73 
                       - Why don't you start supplying support for your accusations  barb162   Jun-27-07 01:27 AM   #81 
                       - Is ANYONE here an island of objectivity?  LeftishBrit   Jun-27-07 04:05 AM   #86 
                          - as you may have noticed...  pelsar   Jun-27-07 05:58 AM   #90 
        - Who is starving to death?  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 03:28 PM   #23 
        - If you surround me and I'm unable to get important, life sustaining, staples then yes  poverlay   Jun-26-07 03:47 PM   #25 
        - Hundreds of tons of food allowed into Gaza  oberliner   Jun-26-07 03:56 PM   #26 
        - Why were they rushed those supplies by "humanitarian" organizations if it wasn't somehow a problem?  poverlay   Jun-26-07 04:35 PM   #27 
        - Is running short on supplies somehow the same as starving to death?  barb162   Jun-26-07 05:13 PM   #34 
        - Several UN food centers were closed because of Fatah/Hamas fighting  barb162   Jun-26-07 05:22 PM   #36 
           - I'm sure your answer to this question will be even more edifying: Why are the Palestinians fighting  poverlay   Jun-26-07 06:05 PM   #39 
              - Power?  barb162   Jun-26-07 08:20 PM   #56 
              - Why don't you answer my posts 34 and 36?  barb162   Jun-26-07 09:19 PM   #60 
                 - Which would you prefer?  poverlay   Jun-26-07 11:20 PM   #68 
                    - Both  barb162   Jun-27-07 12:34 AM   #77 
        - Is there going to be another shipment later today? Tomorrow? It's still not enough.  poverlay   Jun-26-07 06:07 PM   #40 
           - 3,000 tons of food and medicine 5 days a week  oberliner   Jun-26-07 06:34 PM   #42 
              - Hmmm, why call it "emergency food and medicine" if all those Palestinians are so  poverlay   Jun-26-07 06:58 PM   #47 
                 - I did not say that the Palestinians were "fat and happy"  oberliner   Jun-26-07 07:39 PM   #51 
                    - I'm sure you're right... n/t  poverlay   Jun-26-07 11:22 PM   #69 
                       - If you're so concerned about food supplies to Gaza, ask Hamas  barb162   Jun-27-07 01:09 AM   #79 
        - So who the heck is starving to death?  barb162   Jun-26-07 05:11 PM   #33 
        - Try spending a minute on Google. You'll find something that contradicts you there...n/t  poverlay   Jun-26-07 05:42 PM   #37 
           - I'm not interested in propaganda. I'm interested in facts.  barb162   Jun-26-07 09:40 PM   #61 
        - Ah, but they do have a way to get their needs fulfilled.  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 07:37 PM   #50 
        - Great minds think alike! That's what I'm questioning.  barb162   Jun-26-07 05:04 PM   #30 
           - word up b. np  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 08:06 PM   #54 
        - Behind the Aegis never made such a statement nor has he ever  barb162   Jun-26-07 05:08 PM   #31 
  - More WFP trucks head for Gaza  oberliner   Jun-26-07 01:47 PM   #3 
  - geography isnt really that difficult....  pelsar   Jun-26-07 02:19 PM   #8 
  - Small, unimportant question: Is it even slightly possible that Egypt would screw  poverlay   Jun-26-07 02:44 PM   #14 
     - confused.  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 03:05 PM   #18 
     - My bad, I got the 2 numbers confused. $60 bln is the overall number. It doesn't, however, really  poverlay   Jun-26-07 03:43 PM   #24 
        - much more in the way of food?  Shaktimaan   Jun-26-07 06:56 PM   #46 
           - I can find them later if you like (I've got to run out for a bit right now.), but at least 2  poverlay   Jun-26-07 07:11 PM   #49 
              - Most articles will point out the tunnels are currently used for weapons smuggling,  barb162   Jun-27-07 12:00 AM   #74 
              - Stop money smuggling into Gaza  barb162   Jun-27-07 12:06 AM   #75 
     - facts wrong again?  pelsar   Jun-26-07 11:31 PM   #70 
     - My facts and my analysis are quite accurate. You, however, could do more research with  poverlay   Jun-27-07 12:30 AM   #76 
        - if your facts are accurate...then perhaps  pelsar   Jun-27-07 12:56 AM   #78 
        - I think it would be far more helpful if you answered them for yourself. That way you can get  poverlay   Jun-27-07 02:12 AM   #84 
           - how can i answer them... i dont think you can either  pelsar   Jun-27-07 03:43 AM   #85 
              - Pretty sure I already gave you some advice on how to handle your questions. Those who seek...  poverlay   Jun-27-07 04:13 AM   #87 
                 - yes you gave advice....  pelsar   Jun-27-07 04:27 AM   #88 
                    - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-27-07 04:36 AM   #89 
                       - so.....  pelsar   Jun-27-07 06:01 AM   #91 
                          - I believe you're funny. Wrong again, but funny. :-)  poverlay   Jun-27-07 10:47 AM   #94 
                             - let me be serious and polite for a sec...  pelsar   Jun-27-07 11:03 AM   #95 
                                - Hmmm, haven't you had this argument before? I'm sure  poverlay   Jun-27-07 02:43 PM   #100 
                                - I take it this is an outright admission you can't support your posts  barb162   Jun-27-07 03:14 PM   #102 
                                   - Whatever makes you feel better.  poverlay   Jun-27-07 08:05 PM   #106 
                                - If I may interject  oberliner   Jun-27-07 04:01 PM   #104 
                                   - if the arguement is  pelsar   Jun-27-07 04:42 PM   #105 
                                      - I've never heard that the US would discourage food and meds  barb162   Jun-27-07 08:20 PM   #107 
        - I dunno.  Shaktimaan   Jun-27-07 01:31 AM   #82 
     - How does Egypt screw its own citizens by helping Palestinians?  barb162   Jun-26-07 11:38 PM   #72 
  - 'Palestinian attack on Gaza passage won't halt aid'  barb162   Jun-27-07 01:54 AM   #83 
  - Locking  Lithos   Jun-27-07 09:17 PM   #108 

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