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MadHound Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-12-04 06:18 AM
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53. Tell you what friend, I'll make this deal with you
I will give up on gun control if you will go down and live in my old neighborhood for a couple of years. The kicker is that you cannot flee screaming, you cannot shoot somebody, and you cannot become a gun control advocate. If you comply with all of those stipulations successfully for two years, I will drop all of my objections to guns.

Let me tell you about my old neighborhood. I lived there up until a year ago, for about ten years. It is a marginal neighborhood, perpetually on the edge of being rennovated, or falling down into the ghetto. It is a working class neighborhood, where most of the people are decent folks. It is close by the ghetto 'hood, and has lots of, shall we say, interesting traffic coming through. We have had dueling(and I mean that literally) crackhouses up and down the street, though that problem has gone away after some serious persuation from our neighborhood association to the more unsavory landlords. My car and house have been shot up, as have my surrounding neighbors. You can hear gunfire somewhere close twice a week, more in the summer. Police patrol once in a while, but don't really do anything unless absolutely neccessary. I've had drive bys and walk throughs. I've had to deal with the injured and mentally unstable. All in all, an interesting place to live, though one does have to have a bit of fortitude to deal with it all.

Now let me tell you about the gun dynamic that effects this neighborhood. Joe Whitebread out in the 'burbs sees some fear mongering piece on the TV about crime in the inner city. In a paraxism of fear, inadequacy and bigotry, he goes out and purchase another gun, the biggest, baddest he can afford, and places it in the closet or gun safe(the same thing, for all practical purposes to a serious thief) with all of the other bright and shiny guns he has never used. His fear and loathing assuaged, he takes the wife and kiddies out to dinner and a show, congratulating himself on being big and tough with his new gun.

Meanwhile down in my neck of the woods, there is a job to be done, and tools are needed for that job. Rather than go out and buy these tools at full face value, the contractors decide to go out to the 'burbs for a little discount shopping. So, while Joe and his family are out, their fine place in the 'burbs are hit, and by by goes that fine new shooting iron in the closet, along with all the ammo for, the shotgun sitting next to it, oh and that shiny unused .357 sitting in the dresser drawer. Joe comes home and discovers the theft, and outrage at how his manhood has been violated, he gnashes his teeth, then calls the police and then his insurance agency. After all, he must replace his precious guns, they're the only thing standing between him and his family being violated.

Meanwhile, those stolen weapons are making their way back to my neck of the woods. They're going to be used to settle scores, even odds, and get the job done. Along the way the might also be used inadvertantly(or maybe not) to shoot up unintended targets like cars, houses, pets, children, adults, whatever gets in their way. And the people in this neighborhood that is really trying hard to become respectable suffer. They are the ones who have to patch up the bullet holes, suffer the injuries and loss. And none of this would have occurred if the hyperparanoid people in the 'burbs wouldn't have had these guns in their house. Because there isn't enough money to purchase most of those guns retail, the singular reason they show up in such great quanity in my neighborhood and others like it around the country is because such armament is stolen from the 'burbanites, who don't really need them, since their neighborhoods are perfectly safe, excepting the gun thiefs who look upon such places as an open air market.

So, again, come live in my old 'hood for a couple of years. I think you will be changing your tune quick. For if this is what is happening with our mild mannered gun controls we have in place now, imagine the chaos that would happen with unlimited guns being funneled in from the 'burbs. Scary scary, turning a neighborhood into a full auto war zone friend.
