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Reply #21: I'm confused over section 627:4 IIIc [View All]

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krispos42 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-20-11 04:44 PM
Response to Reply #5
21. I'm confused over section 627:4 IIIc
III. A person is not justified in using deadly force on another to defend himself or herself or a third person from deadly force by the other if he or she knows that he or she and the third person can, with complete safety:

(c) Comply with a demand that he or she abstain from performing an act which he or she is not obliged to perform; nor is the use of deadly force justifiable when, with the purpose of causing death or serious bodily harm, the person has provoked the use of force against himself or herself in the same encounter;

What does the underlined part mean, exactly?

I'm confuzeled.

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  -The (GOP/NRA) deadly force bill is wrongheaded (NH) jpak  Aug-20-11 09:30 AM   #0 
  - Let's hope the people win out over the veto...  ileus   Aug-20-11 09:51 AM   #1 
  - "the people" in this case would be Free Staters, Teabaggers & Assorted GOP-douchebags  jpak   Aug-20-11 10:12 AM   #2 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-20-11 10:34 AM   #4 
     - Funny -- based on the vote tallies it looks like it's just the Republicans bashing the Democratic...  Tesha   Aug-20-11 11:29 AM   #6 
  - If they over ride the veto  Philippine expat   Aug-20-11 11:38 AM   #7 
  - Not working  Old Codger   Aug-20-11 10:17 AM   #3 
  - The file extension should be ".html" not ".htm".  ManiacJoe   Aug-20-11 06:10 PM   #24 
  - Here is the text of the bill.  GreenStormCloud   Aug-20-11 11:26 AM   #5 
  - the actual question is  iverglas   Aug-20-11 11:59 AM   #8 
  - not being a lawyer  gejohnston   Aug-20-11 01:35 PM   #13 
     - I already stated my problem with "know"  iverglas   Aug-20-11 01:41 PM   #14 
        - mostly because  gejohnston   Aug-20-11 01:52 PM   #16 
           - let's simplify it  iverglas   Aug-20-11 02:12 PM   #17 
              - very sincerely  gejohnston   Aug-21-11 12:22 AM   #25 
                 - that's a nonsense  iverglas   Aug-21-11 12:35 AM   #26 
                    - not even  gejohnston   Aug-21-11 01:14 AM   #29 
                       - as I said in the thread I referred you to  iverglas   Aug-21-11 01:43 AM   #31 
                          - The difference is  gejohnston   Aug-21-11 02:13 AM   #33 
                          - listen  iverglas   Aug-21-11 03:49 AM   #35 
                          - To call that bullshit would insult the product of self-respecting cattle the world over.  TPaine7   Aug-21-11 02:02 PM   #36 
                          - Beware ignorant blowhards, bearing insults  TPaine7   Aug-21-11 02:59 PM   #37 
  - I'm confused over section 627:4 IIIc  krispos42   Aug-20-11 04:44 PM   #21 
  - If you want to end this stuff FAST, get progressives to start defending themselves with force  saras   Aug-20-11 12:29 PM   #9 
  - so you're saying repukes only want other repukes to defend themselves?  ileus   Aug-20-11 01:31 PM   #12 
  - This looks like a typical SYG or Castle law  gejohnston   Aug-20-11 01:44 PM   #15 
  - your "knowledge" doesn't come into it  iverglas   Aug-20-11 02:21 PM   #19 
  - you sure about that  gejohnston   Aug-20-11 05:21 PM   #23 
     - No. Simply no. N. O.  iverglas   Aug-21-11 12:41 AM   #27 
        - wrong and  gejohnston   Aug-21-11 01:11 AM   #28 
           - I have no fucking clue what "wrong" means  iverglas   Aug-21-11 01:37 AM   #30 
              - your link is  gejohnston   Aug-21-11 02:22 AM   #34 
  - Excellent description...  ileus   Aug-20-11 04:50 PM   #22 
     - take shelter in any port in a storm if it saves the boat ...  iverglas   Aug-21-11 01:44 AM   # 
  - Not true at all. Your "feelings" have to be realistic to the situation.  GreenStormCloud   Aug-20-11 02:12 PM   #18 
  - I don't see much unreasonable in the bill. nt  SteveM   Aug-20-11 12:38 PM   #10 
  - Your link is insulting your argument.  ZombieHorde   Aug-20-11 01:04 PM   #11 
  - a link to make everybody happy  iverglas   Aug-20-11 02:30 PM   #20 
  - ## PLEASE DONATE TO DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND! ##  DU GrovelBot   Aug-21-11 01:44 AM   #32 

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