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Reply #29: I think you're using hyperbole here [View All]

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leftynyc Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-16-07 04:58 AM
Response to Reply #16
29. I think you're using hyperbole here
I'd like a link to where Christians or Jews beat, stone and hang women from cranes for speaking to men, for showing their faces, for loving who they wish. Yes, women are considered second class citizens in many "cultures" but fanatical Islam is murdering their own women for things you just don't see anywhere else. And they are doing it in the name of G-d. Moral relativism should not be at work here.
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  -How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam msmcghee  Mar-09-07 09:30 AM   #0 
  - It's not Islam that's barbarous, it's Fanatacism and Fundamentalism that's barbarous. (eom)  Karmageddon   Mar-09-07 09:40 AM   #1 
  - Yes, that's the point of the summit. I think the title . .  msmcghee   Mar-09-07 09:48 AM   #2 
  - Interesting.  Turbineguy   Mar-09-07 09:58 AM   #3 
  - Thanks for adding your opinion on this.  msmcghee   Mar-09-07 10:06 AM   #4 
  - Don't confuse the culture with the religion.  igil   Mar-10-07 03:05 PM   #15 
  - All fanatics are exactly the same.  aquart   Mar-09-07 10:08 AM   #5 
  - Thats a trifle simplistic  Solo_in_MD   Mar-09-07 10:13 AM   #6 
     - And you think Xtian fundies won't kill for their "faith"?  aquart   Mar-09-07 11:15 AM   #10 
  - What does this have to do with the I/P conflict?  breakaleg   Mar-09-07 10:39 AM   #7 
  - More than you realize. Read some of the linked articles. n/t  msmcghee   Mar-09-07 10:44 AM   #8 
     - Ok. Now I ask the question again. What does it have to do with I/P?  breakaleg   Mar-09-07 11:03 AM   #9 
        - No more than any other conflict involving folks who feel that only one  Malikshah   Mar-09-07 12:31 PM   #11 
           - I think this issue is real and it's great that it's being addressed. But  breakaleg   Mar-09-07 12:52 PM   #14 
              - Thanks for being patient.  msmcghee   Mar-12-07 11:02 AM   #18 
                 - Stereotypes  breakaleg   Mar-12-07 12:44 PM   #22 
                    - I didn't think you were asking a serious question.  msmcghee   Mar-12-07 01:20 PM   #23 
                       - Suggestion-  Englander   Mar-16-07 06:46 AM   #31 
  - As a South Floridian for the past 8 years...the fact that the summit  Malikshah   Mar-09-07 12:33 PM   #12 
  - How about stating the essential connection . .  msmcghee   Mar-12-07 11:54 AM   #20 
  - Ms Chesler is always a fun read.  bemildred   Mar-09-07 12:48 PM   #13 
  - She confuses cultural groups with religion  Lithos   Mar-10-07 03:35 PM   #16 
     - Yeah, wrong target.  bemildred   Mar-10-07 10:01 PM   #17 
     - Both cultural groups and religion . .  msmcghee   Mar-12-07 11:16 AM   #19 
     - What is it in Western Culture that makes nations so prone to racism and war?  Tom Joad   Mar-12-07 12:23 PM   #21 
        - It is very simple.  msmcghee   Mar-12-07 01:23 PM   #24 
        - msm, understandably, you did not read my post, but imagined something else.  Tom Joad   Mar-12-07 07:09 PM   #25 
           - TJ - You did not read my post.  msmcghee   Mar-12-07 07:27 PM   #26 
        - You really think western cultures have a monopoly  leftynyc   Mar-16-07 05:02 AM   #30 
        - nothing......  pelsar   Mar-16-07 08:23 AM   #33 
        - I don't know.  Shaktimaan   Mar-16-07 04:57 PM   #38 
     - I think you're using hyperbole here  leftynyc   Mar-16-07 04:58 AM   #29 
  - Here is a statement recently issued at this . .  msmcghee   Mar-13-07 11:39 AM   #27 
  - Seems That Palestinian Arabs Are More Tolerant Than Jews  wellst0nev0ter   Mar-16-07 03:47 AM   #28 
  - try reading the survey.....  pelsar   Mar-16-07 08:00 AM   #32 
  - Try Reading My Post  wellst0nev0ter   Mar-16-07 08:46 AM   #34 
     - you'll never know...  pelsar   Mar-16-07 09:45 AM   #35 
        - If I Don't, None Of You Have Attempted To Correct Me  wellst0nev0ter   Mar-16-07 04:35 PM   #36 
           - try reading the survey...  pelsar   Mar-17-07 03:05 AM   #40 
              - Never Mind That Some Of Those Arabs  wellst0nev0ter   Mar-17-07 08:10 AM   #42 
                 - like i said dont know much about the conflict....  pelsar   Mar-17-07 08:32 AM   #45 
                    - *Sigh*  wellst0nev0ter   Mar-19-07 08:15 AM   #50 
  - it doesn't show anything really.  Shaktimaan   Mar-16-07 04:48 PM   #37 
  - Does Show Why Israeli Arabs Aren't Pulling Terror Attacks  wellst0nev0ter   Mar-16-07 08:50 PM   #39 
     - Really? Where does the OP say that?  cali   Mar-17-07 06:59 AM   #41 
     - Something About How Someone Discovered The "Barbarity" Of Islam  wellst0nev0ter   Mar-17-07 08:17 AM   #43 
        - The title is inflammatory and ridiculous  cali   Mar-17-07 08:26 AM   #44 
           - You are right about the title of the thread.  msmcghee   Mar-17-07 10:50 AM   #48 
           - Are You Really Going To Crucify Me Over Meaningless Semantics?  wellst0nev0ter   Mar-17-07 06:34 PM   #49 
     - How do you figure?  Shaktimaan   Mar-17-07 08:44 AM   #46 
        - actually 1600 students at 22 high schools around the country  Douglas Carpenter   Mar-17-07 09:11 AM   #47 
  - It's about 'unclean'  Bryan Sacks   Mar-19-07 09:16 AM   #51 
     - Wow, a post that addresses some useful ideas.  msmcghee   Mar-19-07 11:05 AM   #52 
  - Just for the record.  msmcghee   Mar-19-07 11:45 AM   #53 

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