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  -Democrats: Give up on gun control Peak_Oil  Nov-12-04 02:42 AM   #0 
  - no way  Woody Wood   Nov-12-04 02:44 AM   #1 
  - You're one of those so-called "Democrats" whom has...  T Town Jake   Nov-12-04 04:09 AM   #30 
  - damn, and here I thought  iverglas   Nov-12-04 12:26 PM   #134 
     - Magic hats.  FatSlob   Nov-12-04 04:43 PM   #145 
  - so, you believe in authoritarianism?  FatSlob   Nov-12-04 04:45 PM   #146 
     - Gun control is an evil cancer supported by those...  FatSlob   Nov-12-04 04:47 PM   #148 
  - Um...... No.  UdoKier   Nov-12-04 02:45 AM   #2 
  - yes  Woody Wood   Nov-12-04 02:46 AM   #3 
  - How about these reasons  sendero   Nov-12-04 03:39 AM   #22 
  - re: 1) "gun control" costs us many, many votes  YankeeFan   Nov-12-04 05:55 AM   #48 
  - More nonsense from the same crowd...  T Town Jake   Nov-12-04 04:18 AM   #35 
  - nonsense  Cheswick   Nov-12-04 09:47 AM   #107 
     - The Assault Weapons was the stupidest gun control legislation ever  aikoaiko   Nov-12-04 10:05 AM   #114 
        - You want anyone to be able to buy an Uzi? a Howitzer? A Bazooka?  UdoKier   Nov-12-04 08:54 PM   #151 
           - bullshit, you are ignorant on the issue.  FatSlob   Nov-12-04 10:19 PM   #156 
           - You said...  LynnMassGuy   Nov-12-04 10:23 PM   #159 
              - The poster advocated the right to buy ANY weapon.  UdoKier   Nov-12-04 10:32 PM   #162 
                 - I like to collect military style "assault" weapons... are you saying  jtb33   Nov-15-04 10:58 AM   #197 
  - He advocates a gain in freedom.  FatSlob   Nov-12-04 10:10 PM   #155 
  - this issue is an albatross around our necks  Doomsayer13   Nov-12-04 02:47 AM   #4 
  - Look at just exactly what the AWB is about.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 02:52 AM   #9 
  - I want a full auto short barreled shotgun that I can carry for personal  RapidCreek   Nov-12-04 04:41 AM   #41 
  - Full-Auto ... Shotgun?  REP   Nov-12-04 05:22 AM   #46 
  - Disagree  TX-RAT   Nov-12-04 09:54 AM   #111 
  - Golly someone who actually knows what the fuck they're talking about!  RapidCreek   Nov-13-04 05:57 AM   #170 
  - Look back at what REP said...  Spiffarino   Nov-13-04 03:52 PM   #179 
     - It's not unlikely that it would go through two  RapidCreek   Nov-13-04 08:39 PM   #182 
  - Kinda over the top eh?  RapidCreek   Nov-13-04 05:54 AM   #169 
  - SPAAS-12 and USAS-12  JeebusB   Nov-15-04 02:37 PM   #204 
  - The "AW" ban had nothing to do with short barrels or automatic fire  slackmaster   Nov-12-04 09:47 AM   #106 
  - What the hell does the AW ban have to do with "giving up on gun control"?  RapidCreek   Nov-13-04 06:11 AM   #171 
  - Full Auto shotgun (hahahahaha)  aikoaiko   Nov-12-04 10:12 AM   #119 
  - Is that right? Funny....I had occasion to fire two different models of  RapidCreek   Nov-13-04 05:48 AM   #168 
     - in other words, Gotcha!  NorthernSpy   Nov-13-04 12:30 PM   #177 
     - Well actually quite a few people know about them  RapidCreek   Nov-14-04 04:53 AM   #186 
        - like I said: ya GOT me, already!  NorthernSpy   Nov-14-04 03:08 PM   #188 
           - Actually that was never my intent.  RapidCreek   Nov-14-04 07:35 PM   #190 
     - oh man that's sweet, I sure need one of those. that's probably about the  enfield collector   Nov-13-04 05:11 PM   #181 
  - ummm...  puttothesword   Nov-12-04 11:08 AM   #132 
  - What the hell do you think the National Firearms act of 1934 is?  RapidCreek   Nov-13-04 06:14 AM   #172 
  - what the hell are you talking about?  FatSlob   Nov-12-04 10:21 PM   #157 
  - None of us peasants get to have full auto anything  LynnMassGuy   Nov-12-04 10:28 PM   #161 
  - You are absolutely correct  elderly man   Nov-12-04 08:09 AM   #71 
     - Welcome to DU - Great post  slackmaster   Nov-12-04 09:47 AM   #109 
  - Exactly right. (n/t)  T Town Jake   Nov-12-04 04:05 AM   #28 
  - Why?  LynnMassGuy   Nov-12-04 10:24 PM   #160 
  - The NRA is for responsible gun ownership?  aquart   Nov-12-04 02:47 AM   #5 
  - Sure.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 03:05 AM   #16 
  - How about responsible CAR ownership?  Firerin   Nov-12-04 04:13 AM   #32 
  - Monopoly on force?  creeksneakers2   Nov-12-04 06:01 AM   #49 
  - My point EXACTLY!  Firerin   Nov-12-04 04:26 PM   #144 
     - I protect myself  creeksneakers2   Nov-12-04 05:36 PM   #150 
        - Hmmm...  jtb33   Nov-15-04 02:36 PM   #203 
  - The Unorganized Militia  Liberty2001   Nov-12-04 07:37 AM   #67 
  - "Why aren't you hot to ban cars and booze?"  iverglas   Nov-15-04 07:56 AM   #194 
  - In Switzerland every home has a GENUINE MILITARY assault rifle.  Silverhair   Nov-12-04 06:22 AM   #54 
  - So wrong I'm not sure where to start...  Jeff in Cincinnati   Nov-12-04 09:16 AM   #91 
     - Incorrect.  Factoid   Nov-12-04 11:49 PM   #165 
  - Responsible Assault Weapon Onwership is self-evident.  aikoaiko   Nov-12-04 10:17 AM   #121 
  - I'm not trying to take anyone's gun away ...  PittLib   Nov-12-04 02:49 AM   #6 
  - Excellent question.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 03:29 AM   #20 
     - All I know about guns is ...  PittLib   Nov-12-04 03:40 AM   #23 
        - A stray bullet wouldn't be stopped because of the AWB...  formernaderite   Nov-12-04 08:44 AM   #78 
        - do you even know what an assault weapon is?  FatSlob   Nov-12-04 10:23 PM   #158 
  - gang-bangers...  laheina   Nov-12-04 02:50 AM   #7 
  - LA is hicksville?  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 02:59 AM   #12 
  - Gangbangers most certainly do shoot skeet.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 09:51 PM   #153 
  - Hurm  w13rd0   Nov-12-04 02:52 AM   #8 
  - Ignoramus.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 03:00 AM   #13 
  - Name calling doesn't get you anywhere...  w13rd0   Nov-12-04 03:37 AM   #21 
     - This is the one single response to my comments.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 03:56 AM   #26 
        - Wow  w13rd0   Nov-12-04 06:58 AM   #62 
        - You hit the nail on the head  elderly man   Nov-12-04 08:46 AM   #79 
           - That's an incorrect understanding of what was covered in the AWB  Billy Ruffian   Nov-15-04 01:47 PM   #202 
        - You are absolutely correct  elderly man   Nov-12-04 08:26 AM   #74 
        - WE live in fear?  ieoeja   Nov-12-04 09:50 AM   #110 
           - I remember this story ...  Liberty2001   Nov-12-04 12:59 PM   #137 
              - "What was the lesson learned?"  iverglas   Nov-15-04 02:38 AM   #192 
  - I shoot skeet with a submachinegun.  DoNotRefill   Nov-13-04 09:33 PM   #184 
  - The AWB seems to me to be as misleading as the PATRIOT act  killbotfactory   Nov-12-04 02:56 AM   #10 
  - while you might win a few votes in TN and MT  mitchtv   Nov-12-04 03:01 AM   #15 
  - Inflict what?  killbotfactory   Nov-12-04 03:10 AM   #18 
  - inflict what on LA and NYC?  aikoaiko   Nov-12-04 10:24 AM   #122 
  - From a completely pragmatic point of view,  JeebusB   Nov-15-04 03:36 PM   #205 
  - Yes indeed.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 03:07 AM   #17 
  - Uh, some of us don't live behind a blade of grass.  Harvey Korman   Nov-12-04 02:58 AM   #11 
  - NYC benefitted from a good mayor  LibLover   Nov-12-04 04:43 AM   #42 
  - Highly doubtful.  Harvey Korman   Nov-12-04 04:46 PM   #147 
  - The "benefits" of gun control...  Firerin   Nov-12-04 04:48 AM   #44 
  - that is hilarious.  FatSlob   Nov-12-04 04:48 PM   #149 
  - Not sure why I'm bothering, but . . .  MrModerate   Nov-12-04 03:01 AM   #14 
  - I'm hardly a troll or a provocateur but...  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 03:14 AM   #19 
  - the bottom line is  qazplm   Nov-12-04 03:53 AM   #25 
  - Excellent question, and in intelligent one.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 04:14 AM   #34 
  - yes! yes!  iverglas   Nov-12-04 12:32 PM   #135 
  - You're Constitutional Law is wrong.  Liberty2001   Nov-12-04 01:10 PM   #138 
  - I agree  elderly man   Nov-12-04 08:58 AM   #83 
  - You should read more...  T Town Jake   Nov-12-04 04:34 AM   #38 
  - No one says you have to have one in your house  JeebusB   Nov-15-04 03:41 PM   #206 
  - It never ceases to amaze me...  sendero   Nov-12-04 03:51 AM   #24 
  - My man.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 03:58 AM   #27 
  - "It never ceases to amaze me..."  donheld   Nov-12-04 04:06 AM   #29 
  - I agree entirely. (n/t)  T Town Jake   Nov-12-04 04:36 AM   #39 
  - Ditto  elderly man   Nov-12-04 09:06 AM   #88 
  - I don't own guns  Magnulus   Nov-12-04 04:12 AM   #31 
  - Hundred dollar handguns at Wal-Mart?!?  Firerin   Nov-12-04 04:24 AM   #36 
  - "I don't own Guns" Well, that's pretty obvious.  BiggJawn   Nov-12-04 06:30 AM   #55 
  - Street criminals DO NOT like "Saturday Night Specials".  Silverhair   Nov-12-04 06:42 AM   #59 
  - We Already Caved In On This One  AndyTiedye   Nov-12-04 04:13 AM   #33 
  - NRA is not part and parcel of the Republican Party  cattleman22   Nov-12-04 09:02 AM   #85 
  - Howard Dean  elderly man   Nov-12-04 09:16 AM   #92 
  - Exactly right. We did cave. No one noticed because  SmokingJacket   Nov-12-04 09:25 AM   #95 
     - Democrat candidates did not on cave gun control.  aikoaiko   Nov-12-04 10:31 AM   #125 
  - I'm considering getting a gun--  eridani   Nov-12-04 04:32 AM   #37 
  - Sick and tired  Abelman   Nov-12-04 04:40 AM   #40 
  - Re "Sick and Tired"  cattleman22   Nov-12-04 09:04 AM   #87 
     - Link?  ieoeja   Nov-12-04 10:06 AM   #116 
  - That's pretty funny, P_O!  Lexingtonian   Nov-12-04 04:44 AM   #43 
  - Uh huh  NickB79   Nov-12-04 06:39 AM   #57 
  - yup  Lexingtonian   Nov-12-04 10:51 PM   #164 
  - WRONG!!! Welost a voter due to this ONE issue alone in this last election  Mr_Spock   Nov-12-04 06:40 AM   #58 
  - How often do gangbangers go out on the shooting range?  cornermouse   Nov-12-04 05:01 AM   #45 
  - It's a losing issue......  solinvictus   Nov-12-04 05:49 AM   #47 
  - Oh, come on.  GaYellowDawg   Nov-12-04 06:09 AM   #50 
  - Gun Control wasn't a blip on the political radar this time...  Jeff in Cincinnati   Nov-12-04 06:14 AM   #51 
  - Actually, the NRA has at times supported Democratic candidates.  Silverhair   Nov-12-04 06:58 AM   #63 
  - Horse Crap  Jeff in Cincinnati   Nov-12-04 07:53 AM   #69 
     - all the more reason to take away little Grover's meal ticket...  NorthernSpy   Nov-12-04 10:05 PM   #154 
  - RE: NRA and Republican Party  cattleman22   Nov-12-04 09:09 AM   #89 
     - Name one...  Jeff in Cincinnati   Nov-12-04 09:27 AM   #97 
        - Name One? That is very easy  cattleman22   Nov-12-04 09:42 AM   #103 
           - Nope  Jeff in Cincinnati   Nov-12-04 09:47 AM   #108 
           - Did someone mention the Pagan Preacher?  PaganPreacher   Nov-12-04 11:43 AM   #133 
              - oh dear oh dear oh dear  iverglas   Nov-15-04 12:44 PM   #200 
  - One of us is in the wrong party...  Q   Nov-12-04 06:17 AM   #52 
  - Some of us are civil libertarians, and support the entire Bill of Rights!  eallen   Nov-12-04 08:51 AM   #81 
  - RE: taking away guns  cattleman22   Nov-12-04 09:25 AM   #96 
  - Tell you what friend, I'll make this deal with you  MadHound   Nov-12-04 06:18 AM   #53 
  - As the 1990's showed us, gun control is not the way to reduce crime  NickB79   Nov-12-04 06:48 AM   #60 
  - I see you aren't willing to take me up on my offer  MadHound   Nov-12-04 08:50 AM   #80 
     - Where's that neighborhood again?  alwynsw   Nov-12-04 11:03 AM   #131 
        - Get a clue yourself friend  MadHound   Nov-12-04 12:52 PM   #136 
  - If my former father-in-law were still alive ...  ieoeja   Nov-12-04 10:30 AM   #124 
  - You got it, buddy. I'll take it.  Peak_Oil   Nov-12-04 09:42 PM   #152 
  - I agree - this issue unnecessarily alienates a lot of people  Mr_Spock   Nov-12-04 06:36 AM   #56 
  - Or, we could ditch choice or civic freedoms for homosexuals  BlueEyedSon   Nov-12-04 06:49 AM   #61 
  - The 2nd amendment is an individual right  Billy Ruffian   Nov-12-04 09:02 AM   #86 
  - Yeah, sorry but...  Sleepysage   Nov-12-04 07:25 AM   #64 
  - Good luck....  sendero   Nov-12-04 08:22 AM   #73 
  - I say that to refute the strict constructionist view...  Sleepysage   Nov-12-04 08:27 AM   #75 
     - I don't disagree..  sendero   Nov-12-04 08:40 AM   #77 
        - Then we'll have to disagree.  Sleepysage   Nov-12-04 10:02 AM   #113 
  - RE: Militia and Standing army  cattleman22   Nov-12-04 09:31 AM   #98 
     - Actually  Sleepysage   Nov-12-04 10:07 AM   #117 
        - Standing Armies and Militia  cattleman22   Nov-12-04 10:25 AM   #123 
        - If there was to be no permanent military....  DoNotRefill   Nov-13-04 09:37 PM   #185 
  - we need more guns  Sven77   Nov-12-04 07:32 AM   #65 
  - I agree, I never understood this about the Democrats either. nt  Catfight   Nov-12-04 07:33 AM   #66 
  - I agree 100%  agincourt   Nov-12-04 07:40 AM   #68 
  - Show us the figures, please!  Bridget Burke   Nov-12-04 08:07 AM   #70 
  - 2nd amendment interpretation should be as expansive as the 1st.  robcon   Nov-12-04 08:17 AM   #72 
  - I'd like to know why Democrats are asked to compromise on every issue...  Q   Nov-12-04 08:38 AM   #76 
  - I just never  flobee1kenobi   Nov-12-04 09:12 AM   #90 
  - racism...  Jack_DeLeon   Nov-12-04 03:21 PM   #142 
  - Radical fundies....  solinvictus   Nov-13-04 01:05 AM   #167 
  - Proably because we are losing elections like crazy  Fescue4u   Nov-12-04 10:05 AM   #115 
  - I'll think about it. NO.  spanone   Nov-12-04 08:53 AM   #82 
  - I'm still on the gun control fence. Here's why:  EV1Ltimm   Nov-12-04 08:58 AM   #84 
  - If the party goes that way, fine. I'll still vote Democratic, but  SmokingJacket   Nov-12-04 09:19 AM   #93 
  - That's the problem with personal anecdotes.  ieoeja   Nov-12-04 10:52 AM   #129 
  - You don't know the text of the Second Amendment.  CBHagman   Nov-12-04 09:20 AM   #94 
  - The Dems should just say it's NOT a federal issue-let the states deal  geek tragedy   Nov-12-04 09:34 AM   #99 
  - agreed  WorstPresidentEver   Nov-12-04 09:36 AM   #100 
  - BTW, how does one go about getting a gun permit, training..  Glenda   Nov-12-04 09:38 AM   #101 
  - Depends on the state.  ieoeja   Nov-12-04 10:41 AM   #127 
  - I have an even better idea.  lizzy   Nov-12-04 09:38 AM   #102 
  - It's about time  elderly man   Nov-12-04 09:43 AM   #104 
  - interesting rant, i used to oppose guns  m_welby   Nov-12-04 09:46 AM   #105 
  - that will fix it  iverglas   Nov-15-04 11:51 AM   #199 
  - I know of numerous  Iver Johnson   Nov-12-04 09:57 AM   #112 
  - and as i tell all the men and boys in my family  seabeyond   Nov-12-04 10:08 AM   #118 
  - Take a page out the playbook of the militias  StopThePendulum   Nov-12-04 10:15 AM   #120 
  - I would venture to say that you live in a rural area  Politicub   Nov-12-04 10:36 AM   #126 
  - Give that man a prize!  ieoeja   Nov-12-04 11:02 AM   #130 
  - How so?  Jack_DeLeon   Nov-12-04 03:25 PM   #143 
  - Living in most cities suck because its difficult to legally own and carry  aikoaiko   Nov-13-04 10:16 AM   #175 
  - I agree with the poster  OnionPatch   Nov-12-04 10:51 AM   #128 
  - I read very  Buster43   Nov-12-04 01:22 PM   #139 
  - AMEN, BROTHER!!!  Van23   Nov-12-04 01:31 PM   #140 
  - Gun Control is dying...  Jack_DeLeon   Nov-12-04 03:14 PM   #141 
  - Personal Responsibility  El Oso   Nov-12-04 10:33 PM   #163 
     - Bienvenida padre oso  laheina   Nov-12-04 11:56 PM   #166 
     - All guns for all noncriminal, noncrazy adult citizens.  aikoaiko   Nov-13-04 08:19 AM   #173 
        - Ever Have A Family Member Gunned Down?  BearClaws   Nov-13-04 09:53 AM   #174 
           - Sorry to hear about your loss...  aikoaiko   Nov-13-04 10:21 AM   #176 
     - please, everyone, stop this Michael Moore/Canada business  iverglas   Nov-14-04 10:45 PM   #191 
        - Good point about Michael Moore, but remember  aikoaiko   Nov-15-04 01:39 PM   #201 
  - Absolutely! - Support your RKBA  UNIXnutt   Nov-13-04 12:51 PM   #178 
  - I don't think it's necessary to ask people to give up beliefs  Spiffarino   Nov-13-04 03:57 PM   #180 
  - Uh... no.  BTTB   Nov-13-04 08:55 PM   #183 
  - Gun owners need to get serious about keeping guns out of the hands  Jade Fox   Nov-14-04 01:16 PM   #187 
  - Serious gun owners....  aikoaiko   Nov-14-04 05:28 PM   #189 
  - has anybody asked yet?  iverglas   Nov-15-04 04:20 AM   #193 
     - I'm in the NRA  Billy Ruffian   Nov-15-04 07:57 AM   #195 
        - that's all ever so nice  iverglas   Nov-15-04 08:14 AM   #196 
           - Apologies for violating protocol  Billy Ruffian   Nov-15-04 11:24 AM   #198 

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